Week in Review – 8/2/09-8/8/09

It’s that time again, time for me to review a few of the shows I watched this week. I’m going to talk about True Blood which was so devilish and delicious that I couldn’t stop watching even for a second. Did any of you watch Make It or Break It this week? I did and I’m not embarrassed to say that it pulled on my heart strings to the point of tears.. okay maybe I’m a little embarrassed πŸ˜‰ I’ll also check in with Warehouse 13 and all the wonky things going on over there, and finally I’m going to take a glimpse into the Big Brother house and see what’s been going on with those crazy shut-ins. Ready? Let’s get to it!

True Blood is getting juicier and crazier every week, I love it! Last Sunday’s episode picked up right where we left off at Maryann’s crazy backyard orgy, where Sam was being dragged to his sacrificial death. Then of all the people to save him, Andy comes running into the clearing looking for that damn pig, and manages to distract everyone with a gun shot long enough for Sam to escape. Well done Andy you drunk fool, you’ve actually done something right for a change. lol. Unfortunately, during the ruckus Andy gets his arm broken by a black eyed Terry. Wow, that’s going to be awkward to explain when Terry doesn’t remember it the next day.

Maryann runs after Sam, and while escaping Sam sees an owl sitting up in the trees, he concentrates, and.. POOF! He’s an owl and flying away. Now that was unexpected but very cool.

Sam eventually tracks Daphne down, and gets an explanation out of her. Daphne told Sam that Maryann wants him so badly because he’s the one who got away. Weird right? Well maybe not so much, what woman doesn’t pine for the one that got away? Although Maryann isn’t a woman, she’s a maenad, which is basically a servant of Dionysus. Sam is confused to say the least but he has no intention of becoming Maryann’s servant, or anything else.

Daphne is so pleased to serve Maryann that she doesn’t even seem to suspect anything when Maryann and a black eyed, entranced Eggs approach her. She definitely should have been suspicious, Maryann has Eggs kill her. I’m sure this won’t bode well for Sam, Maryann is sure to use this to mess up his life even more.

Speaking of messed up lives, Sookie and Hugo are still locked in that storage room in the Fellowship’s basement. While in there Sookie has been thinking and has decided that there is a traitor amongst the Dallas nest and that’s how they knew who she was. Hugo is doing a lot less thinking and a lot more freaking out, apparently he’s claustrophobic. Come on, you’ll sleep with a vampire but small spaces scare you? I’d say your priority levels for fears are a little messed up.

Hugo is so afraid of small spaces he thinks it’s a good idea to confess everything to the Reverend hoping to be let out. He tells them their full names, and that they are there to find the vampire, Godrick. Smart move. The Reverend recognizes the last name Stackhouse and runs off to find Jason. Then after the Reverend is gone, Sookie is finally able to get into Hugo’s head and learns that he’s the traitor! It was Hugo that told the Fellowship about her. He claims he did it to spite Isabel for not turning him, because she was only using him. Sookie always the blunt one, brings it to Hugo’s attention that if the Fellowship cared about him at all they’d have let him out of there ages ago. So Hugo’s the rat, I actually never even considered that, silly me.

Sookie decides to put out a telepathic message to Barry, the bellboy from the hotel who is also a telepath, and get him to get a message to Bill. Smart idea, and why didn’t you think of this sooner Sookie?

While Sookie and Hugo are learning about each other, the Reverend is out hunting down Jason. Jason is royally screwed, not only did he just sleep with the Reverend’s wife, Sarah, the Reverend now thinks he’s a sympathizer. I was happy when the old Jason was starting to come back, but my goodness that boy is a magnet for trouble. Jason at first thinks that the Reverend is grabbing him because he slept with Sarah, then he learns it’s because he thinks Jason is a vampire sympathizer and working with his sister. Jason is confused, but tries to explain he’s not with the vampires. No one is listening, and Gabe drags Jason out to the woods to kill him on the Reverend’s orders. A couple side notes, Gabe is really freaky, the Reverend is a terrible ‘Christian’ and Jason needs to be more careful about who he befriends.

Jason escapes Gabe by overpowering him, and running for his life. He’s still running when a little golf cart like vehicle pulls up by him, and he sees Sarah. Jason thinks he’s safe and stops running for a minute, only to find out that the Reverend has convinced Sarah that he’s a sympathizer and she shoots him. Holy Crap!

Jason is busy being hunted by a woman scorned, while Gabe is going into the basement to show Sookie who’s boss. Hugo tries to talk to Gabe but he just beats him and heads for Sookie. Gabe starts trying to rape Sookie. You’re telling me the only way the buffoon can think of getting back at Jason is raping his sister?

Just as this begins to happen, we see Barry deliver his message to Bill, but that witch Lorena won’t let Bill out to save Sookie. Eric, however, over hears the message that says she’s in trouble and Godrick is there, and he rushes out to the Fellowship to save them. Then Barry is pulled into another room by a vampire, and my money is on the fact that the vampire was Stan.

Sookie does get rescued before she gets raped, but it’s not by Eric, it’s by…Godrick!!! It was fantastic, and let me say, HE is fantastic! Godrick is so yummy looking, and I am eagerly awaiting the reunion between hottie Eric and his gorgeous maker, Godrick. All that darkly delicious vampire in one room will be a great scene. πŸ˜‰

Meanwhile, Bill learns about Eric’s interest in Sookie from Lorena, which makes Bill angry to say the least. I cannot wait for that showdown. We also see a flashback of when Bill starting being put off by drinking human blood, and we see how much Lorena wanted him to love her, but he couldn’t do anything but hate her. Perhaps it’s because she turned him into a vampire, something he didn’t want? I’d be pissed too…

On the cute note of the episode, Jessica and Hoyt discussed the fact that they’re both virgins, and went on to lose it to each other in a very sweet candle lit way. I love these two together and am hoping they stay together for awhile. I loved when Jessica said to Hoyt, “We could cuddle, if you like? Just don’t freak out if I look a little…dead.” lol. It was so amusing.

A few last minute things to remember, Tara and Eggs are getting a lot closer, but something is still lost to Eggs, which we all know is because of crazy Maryann’s mind control stuff. Andy is aware that something freaky is going on in Bon Temps but no one believes him because they think he’s the town drunk. A question though, is Andy a supernatural? I ask because we learnt this episode that Maryann can’t control supernaturals, and Andy doesn’t seem to be affected.. something to think about. Finally we got a taste of our old feisty Lafayette back, and boy did I love seeing him. Although I do worry what’s going to become of our loveable, flamboyant boy.

I cannot wait for the next episode can you?

Moving on to Monday, we’ve got Make It or Break it. When we left our gymnasts last week, Emily had been told she wasn’t going to Nationals, Payson won the individual title at the Rock Invitational, Kaylie got a ‘forever’ necklace from Carter, and Lauren was upset her dad proposed to Summer. It was an eventful episode, but this week’s episode was probably my favorite so far this season.

In this week’s episode Payson, learns that her dad has lost his job, and has been delivering beer to make money. This isn’t just news to Payson it’s news to the whole family, turns out her dad had hidden his job loss from everyone. Payson decides she’s going to go professional and talks to MJ, a visiting journalist/agent, about getting sponsored. It all seems to be working out perfectly, except for the fact that her parents say no. Payson is so angry with this, but eventually cools off. Her parents feel that it’s not her responsibility to earn the money, and they want her to just focus on being a fantastic gymnast. In the end, it’s the whole family that makes the sacrifice with Payson’s dad taking his old job back in Minnesota, but instead of moving the whole family he’s going to commute. The whole family is really sad but he tells them it’s important for him to be able to provide for his family, and this is the best way possible. I understand why they don’t want Payson signing any sponsorship deals just yet, she really needs to stay focused if she’s going to win at nationals and make the Olympics. I don’t know where this story line is going to go but I have a feeling that Payson’s mom being a single mom is going to lead to some issues.

Kaylie lost the necklace that Carter gave her.. or so she thinks. Kaylie looks everywhere for it, but can’t find it. Which is no wonder because she didn’t lose it, Lauren stole it. She stole it out of jealousy, because Lauren wants Carter to love her, after all he did take her virginity.

Summer saw Kaylie crying in the car, and asked her what was wrong, Kaylie told her she lost her necklace and described it. Summer was shocked because that’s the necklace she saw Lauren wearing the night before. Busted. I’m really proud of Summer for not being intimidated by Lauren and her uber-bitchy attitude. Summer told Lauren she knew, and told Lauren she had to earn her way into her friend’s life, just like she has to earn her place in gymnastics. Good for you Summer, it’s hard to be the step parent, and help guide the children, even harder when the step child hates you. Lauren finally gives the necklace to Kaylie, claiming that she found it under a mat. Kaylie is ecstatic and Lauren is still so sad. I really do feel bad for Lauren, but that girl has got to get her act together.

Now unto Emily, poor Emily. Not only did Sasha tell her she’s not going to Nationals, but when she shows up at the gym to train the next day, he tells her that she’s no longer a member of the Rock gym. Wow, I thought she’d still be training but he said that she isn’t up to the level of competition he needs. She’s furious, and heart broken.

Emily heads over to work at The Pizza Shack, and Damon is there working too. She explains she got kicked out of the Rock, for disobeying Sasha. They some how come to the conclusion that she needs to prove she belongs there, and then he says he’ll help her break into the gym to train at night. I was touched by how much Damon really cares, and I think Emily really likes him, well as much as she can like anyone with her trust issues.

She trains hard, really hard, and masters the dismount she messed up last episode, and even adds another degree of difficulty. Then Emily shows up at the Rock during the day and performs the amazing routine on the uneven bars, she nailed it. However, Sasha wasn’t impressed, he likened her to a dog that wouldn’t stay. Sasha needs her to be obedient and he doesn’t think she can. I have a feeling he’s up to something, the whole break them down completely before you can build them up thing.

Hurt, sad, and angry Emily heads to the one place she feels at home, the playground. She does her routines on the equipment and I think she’s really amazing, but she just looks so alone. Emily has a very hard life, working to help support her mom and brother, training all hours of the day when she’s not working. That’s a lot of pressure on a young girl. While she’s sitting, thinking and swinging her mom finds her and tries to give her a go-get-em speech that is lost on her. I think what her mom was really doing was motivating Emily to go get her dream by talking about Emily coming to work with her when she graduates, give a kid the permission to do something and they suddenly want anything but that. Smart mom.

It’s raining and Emily’s standing outside Sasha’s trailer, begging him to help her be the best gymnast he’s ever trained. She says she’ll listen, and he ends up agreeing to go to the gym with her for her to prove it. Here’s where the sadness and tears hit me. Emily is on the balance beam and Sasha is running her through some basic moves, then he tells her to fall. She can’t. She cannot trust him to catch her. It was the look of panic, and her heart breaking that did it. This time Sasha is supportive, and tells her she’s an amazing woman, and tells her that she can trust him. Emily admits to being scared of Sasha abandoning her to, like her dad, her brother’s dad, and Marty. She is insistent she’s the only person she can trust. That’s it I’m actually crying at a teen show. *blushes* The acting was very good by the way. lol.

In the end, Sasha promises he won’t leave her, and Emily admits she needs him more than she’s ever needed anyone before. He’s satisfied with that and goes to leave but Emily goes one step further, and lets him catch her. YAY! Way to go Emily, so proud of you. Sasha then tells Emily she can come back, and the next day she learns she IS going to Nationals after all. Well done you sneaky boy Sasha! He brought Emily down to nothing and is going to build her up, I wouldn’t be surprised if she really cleans up at Nationals. Obviously, I really love this show, and I’m so excited for Monday for a whole new episode on ABC Family at 9 pm.

Let’s talk about a show that’s not as emotional as Make It or Break It, not as sexy as True Blood, but definitely worth the mention. That show is Warehouse 13 and it airs Tuesdays on Syfy.

The episode opens with us watching an old native ceremony, with statues and a magical buckskin coat, then we flash forward to present day where that buckskin coat is being used in a theft. Very cool, the person with that coat walked through a wall to steal a native statue, much better than the pilot episode when the magical artifact was a comb lol.

We find Pete and Myka sitting around the table with Artie discussing the break in, and that there is something weird going on.

He tells them they have to go to New York to investigate, and off they go, but not without Latimer trying to get tickets to a Broadway show in the process. That’s what I love about this show, we can be talking about an artifact that could end the world, and there is still time for sarcasm and funny moments.

Also in the background we see Claudia fighting with her brother, about him getting a job. Now Claudia is the girl responsible for breaking into the Warehouse’s security system, and kidnapping Artie last episode. Turns out Claudia just wanted Artie to help her free her brother from whatever in between dimension he was locked in after an accident with his experiment 12 years ago, which Artie was present for. Artie did help her and they freed him, now Claudia wants her brother, Joshua, to get back to work on his research and get his life back. I loved the exchange between Artie and Claudia, it was very like a father/daughter conversation, and I think that Claudia may end up being part of the show for awhile. I like her she’s feisty.

During the investigation we learn that two, very rich men were bidding on the statue that was stolen, Gilbert Radburn and Jeffery Weaver. Turns out Jeffrey Weaver is the son of a master extortionist, who is deceased, which makes him appear more likely of theft than Radburn.

Pete and Myka, go visit Weaver and ask him if he’s missing a feather, after they found a feather sticking in the wall of the vault (that feather was part of the magical coat). Instead of seeming confused, Weaver appears shocked, and calls a suspicious man down into the room. Pete recognizes the man from Radburn’s construction site from when he was there earlier today. Weaver finally admits that Lacell works for both him and Radburn, but says the more important thing is getting his other statue to a safe place. Turns out that the statue stolen was part of a set, Rock, Wind, Fire, and Water, all part of a Native American myth, the statue stolen was the Wind statue, and Weaver has the Fire one.

While moving Weaver’s statue to a safe location, Pete gets into a battle with a figure that appears in the back of the truck. Pete finds himself thrown out of the side of a moving truck. Pete is hospitalized, and while Pete is resting and Myka is having dinner with Weaver in the cafeteria, Lacell is off searching Radburn’s office on Weaver’s orders. I honestly don’t think that Weaver did it, I think it is all Radburn, but I guess we’ll find out.

Artie and Leena learn that if a person has all four statues and the coat they will have great power over the world. Artie finally reaches Pete on the video communicator, and tells him to “Recuperate later, and toss Weaver’s apartment NOW!” Turns out Artie was right, there is a secret room in Weaver’s place filled with Native things, Pete calls Myka and she tells Weaver that they are going to his place now.

While this is going on, Lacell has been called into Radburn’s office, and we learn that Lacell’s uncle, Walter Burleigh, was the sculptor and Lacell was hired in the hopes he’d be able to lead Radburn to the cave where there are hidden objects. After telling Radburn that he really doesn’t know anything, Radburn puts on the coat and kills Lacell by pushing him into a wall. We also see that Radburn has the statues, he just needs to find the cave. Radburn is really creepy and it was disturbing to see someone murdered by being put into a wall..ugh. I knew it was him though, there was just something so off about him.

After killing Lacell, Radburn notices that the sculptures’ shadow made by the rising sun, actually points to the hidden burial site of the artifacts.

Weaver finally convinced Pete and Myka that he only wants to protect the Lenape (the Native tribe) treasures, but has no idea how to find the cave. Back at the Warehouse, Claudia drops in to say goodbye to Artie, but while she’s there she notices Artie’s having a problem finding the cave, within a few minutes she solves his problem. Artie passes the news onto Pete and Myka. Claudia is becoming quite the asset isn’t she?

Pete, Myka and Weaver rush off to the cave only to find Radburn already there playing with the elements. Radburn starts to use the elements to try to kill them, but being the quick thinker that he is, Pete grabs an arrow and stabs Radburn. Then in a very suiting manner wind whips through the cave and fire and water cover Radburn, turning him into rock. It was really cool sequence, and a nice way to wrap up all the loose ends.

After being safely back at the Warehouse, Pete and Myka joke about her new love interest with Weaver. Then Claudia returns, telling them Vegas was too easy for her, so she’s back to the Warehouse and it’s team. With Joshua off in Switzerland, pursuing a research career again thanks to Artie, Claudia needs a home. What better place for a girl like Claudia then a Warehouse full of trouble? I had a feeling this is where it would end up lol.

Overall, it was a great episode and I find myself starting to look forward to it each week. You can catch Warehouse 13 on Tuesdays on Syfy at 9 pm.

Wednesday and Thursday were my usual recaps of So You Think You Can Dance. Which you can find here, and you can find the finale coverage here

Now unto Big Brother, what a week it was. Let’s take a look at the insanity!

When we left the houseguests last Thursday, Casey had been eliminated and they were all fighting to be Head of Household. After hours on that spinning grad cap, and facing challenges like cold rain and being hit by a foam diploma, it was only Jeff and Russell left. Russell made a deal with Jeff that he would put Ronnie up and not evict Jeff or Jordan. Jeff was all to ready to do it because that HOH competition was intense.

Jordan won the right to choose who will be have-nots for the week, and decides to play it fair and pull names from a hat. First is Natalie who isn’t too upset because she has a slop pass, then it’s Kevin who isn’t please but doesn’t whine, finally it’s Jessie, who whines like the biggest baby ever. Grow up Jessie everyone has to do it eventually. In addition to the slop, they get to eat squid and squash. That’s not all bad, I mean you can fry squid and it’s yummy. Squash, well it’s not as bad as slop!

True to his word, at nominations Russell put up Ronnie and then targets Lydia for coasting through the game. It was only a matter of time before Ronnie went up and I can completely see what is meant by Lydia coasting, but I hope Ronnie goes home and not Lydia, because I like Lydia, she’s amusing. During the nominations Russell calls Ronnie a snake, and says if you want to catch a snake you have to be a mongoose, and Russell thinks he’s a mongoose. Ronnie doesn’t seem scared by this analogy and responds in the diary room, “What you don’t realize is I’m a king cobra, and sometimes the king cobra kills the mongoose.” True words, but I think this may be Ronnie’s swan song.

Everyone wants Michele, because she’s the swing vote. If Natalie, Jessie and Chima can get Michele they can save Ronnie and send home Lydia, keeping their alliance safe. Michele can’t be bought. Smart girl.

In fact, miss Michele has proven herself to be a power fighter, and wins the Power of Veto. Some want her to use it on Ronnie, and others want it used on Lydia but Russell hopes she’ll leave the nominations alone, and she does. Michele isn’t going to rock any boats, and I think that’s what she should be doing, especially now that they all see her as a competitor.

The rest of this episode was spotted with Russell running around being suspicious of everyone and everything. That man is paranoid! Ronnie tried to save himself, but it doesn’t look good when his allies are jumping ship and apologizing for not being able to save him. Too bad Ronnie, I think you’re going home.

Eviction day, and we learn that America has chosen Jeff for the coveted power of Coup D’Etat. I know he’s nice and everything, but him having doesn’t scream drama like some of the others having it, lol. I just hope he uses it wisely.

Julie starts to show us clips of the events in the house that past week. Mainly, paranoid Russell finding out about Chima, Jessie and Natalie all scheming against him from a very chatty Michele. Russell confronts Jessie and Natalie, and they convince him that it’s Michele who’s lying. For a guy who’s so paranoid he sure does give in easily and believe just anybody because their yelling the loudest.

Chima is pissed when she hears what’s going on from Jessie and Natalie, and she goes to confront Michele. For some odd reason, Michele lies about it, then she changes her mind and backtracks and basically admits it. What a weird way to play it. Then being the Big Brother house the whole thing explodes into a gigantic screaming fight between Chima, and Russell. If you had the feeds you saw it all, please fill us in πŸ™‚

Ronnie is still trying to get a swing vote from Jordan, and is hoping that she’ll take pity on him. Unfortunately, Ronnie picks a bad time to go to her, he interrupts Jeff and Jordan while they’re making out in bed. Why? That is an awful choice Ronnie, I thought you were smarter.

In the final speeches, Lydia does the typical short, and sweet speech, but Ronnie who starts out giving a sweet speech ends up calling Michele “the worst human being he’s ever seen.” Wow, that wasn’t nice. I guess it’s time for the rat to go, in a vote of 4-3 Ronnie is evicted.

What’s really funny is how in his exit interview with Julie, Ronnie is saying that he didn’t like Michele because she couldn’t be trusted, and that HE of all people has been loyal to his alliance. Julie seems shocked and calls him out on the fact that he expected Michele to be loyal when he wasn’t loyal to her. Way to go Julie!

After this eviction, the contestants compete for HOH and Chima wins it, then gives props to Ronnie for helping her study. Aww, how nauseating lol. Hopefully Jeff will use his power for good this week and overthrow the nominations. This has been a pretty eventful season so far, and I’m looking forward to more drama.

That’s all for this week in review, I may review the season premiere of Psych once I get a chance to watch it. Other than that I’ll be back on Monday with some TV news and you can catch my review of Hell’s Kitchen on Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

[Note from Jenny: Sorry this is up so late! It should have been up early on Sunday, but uh… Yeah. My fault!]

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  1. Ith says:

    MIOBI made me all weepy too. I never expected to like this show as much as I do. One of the very pleasant surprises of the summer TV season. Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

  2. Megan says:

    I am looking forward to tonight’s episode as well, this show definitely took me by surprise. It’s one of my favorite shows of the summer now.