Hell’s Kitchen – 8/11/09

Last night’s Hell’s Kitchen was a one-sided battle, and the red team’s performance made me embarrassed to be female. Robert had a great night and the men really worked as a team. For more on the show and my recap join me after the jump

The episode starts with the red and blue teams meeting Lytasha James, the wife of Staff Sergeant Otis James of the United States Marine Core, who has recently returned home from active duty. The twist of this episode is that the next dinner service will actually be a surprise homecoming dinner for Staff Sergeant James. The first challenge is that each team needs to create and cook a menu of one appetizer and two entrees for Lytasha to try, and the team who has the most dishes selected will be the winners. Also, their dishes will be the menu for the Welcome Home Party. I think this is a great inspiration for the chefs and I really hope they don’t mess up such an important event.

Robert and Suzanne were selected by Chef Ramsay to meet with Lytasha and ask her some questions, in order to steer their teams in the right direction. Robert is already excited while asking if the Staff Sergeant loves soul food. Suzanne doesn’t seem to know what she’s doing. Man, that woman is pompous and aggravating. Robert seems happy with the information and quickly gets back to the team and works with the rest of the men to make a great menu. Suzanne thinks she’s God’s gift to the kitchen, and decides everyone is going to cook her menu without any say from the other members of the team.

First dishes out of the kitchens are judged, and Lytasha chooses the red team’s Caesar salad with prawns over the blue team’s seafood bouillabaisse (which looked sooo good. lol.). I have to say I would have gone with the blue team’s dish, but I suppose you can’t beat a good caesar salad.

Next up, Lytasha chose the Blue Team’s catfish with collard greens and mac and cheese over the red team’s dish, which was so blasé, I can’t even remember it. lol. Lytasha said that they loved soul food, and what’s more soulful than some yummy mac n’ cheese?

Finally, the last point went to the blue team for their surf ‘n turf, with grilled lobster tail and twice baked mashed potatoes. Robert really hit this one out of the park. He listened to the client well, and did an outstanding job of portraying her wants and needs to his team. Suzanne was only looking out for Suzanne. How did she not catch it when Lytasha said grilled lobster was a big thing for the Staff Sergeant? Another thing Suzanne did was ignore Tennille when she suggested that she make up a jambalaya sauce for the dish, which could have made the difference, seeing as Lytasha was choosing all the soul food! I hope you’re proud of yourself Suzanne. You lost that one for your team.

The men got rewarded with a trip to become fighter pilots for the day, while the women had to redecorate Hell’s Kitchen for the Welcome Home party. In order to make sure the dining room was a perfect picture, Chef Ramsay enlisted the talented eye of his wife, Tana. Mrs. Ramsay is every bit as bossy as Chef Ramsay, which is good, because a man that wilful needs a strong woman to support him.

The following day during prep, the women are set on winning the dinner service, but the men don’t want to help them do that, so they aren’t very cooperative with sharing their recipes. The women are definitely panicking and so they should be, but shame on the men for not trying to help them learn the recipes. I know it’s a competition but there was a greater good at stake.

Everyone arrives, the surprise is revealed, and then Chef has a bigger surprise for Staff Sergeant James, his mother who he hasn’t seen in a long time.

Suddenly, orders start flying into both kitchens, and the red kitchen starts to falter right out of the gate. Sabrina screws up on appetizers, sending a ice cold stuffed mushroom up to the pass, obviously Ramsay is pissed, and yells at her to get it fixed now. It takes a while, but the red team finally starts sending out appetizers but the blue team is on fire tonight and is already moving onto entrees. I was surprised by how well the men were working together for once, it was a nice change.

Both kitchens are a little uneasy on the grill station, with the huge number of surf ‘n turf orders that are coming in. Jim is on the meat station in the blue kitchen but luckily he has Kevin right beside him keeping him organized and helping him remember orders. Jim is a really slow cook, and a slow moving personality, Kevin helped him succeed and that’s what teams do.

Not such a story in the red kitchen, Tek is losing it on the grill. Ramsay is so angry and this pushes Tek over the edge. As if Tek’s incompetency on the grill isn’t enough, Amanda undercooks the the lobster tails, making it impossible for the women to send out even one entree. Much to the embarrassment of women everywhere, Ramsay decides to call the blue team into the red kitchen to clean up their mess and help finish off this homecoming party in style. The men not only complete their dinner service but save and complete the women’s as well. *sigh* You women were disgraceful!

After dinner, Chef Ramsay said that there was no Best of the Worst in the red kitchen, they were all bad, so they must all nominate two chefs for elimination as a team. Suzanne throws Tek up on the block, which is a wise decision and agreed to by all. Next there is an argument whether it’s Amanda or Tennille that’s the worst, the team says Tennille, and she disagrees. I agree with Tek being the worst then it didn’t matter who was up next to her they were better than her, but I think it should have been Amanda seeing as how she screwed up the lobster.

Chef Ramsay asks Tennille if the team had made their choice, she says yes. The first nominee is Tek, and the second nominee is Tennille even though she herself says that’s bull, and Amanda should be up instead. So Chef being Chef calls all three women up. He tells Tennille she has another week, Amanda still has stuff to give, but that Tek is done. So Tek is sent home.

I agree with the elimination, although I wish that Suzanne would get sent home for her all about me attitude that ruined the team’s chances at the competition. As I said in the beginning this episode made me embarrassed to be female, because these women were terrible tonight. You ladies better step it up, because I can’t see any of you coming close to winning it at this moment.

That’s it for now, but don’t miss an all new episode of Hell’s Kitchen next Tuesday at 8 pm on Fox.

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