Week in Review – 8/9/09-8/15/09

Hi everyone, what a week on TV! Starting out with True Blood’s explosive episode last week, straight through to the big twist on Big Brother, it was a great week. I’m also going to check in with the dramatic teenagers over at The Secret Life of the American Teenager, as well as talk about the fabulous Nurse Jackie. With much to discuss we should get started, but remember if you haven’t watched these shows and you’re going to at some point, don’t read in case of spoilers! πŸ™‚

Last Sunday’s True Blood was bloody fangtastic! lol. (Sometimes I can’t help myself.) We pick up the story in the church basement where Godric had just saved Sookie from being raped by Gabe. As I said last week, Godric is a nice looking vampire and I was so excited to see the interaction between Eric and his maker Godric. I wasn’t disappointed. Eric came rushing to the basement and fell to his knees in reverence before Godric, and then Godric told him something shocking, to save the human (Sookie), as well as “spill no blood on your way out.” I found that surprising yet nice, a vampire who wants to spare blood shed was different from what Eric probably would have done, by killing just get out of the church.

We then find out that Jason was not dead after all! In fact he was only shot by a paintball gun, not a real gun. I’m happy because although I highly doubted that they’d kill off Jason, Sarah is bonkers and a woman scorned has a strong need for justice. Jason talks to Sarah and she tells him that they have his sister in the church, and that sets Jason off. He pushes Sarah to the ground and tells her that if Sookie is hurt he’ll be back with something other than a paint gun! It was a great moment for Jason, and I was happy he finally sees how nuts these people are.

Sookie and Eric have an interesting exchange, and Eric tells Sookie he didn’t bring Bill because his love for her clouds his judgement. Although I’m not sure that Eric should talk about judgement because his grand plan to get them out of the church is to act like a Southern boy and try to trick the humans to let him out. It was pretty funny, but didn’t work. So when Eric see his act failing he glamours one of the guards out of his stake, and then almost gets staked by another but thanks to Sookie he avoided it. Eric then fought his way out of the small group of men with stakes, only to look out the door and see a very large group of angry church members headed his way. Sookie suggests they head through the church sanctuary but are stopped by Reverend Newlin, and another group of church members. Where do all these crazy people come from?

Eric decides to give himself over to the Reverend in exchange for Godric and Sookie’s freedom, but after covering him in silver chains, the Reverend says that he’s not going to let that “Satan’s Whore” free, because she’s a traitor to her race. I’ll give the Reverend credit for humour, he’s definitely spun but sometimes the things he says are hilarious. The Reverend then decides that Sookie should fry with Eric at dawn, but just as he goes to get her, Bill rushes in, and then Jason shoots Newlin with a paintball gun. Way to save the day Jason!

Sookie then runs to free Eric, and then has to convince Eric to let the Reverend go. While she’s negotiating this with Eric, the scary Dallas vamps come charging in the church with the purpose of killing everyone, but Godric has other plans. Right before the Dallas vampires murder everyone, Godric orders them to stop. He then offers a truce to the Reverend, but the Reverend says he’s ready to die for this, Jesus will protect him. Godric calmly tells him that he’s actually older than this Jesus, and wishes he had gotten the opportunity to meet him. That was amusing. Godric then asks the church members, which of them is willing to die for “the man’s madness?” No one stands up, so Godric tells them to go home. They all leave, as do the vampires.

Jason comes and apologizes to Sookie, and then tells her it was like they brainwashed him. After an exchange with Newlin, Jason ends up telling him that he’s been to heaven and it was “inside your wife.” That was a very funny comment and so Jason, man I’ve missed the old Jason.

After all that drama, the vampires, Sookie and Jason all head back to Godric’s house for a vampire celebration party. Now I would have expected a vampire party to be more dramatic, perhaps feedings happening, or wine glasses of TruBlood perhaps, but nope it was just a nice social gathering with fanged guests. Well at least at first.

There was a slight love triangle action between Bill/Sookie/Eric, but it’s interrupted by Hugo (the human who betrayed the vampires), being brought before Godric for his punishment. However, much to the surprise of the other vampires, Godric lets Hugo go without any punishment, only telling him to leave this area because he is not safe there. Well of course he’s not safe, Stan is nutter, and wants to eat him so run, Hugo, run!

Godric then explains to Eric that he doesn’t blame the humans at all for their fear of the vampires, because vampires haven’t gotten any weaker over time, but have only grown more brutal. Godric thinks that they should treat humans as equals and that would go a long way to prevent churches like the Fellowship from having a leg to stand on. Good point Godric! I wonder if this will help Eric become more understanding and open towards humans, and possibly more open to Sookie?? Time will tell πŸ˜‰

We also have a party crasher when Lorena shows up to meet Sookie and taunt Bill, hoping that he’ll still come back to her. Girl you need to move on! After a few words exchange and Sookie again not being too smart by being over confident and angry with Lorena, gets attacked but before Lorena can bite her, Godric steps in. Godric is the vamp of the hour! That guy is fantastic and I’m completely enthralled with him. Lorena is ordered out of the area and Bill is ordered to escort her off the property.

All seems well but suddenly Luke (the cadet from the fellowship), shows up with a message from Reverend Newlin, and it’s not a box of chocolates. Nope, it’s a bomb strapped to his chest covered by silver chains, but of course nothing is shown because the screen blacks out and we’re left guessing whether our favorite telepath and our loveable vamps will live or die! Cliff-hangers.. ugh.

Back in Bon Temps, we have Sam getting arrested for Daphne’s murder, while Maryann sautes Daphne’s heart and bakes it into a souffle. Ewww! Then she feeds it to Tara and Eggs after they show some reluctance at continuing partying because Eggs lost track of time again. After eating the “hunter’s souffle,” Tara and Eggs get all black eyed and crazy again and start hitting each other and having sex right in the middle of the house. When Sookie gets home there is going to be a lot of sanitizing needing to be done! It was a nasty scene and the thought of that souffle made me incredibly nauseous.

Andy tries to defend Sam, saying that Sam didn’t do it, the “bull with the claws” did it. Poor guy, he really is telling the truth but honestly, would you believe him? The sheriff doesn’t either and Sam is locked up in jail. While walking into the jail he passes some of Maryann’s partygoers who have already been locked up for various things, including Mike who was locked up for sodomizing a pine tree… ouch.

Overall, it was another crazy and entertaining episode, the saddest part was when Jessica realized after having sex with Hoyt once and then trying again, that she’s going to be a virgin forever. Aww, I felt really bad for her, she was so heartbroken, not to mention poor Hoyt that didn’t know what to say or do. That was awkward for him.

One of the really funny parts was when Jason apologized to Bill for not accepting him, and then he hugged Bill and asked if it was good for him. lol. That was priceless, Bill was taken a back but really tried to be nice, could end up being a funny side story of their friendship.

I’m excited for Sunday’s new episode when we’ll see what happens to all our favorite characters at that Vamp party, and what Maryann has planned for the Tara and Eggs storyline. Whatever happens on this show I’m sure we’ll get our moments of laughter, sadness and pure gross out.

Moving onto Monday and an overly emotional episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Seriously who writes this stuff? Those teenagers are so far from average, it’s insane. I’m guessing the teens behaviour has a lot to do with how their parents behave. Those adults need to reign in their actions and reactions in order to teach their children how to be contributing members of society. Let’s take a closer look.

George has decided it’s his personal goal to break up Anne and David, especially seeing as we’ve all found out that Anne is carrying his baby, not David’s. Anne isn’t sure that’s what she wants, even though she admits she loves David but she’s not “in love” with him, in fact she’s not sure she’s “in love” with George either. Well, Anne perhaps you shouldn’t have gotten pregnant without knowing who you love? Really it’s no wonder their children are such messes.

On the topic of their children, we have Amy who is a sixteen year old mother, and Ashley who is anti-social. Wow. Amy is an emotional, over tired wreck, between school, work, taking care of her son, John, and of course worrying about whether or not Ben had sex in Italy. She’s stressed to the max. Actually I don’t think stressed covers it, slightly crazy covers it. Amy freaks out while on a date with Ben and decides to go pick up John from Ricky’s house, when she finds out that Ricky told Adrian that he spent the night at Amy’s over the summer. Well, Amy you’re just mad that the news got back to Ben, because everyone but you is in trouble for these things. This girl needs some lessons in maturity.

Amy makes Ben drive her over to Ricky’s to get John, and when she gets there she sees Adrian holding John then freaks out. She implies Adrian is a slut, but can’t even say the word. Amy if you’re going to call someone a slut then you have to be able to say it. She then tells Adrian that she’s not allowed to hold John and that John isn’t coming over to Ricky’s anymore. Calm down, everybody just take a deep breath!

Ricky argues that Adrian can hold his son anytime and that John is still coming over. Adrian gets all possessive over Ricky and poor Ben just stands there embarrassed and overwhelmed. Those two need to break up, Amy needs some time to figure out her life and Ben needs to live his without guilt.

Amy’s sister Ashley, is another person who needs to live her life. She’s so scared of being hurt or getting pregnant that she has decided the only friend she’ll have is a gay guy named Griffin and they have both decided to a ‘no dating in high school’ pact. I can see where she’s coming from but she’s a little too serious for a girl her age, she needs to have crushes and friends. It’s all part of a healthy teenage experience. Ashley you can date without having sex, a lot of kids do!

Although on this show almost all the teens seem to be having sex, or have had sex at one time. It’s a little crazy. I know that a lot of teens do have sex, but I didn’t think that most teens had such an active sex life at such a young age. The parents don’t set a great example for any of these kids either, but I do think that as parents they need to be a little bit more involved with these kid’s lives, instead of all the drama in their own lives.

All this teenage drama is surrounded by the fact that George has sold his house to Adrian’s parents and hasn’t even told Anne yet that he plans to move back in. Yeah, because that’s a great way to get the relationship back together. *sigh* As much as I enjoy this show sometimes, in an addictive train wreck way, I just wish they would write the kids more believable or at least give Amy a better personality. I think Amy’s constant bitchy, know-it-all attitude is getting tiresome and a lot of people will tune out if they don’t change it. As it is, I’m starting to prefer Make It or Break It over this show. What do you think? Whatever the case, you can find The Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family, Mondays at 8 pm, followed by Make It or Break It at 9 pm.

Also on Mondays, is the wonderful Showtime show, Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco (The Sopranos) and Peter Facinelli (squee moment, Dr. Cullen in Twilight πŸ™‚ ). This show is not only hilarious and relevant, but it really pulls on your heart strings.

In this episode, entitled Ring Finger, Jackie is in all sorts of trouble from different places. First Jackie starts mother-daughter tap class lessons with Grace, and she finds herself struggling to fit in with the other mothers. I really felt for her at that moment. She seemed off, not her usual self. I suppose it’s hard too, because most people she works with don’t know she’s married or has kids.

Speaking of marriage, Jackie has trouble getting her wedding ring off her finger when she gets back to work, and doesn’t want anyone to see it. Especially not Eddie, the man she’s having an affair with. She goes through extreme things to get it off, but finally gives in and gets Dr. O’ Hara to saw it off. Wow, that’s a cover up! In fact to make it believable she hits her own finger with a hammer and breaks it so she can claim it was an accident. I don’t really understand her in this way, because she has the loving husband, the 2 kids and yet she wants to have quickies with the pharmacy guy, Eddie. Well I suppose when you’re addicted to prescription drugs, you need a pharmacist who will do anything for you.

Nurse Jackie loves her patients, sometimes so much that she forges documents to make them become organ donors once they’re dead. Unfortunately, she gets caught by Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli) but decides to bait him into grabbing her breast, and then kisses him. You see Coop has a sexual tourette’s syndrome, meaning when he’s nervous around Jackie, he grabs her breasts. It’s rather funny, yet odd at the same time.

Also very funny this episode was when the bubbly student nurse, Zoey, walks in on Jackie and Eddie having sex in the pharmacy supply closet. lol. It was pretty funny, especially when Zoey wanted to discuss it afterwards, but Jackie just wanted to tell her to never speak of it.

Zoey is such a sweet girl who is really trying to be a good nurse. She’s just a little over excitable lol.

This was a great episode, and I can’t wait for this week to see what happens when her husband sees her wedding ring. I also want to know will Eddie ever find out what Jackie’s life is really like? I think that Dr. Cooper is going to be even more uneasy with Jackie now that they’ve kissed and that’s going to be one funny story line. You can catch the show at 10:30 pm on Showtime.

On Tuesday, I watched Hell’s Kitchen, and you can read my recap here

I didn’t really watch any TV on Wednesday or Friday because I’ve been super busy with packing, but I did watch Big Brother all week, so I’m going to get to reviewing the rollercoaster of a week that it was on Big Brother.


The whole house was a little aggravated by Ronnie’s dramatic and over-the-top exit, especially Michelle. She was particularly boastful about how at least he didn’t make the Jury house. Lydia was really upset because she realized that Jessie voted for her to leave and Ronnie to stay, to which I’m not surprised. Lydia isn’t a good person to have in an alliance because she’s all over the place with her emotions.

Jeff was particularly happy about Ronnie leaving and he’s still doing his best to keep his secret power a secret. I give him credit for that because considering how close he is to Jordan it must be hard to keep it from her.

Chima is all power drunk, and is very angry at the prospect that someone may use the mystery power to change up the nominations. Chima thinks that whoever has the power should respect her nominations. Wow, aren’t we full of ourselves!

Chima has her sights set on sending Russell home, more so over personal issues and fights then the game itself. Chima is a strong woman, and she reveals that this is because she survived being attacked and raped 10 years ago, and I do applaud her for surviving and dealing so well, even if I don’t like her.

The houseguests get a special visitor when Jeremy Piven (Entourage) drops by to help with the Have Not competition. The winners of the competition will get to see an advanced screening of Piven’s new movie, The Goods, as well as one of the members of the winning teams will be rewarded with a cash prize. The task is for the teams to pack vintage station wagons full of crap from the Big Brother scrap yard, the team that packs their car the fullest wins.

Natalie, Chima, Jessie, Jordan and Russell win, and Russell picked the envelope with the highest amount and he gets awarded the $10,000. Nice prize! The rest of the players are have-nots for the week.

On a not so exciting note, Lydia and Natalie are still fighting over Jessie. For real? Girls there are plenty of fish in the sea, and a lot of them are way less conceited that Mr. Jessie. πŸ™‚

Finally Chima announces her nominations, she puts Russell and Lydia up on the block. Russell immediately tries to win everyone over with kindness, Lydia is upset and Jessie knows that it doesn’t matter who’s on the block because the magic power holder can come in and change it all!


The Power of Veto competition is held today but before that there was other drama.

Russell is upset he’s on the block and feels betrayed. He also tries to mend fences with Michele, but instead ends up arguing again and yelling at her. Russell needs some anger management. Although most of the houseguests this season are a little over heated, wouldn’t you say?

Chima calls everyone to the living room to pick players for the POV competition, Chima picks Natalie, Russell picks Jeff which pisses Jessie off, and Lydia obviously picks Kevin thinking he’s her best friend and he’ll help her out.

Surprisingly, Kevin wins the POV competition after a tight neck and neck race to the finish with Russell, but immediately he wonders if he should even use it. Lydia is so upset, she feels betrayed, but Kevin says he’s just trying to think long term and maybe they shouldn’t piss Chima off this week.

Kevin does not use the POV and this puts a large rift between Lydia and him. She feels betrayed and as loopy as that girl is sometimes, I agree. I’d expect my best friend in the house to save me, no matter what the cost, sorry I just would, because I’d use it on my friend too.

Besides the drama with Lydia and Kevin we get a few more things. We get Russell trying to talk Jessie into trusting him again by essentially throwing Jeff under the bus, but when Jessie tells Jeff about his conversation with Russell, Jeff doesn’t believe him. Careful Jeff, power or not, Russell can’t be trusted.

We also see ANOTHER fight with Chima and Russell, and let me just say that they are both children who need a time out! However, Chima takes it too far by calling Russell a “terrorist”. She says she meant it because he’s been terrorizing people in the house, but she needs to be careful. That’s not a word most people like to hear now a days, and it could definitely be construed as racist. Shame on them, they’re both nuts!


Eviction night, who will it be? Russell, Lydia or will Jeff use his magic Coup D’Etat power and shake up the house.

Jessie and Natalie both think that Jeff or Jordan have the power, so they try to spend some time kissing up. It obviously doesn’t work because Jeff and Jordan see straight through the nonsense, and aren’t going to be friends with Jessie or Natalie.

Chima spends most of this episode warning that if that mystery power is used you will see a side of her we’ve never seen. I think Chima needs to simmer down. We see an interview with Chima’s family and friends and we learn that her own Grandmother thinks that Chima needs to settle down, and have some “civility.” I agree πŸ™‚

Eviction time!!! Julie asks if the holder of the Mystery Power would like to use it, and Jeff stands up and says “Welcome to the party” to all his shocked housemates! lol. That was amusing. Jeff overthrows BOTH nominations and puts Jessie and Natalie up.

Jessie takes the chair, but not before taking off his long sleeved shirt to show us a shirt with a picture of himself with the words, The Man, The Myth, The Legend. *Gag* Jessie you are such a conceited fool. Natalie has no special, “all about me” shirt, but she does have a shocked, and pissed off face.. aww. poor whiny baby!

Lydia votes to evict Natalie (big surprise), Jordan votes to evict Jessie, Russell votes to evict Natalie, while both Kevin and Michele vote to evict Jessie, meaning Jessie is evicted and is on his way to the Jury house.

After Jessie leaves the house, Natalie and Lydia are so sad.. and upset. Chima is pissed and I’m sure they taped it before hand because Chima is bound to have freaked out so they would have to be able to edit things out.

Finally we had the new Head of Household competition. This competition was called, Hit the Road, and the object was to correctly guess which competition Julie was talking about. The last player left standing is the new HOH. In the end we are left with Michele as the new Head of Household meaning it’s going to be an unpredictable week with her at the wheel, I guess we’ll see tonight at 8 pm on CBS.

That’s all for my review, I’ll be back tomorrow with more news and on Tuesday with my Hell’s Kitchen review. Have a great night!

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