TV News – 8/18/09

Hope everyone is having a decent week so far, I am. Wasn’t Peter Facinelli great on Nurse Jackie last night? Such a hilarious show. Anyways, let’s get to the news.

A couple bits of Brothers & Sisters casting news for you. First we have Amy Aquino (ER, Felicity) as a doctor that will be treating someone in the Walker family. Second we have Peter Gerety (The Wire) who will be playing a “surprising outsider”. I’m interested in Aquino’s multi-episode appearance, I wonder which Walker is in trouble now, any thoughts? Source

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Which pair of comic book siblings are going to making an appearance on Smallville? Well, the Wonder Twins of course! The Wonder twins, Twyla and Tanner, will be be coming to Smallville this season. Twyla will be played by Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13) and Tanner will be played by CW alum David Gallagher (7th Heaven). I’m excited for this casting, especially if they follow the basic talents of the Wonder Twins. Maybe “Wonder Twin powers, activate” will become a household phrase again lol. Source

Ausiello just broke a story that made me smile with delight, James Marsters (Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer), will be appearing on at least 3 episodes on Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica prequel on Syfy. *Happy Dance* Okay so I’m not a big Battlestar fan… not even a little, but Marsters makes me want to tune in! Spike.. uh, I mean James, will be playing Barnabus Greeley, your all round bad boy terrorist leader, and I for one think he’ll hit this one out of the park. Yay! Anyone else as excited as I am? Caprica starts on January 22, 2010.

Nicole Kidman will be making an appearance on Project Runway: All-Star Challenge, on August 20th, right before the sixth season premiere. The All-Star Challenge runs from 8 pm until 10 pm and then the sixth season premieres at 10 pm. I think that Kidman will be a great guest star, especially for the big challenge show. She’s classy and has had to wear many designers in her days. Good choice. Some of the stars that will be guest starring in the sixth season include, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria Parker and Christina Aguilera, Who do you want to see the most? Source

That’s it for today, but be sure to catch an all new episode of Hell’s Kitchen tonight on Fox at 8 pm, as well as a new episode of Big Brother on CBS at 9 pm that is sure to be full of fireworks! I’ll be back tomorrow with my review of Hell’s Kitchen and more news.

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