Hell’s Kitchen – 8/18/09

It was an eventful night last night in Hell’s Kitchen, everything from mouthy contestants to someone being rushed to the hospital, it was a great episode. Obviously, I have lots of opinions on it as usual so without further adieu jump with me to read the review! If you haven’t watched it yet remember this will spoil it for you 😉

After a dismal performance last week I was amazed at how well the women did on the challenge this week. The challenge was to create a three-course meal with an appetizer, an entree and a dessert that had only 700 calories or less total! That’s not very much! I loved Robert’s comment when he found out about the challenge, “I take 700 calorie bites.” 🙂
Anyways, the women really pulled together as a team with Sabrina at the helm because she works in a health spa and knew what 700 calories should look like and how to make it taste good. Their food made me excited, with things like beautiful scallops with mango sauce and a delicious looking pork chop stuffed with cottage cheese, it was definitely something I’d order at a restaurant for a lighter option without feeling cheated.

I wish I could say the same for the men, what the hell was with that pork chop? They cut it in half to save calories, lol. It would appear the boys didn’t know how to make a yummy low fat dish. Low calorie doesn’t have to mean low taste!

So the women won the challenge and as their reward they got to go to the beach and take volleyball lessons from an Olympic Volleyball player. They also got to ride to the beach in very nice Mini Cooper convertibles, which had Hell’s Kitchen logos on them 😀

The men’s team was punished by having to clean and prep both kitchens for dinner service that night. They also had to ride a very strange seven-person bike up a very large hill to the store to pick up some supplies for the dinner service. Now I would like to point out the stupidity of the producers on this one? It was hot, and Robert has a heart condition and is very large, making it a super bad combination for him to ride a bike to the store. In fact once the men get back to the restaurant, Robert is having chest pains and is short of breath, and gets rushed to the hospital. Bet the producers are thinking that was a silly idea now aren’t they?

Moving on to dinner service, and Robert was still absent, which seemed to have an overall effect on the blue team. The men just struggled straight out of the gate, first with Andy unable to remember the orders Chef Ramsay is calling out and then Jim messing up the risotto numerous times. Jim sometimes appears like he’s just taking up space, there is no emotion out of that man in the kitchen whatsoever. Which I find strange because in the video interviews they do throughout the show he’s actually kind of funny, and upbeat. Maybe Chef Ramsay scares him senseless? Hmm.

The men just can’t pull it together and Andy cannot cook a simple piece of halibut, *sigh*, that boy is aggravating to watch. He may be worthy of cooking in McDonalds but a restaurant the calibre of Chef Ramsay’s, he’s just not going to cut it.

Now I thought that the women were going to rock last night, especially after such a great win in the earlier competition, but they didn’t. Well, to be honest they managed to get the appetizers out in the beginning but then it all went down hill from there. First we had Tennille talking back to Chef Ramsay, he told her that she was “crap” and she said “you’re crap.” What is with all the mouthy contestants this year?

Chef throws her out of the kitchen, but then after a heated confrontation he lets her back in the kitchen to prove herself. I don’t think he should have, besides she’s kind of useless anyways. *shrug*

After Tennille’s blowout, we had Sabrina screwing up the meat station, she sent out raw pork, which is almost as bad as raw chicken. Speaking of chicken, Sabrina had difficulty carving a chicken, but when loud mouth Suzanne started telling her how she should do it, the result was even worse. When will Suzanne learn to stop trying to boss people around? It’s not like she’s the best chef there, right now there is no star.

Finally, Chef Ramsay had enough and tells them to shut it down. Frankly, I don’t blame him, undercooked fish, raw pork, and Tennille yelling back at him was about as much as I would take as well. Ramsay declared there was no winning team and told each team to nominate one player.

Back in the dorms the teams discussed the who was the worst that night, and the girls were torn between Tennille and Sabrina. Tennille for her attitude and walking off the line, and Sabrina for her screw up on the meat station. I will say that Sabrina doesn’t deserve to go home no matter of the screw up. She really worked hard to try and fix it, and when being yelled at she just took the criticism and worked even harder. Tennille is not a team player and she is a loose cannon, she should have been put up, but in the end the women put Sabrina up.

The blue team were tossing around names and most agreed it should be Andy because of his inability to cook fish, and I agree whole heartedly. However then the stupidity sets in, wait for it… Andy wants to nominate Robert. Really you ass? Way to kick a man when he’s down. Van agrees to this ridiculous plan and tries to nominate Robert, Chef Ramsay says he can’t be nominated for a service he didn’t take part in but if he’s not back by next service he will be out of Hell’s Kitchen. Fair enough, but I’m still pissed at the men for being so heartless. Finally, they nominate Andy. 😀

Chef Ramsay looks at Sabrina and Andy, then listens to their pleas, and finally says the person eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen is… Jim. Wait, Jim? That’s right Chef decides that he’s just not passionate enough, in fact he said, “I can teach someone how to cook, but I can’t give you a heart. You’re not the Tin Man and I’m not the Wizard of Oz” (of course there were a few bleeps in there too. lol.) I can see where he’s coming from, but Andy is going to hurt the kitchen more than Jim in the long run.

I hope Robert prevails next week, and that he actually makes it back to the kitchen! I also hope that Tennille gets kicked out permanently because she really has a temper problem. Catch an all new episode next Monday night at 8 pm on Fox.

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