TV News- 8/19/09

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Sorry the news is up late today, with everything going on today felt like a freaking Monday, lol. Despite that here I am with the news πŸ™‚ Let’s get to it.

Melrose Place is welcoming the extremely beautiful Jenna Dewan (Step Up) who also happens to be married to hottie Channing Tatum (Step Up, GI Joe). First of all let me get my excited moment out of the way, *girly squeal* πŸ˜€ . I loved her in Step Up, and I think that she’ll make a great addition to the cast. I also love it when a couple from a movie that I love actually fall in love in real life, lol, I’m a geek okay πŸ˜‰ But I do find it sweet. Anyways, the talented dancer turned actress will be playing a hot young, movie studio executive who shows some interest in Jonah, the director in the making. She’s expected to be on at least two episodes, and if the producers are smart and her schedule fits I’d love to see her on more. πŸ™‚ Great casting Melrose Place, making it an even more addictive fall choice! Source

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Some casting news over at NBC, Southland has added former, Prison Break cutie, Amaury Nolasco (Transformers), as Lydia’s (Regina King) new partner. Which might mean her old partner Tom Everett Scott won’t be so lucky in recovery from his injuries he sustained in the finale. I could care less about Scott, but I’m excited to see Nolasco back on my TV weekly πŸ˜‰

Friday Night Lights, is adding Jurnee Smollett (Gridiron Gang), who will play the daughter of a former NFL player, who is helping to raise her younger siblings. As of yet we don’t know if she’ll be a student at Dillion High or at East Dillion yet but time will tell I’m sure.

Lastly, we have Parenthood, adding Joy Bryant (Virtuality), as a single mom who moves home to the Bay area to re-discover her dance career, and for her son to meet his father. My guess is some how one of these things will tie her back to the Braverman family which the series is centered on. I’m looking forward to this show, so any news on it is good news unless it’s a cancellation announcement of course. lol. Source for All

According to Korbi over at Zap2It, Shelley Long (Diane Chambers on Cheers) has just signed on to play the ex-wife to Ed O’Neill’s (Married With Children) character, Jay, on The Modern Family. Now Jay is currently remarried to a very hot, much younger Columbian, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and the relationship between them is already hilarious, especially when you factor in Gloria’s son Manny. I cannot imagine how much funnier it’s going to be when you add very caucasian, much older ex-wife into the mix, even if it’s only confirmed for one episode so far. This show is genius, pure and absolute comedy at it’s best. You can read our review of the pilot here, and then please check it out when it airs this September, you won’t be disappointed!

I have to agree with my fellow TV blogger, The TV Addict, when I say that the new ad campaign for The Beautiful Life: TBL, is definitely “taking the easy out” by selling the actors/actresses bodies and sex instead of trying to get us the viewers interested by a crazy thing like a story line! However, that being said, these ads are to be expected for a show like this, especially one on a network run by the genius, *eye rolling* Dawn Ostroff, the brains behind the cancellation of Privileged. I will not lie, as previously stated I am interested in the new Melrose Place, mostly for nostalgic factors, but I am not sorry to say that TBL will probably never make my TiVo list. Make up your mind for yourself and check out the ad and the article over here. If nothing else this promo (and I use the word lightly) got us talking.

Finally, here’s a spoiler chat with Ausiello, with some goodies on Bones, Gossip Girl and Supernatural. Enjoy, but remember if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link. πŸ™‚

That’s it for tonight, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more news and views.

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