TV News – 8/21/09

It’s Friday and usually I’m excited but tomorrow I am having a moving sale, and I am NOT ready. lol. So an extra day would have been good, on that note I’m going to keep the news short and sweet so I can get back to organizing the loads of stuff I have for the yard sale. Here it goes.

It’s being reported that Lost has added Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada (The Last Samurai, Rush Hour 3), but the role itself hasn’t been released yet, only that he’ll be in a couple episodes. This casting is in addition to the news of John Hawkes (Deadwood) joining the cast as a character named Lennon, earlier this week. From the calibre of actors that their beefing their cast up with this last season is sure to be a great one. Source

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I have to give credit where credit is due, The TV Addict, is on occasion a genius! Check out his mock Smallville ad in response to The Beautiful Life campaign that was released by The CW network earlier this week. lol. Well, if they’re going to go overboard to promote one show I suppose that they should do it for all shows. Seriously though just good fun, check it out here. Enjoy!

There’s a new promo video from Sunday night’s new True Blood. When Sookie, Bill and everyone return home they find their little town of Bon Temps all messed up with Maryann at the centre of it. Jason decides he needs to fight to defend the town, but will he be able to to stand up to Maryann’s powers? Time will tell. Check out the promo here and then let me know what you thought.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got time for tonight, I’ll make up for it I promise *cross my heart*. Check back this weekend for my weekly review of shows like True Blood, and Big Brother. Enjoy your weekend!

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