Week in Review – 8/16/09-8/23/09

It’s been a great week on TV! I’ve watched a few shows, some were just okay, some were really good, and some were fantastic. Starting out with True Blood which was funny, emotional and eerie all at the same time, moving on to the always morally twisted Nurse Jackie, and following up with a discussion on the mess that is Big Brother. I’ll also take some time to discuss the events on 10 Things I Hate About You, as well as shine some light onto Dating in the Dark. If you’re ready jump ahead with me, however if you haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet, as always, don’t follow if you don’t want to be spoiled. 🙂

To say that True Blood was fantastic would be an underestimate. Last Sunday’s episode was full of flirting, humour and some real tear jerker moments, just when I thought that this show couldn’t get any better they hit us with that.

We pick up where left off with Luke, delivering a message to the vampires from Reverend Steve, by blowing himself up. The bomb was covered in silver chains trying to have as much damage on the vampires as possible, and it did. Stan amongst others were killed, and many were injured including Eric when he used his body to shield Sookie. Aww, how adorable.. wait Eric? Eric put himself in danger for Sookie? That seems out of character for him, perhaps he really interested in her.

Eric tells Bill to get the humans, and Bill dashes off after the fleeing church members. Bill catches them as they’re getting in their car and starts biting the one, he’s all dark and nasty here. It was rather nice to see our usual calm Bill really get down with his vampire self, but he comes to his senses and shows mercy, slightly disappointing considering what they did.

While Bill is off attacking the church boys, Eric fakes dying to convince Sookie to suck pieces of silver shrapnel out of his body. Let me just say Eric is devious but so smart, obviously after saving her Sookie couldn’t let him die could she? Nope, Sookie starts sucking away and first Eric is still putting on a show, then he’s smiling while she goes at his chest for the second piece, meanwhile Bill walks in. Now Bill looked disgusted, and upset. Bill breaks the obvious news to our good hearted Sookie, that Eric was already on his way to being healed when he convinced her to suck on him. He tells her that Eric only did this so she’d drink his blood and they’d be connected forever. *grin* I can’t help it but I was laughing and cheering for Eric. He’s so much more interesting than our ever polite Bill, and Eric and Sookie have a different kind of passion.

Sookie is disturbed but doesn’t see the big deal, until Bill starts trying to tell her that she may have “feelings” for Eric. You know some romantic sexual feelings.. lol. This idea, no matter how off setting to Sookie, does prove to be somewhat true when Sookie dreams of Eric later that night. When I say dream, I mean to say she dreamt of Eric and herself in bed, kissing, naked, talking, naked, kissing and did I say naked! We didn’t see anything but man Eric and Sookie look good together don’t they? Eric is definitely a cutie and I really can’t wait for the whole Sookie/Eric storyline to progress more, can you?

The next day there is a meeting with that head lady vampire (the one who does all the TV interviews, making vampires seem harmless), and all the other vamps involved, plus Sookie. The weird thing is Godric basically comes in, rolls over and plays dead, and taking full blame… what? Godric is a 2000 year old vampire, where is his fight? Well, his fight appears gone as he admits that he let the Fellowship kidnap him because he thought that it “might help” the whole situation. I don’t see the reasoning but I still found myself feeling deeply for Godric and his pain.

Godric accepts his firing as Sheriff and suggests that Isabel takes over his territory as she had no blame in this. No, she had no blame but having a human companion who turned his back on all the vampires. 😉 The woman vampire agrees to these terms, even though Eric is being argumentative trying to stand up for Godric when he won’t stand up for himself. The problem is, Eric, knows that Godric has no intention of standing up for himself, because he’s suicidal and hates himself. *sigh* Such a shame because I really like Godric.

Godric heads up to the roof, where is he joined by Eric, and then Sookie who feels she owes Godric something after he saved her. We get to be privy to a very touching conversation between Eric and Godric where Eric cries and begs Godric not to do this, and let me say when Eric was begging Godric in his mother tongue I was so moved. Knowing that Eric would stay on the roof and burn with Godric out of love, Godric orders Eric to go inside in his last act as Eric’s master.

While going inside we see Sookie tell Eric that she’ll stay with him no matter how long it takes, Eric looks really grateful and retreats inside a broken man. Sookie then heads over to stand with Godric where she has a sweet conversation about God and forgiveness and asks if Godric is scared. Godric tells Sookie that he’s full of joy, and Sookie cries and tells him she’s scared for him. *tear* This moves Godric and he says he sees God in this, because he’s with a human at the end and she is shedding human tears for him. That did it, I’m officially sniffling.

Godric then walks into the sun and takes off his shirt (very cute by the way, love the tattoos), and the fire engulfs his body in blue flames and it was rather beautiful and depressing at the same time. I’ll miss Godric, and his interactions with others but especially his relationship with Eric.

Also in this episode we also get a good Sookie and Jason scene, where Jason explains that the Fellowship made him feel like he was worth something. Sookie was confused and told Jason that he’s a star back in Bon Temps, Jason’s response made me laugh, “They like my athletics, my good looks, my sex abilities…but they don’t like me for me.” 😀 You’re right Jason people don’t see past your boyish good looks, your flirting, your sleeping around, nope, they don’t see the deep soul within. Try saying that with straight face 😉

Finally, Sookie and Jason agree that they need to be there for each other more, and stop letting stuff get in the way. I was happy with this because both of them really need some moral support from their families, they’ve got a lot going on in their lives right now.

You know who else has a lot going on? Maryann that’s who. She’s got to brainwash, Tara and Eggs, track down Sam and turn a whole town kooky, well trying to appear ‘normal’. Bad news hun, you’re a long way from normal. 🙂

Layfayette sees the bruises on Tara and immediately thinks Eggs did it, and well he did, but he was all crazy black eyed under the control of Maryann etc. Layfayette gets Eggs to try and hit him, but he accidentally hits Tara, making Layfayette all the more angry. Tara and Eggs leave and end up back at Sookie’s house playing cards (strip poker) with Maryann.

Layfayette and Tara’s mama come busting in and try to take Tara, but Tara gets all up in her mother’s face and starts going all black eyed demon lady on her. Layfayette steps in, and even with Eggs trying to beat him, our boy Layfayette shows him, fake eyelashes or not, he’s there to defend his family. You go boy! Layfayette carries a screaming black eyed Tara away from the house, with Eggs screaming after her. Maryann says, ‘don’t worry she’ll be back and she’ll bring them with her’. When is everyone else going to get home and stop the insanity?

Some of my final notes on this episode, include the fact that Sam is rocking the shape shifting lately, first the owl, now a fly? A fly to get away from Maryann, brilliant! I loved how Sam showed up at Andy’s hotel room, shape shifted to human and knocked on Andy’s door naked. lol. Andy didn’t even seem shocked, and I can’t wait for Sam and Andy to go into town to bust up Maryann’s 24-7 keggers and orgies.

I also want to say that Hoyt’s mom is oddly loveable for a prejudice, crazy lady 😉 Among the people she hates are women who wear red shoes because it looks cheap, and vampires. I do understand how she may feel a little scared for her only son, when he’s dating a vampire, but she needs to chill out. She deserves credit for showing up to meet Jessica, but that comment about Jessica not being able to give Hoyt children was really harsh. It’s not like Jessica chose to be a vampire, and the poor girl is dealing with a lot right now. Hoyt’s mom may end up losing her son if she doesn’t rein in her hatred.

Overall, it was an awesome episode with lots of fun, tears and plot evolution happening, I can hardly wait for this week’s episode, hard to believe there is only 2 episodes left isn’t it? Catch it Sunday nights at 9 pm on HBO!

Mondays are a great summer TV night, with shows like Nurse Jackie, to keep us busy as well as shows like Make it or Break it to keep our inner teenager smiling, I like Monday nights. This week I’m going to take a look at the summer reality dating show Dating in the Dark, can we really get past our ‘type’ and fall for someone without seeing them? Let’s find out.

The premise of this show is to take 3 girls and 3 guys and put them in a dark room to discover if you can make a strong enough connection with someone with appearances out of the equation. Some weeks we see true character triumph and others weeks, like this one we see silly people throw away a chance at a good match because the other person didn’t fit what they had imagined in their heads.

This weeks single females are Lisa, who is a divorcee and a designer, Tanya who is an executive assistant who fears not being good enough and Tawny, self admitted “crazy” girl who is a bartender. The men include Dion, commitment phobic photographer, Leo, a nerdy graphic designer who embraces his nerdiness, and Malek a music teacher who’s voice sounds like music. They all seem pretty normal except for the agreeing to be on a reality dating show 😉

The group date is the same old thing, the girls sit across from the guys and everyone talks about themselves so they can best assess who’s going to be a good person for the one on one date. Question: If you point at someone when it’s pitch black how do they know where you are pointing? lol. Why does everyone do that in these dark rooms?

Every week the singles get to have a special “snoop” and this week it was each other’s cars. Obviously, photography and being an executive assistant pays better than my job does because Dion and Tanya are driving BMW’s. You can tell a lot about a person’s car, Dion’s is really clean and filled with his camera equipment, which means he’s always prepared for his job and hopefully other things. Speaking of prepared, Malek has a cupholder full of condoms, lol, overconfident I’m sure. Leo had a Ghostbuster proton pack and googles which confirms his geekiness unless there has been an announcement of a marshmellow man on the loose? Lisa had some breath fresheners like gum, and mints, and some small workout pants that the boys seemed pleased with. Why is it that every time the men discover a girl is tiny they get excited? Odd, and too cliche. Tanya our exec assistant with a rejection phobia, has a book filled with poems? Deep. 😉 Finally the self proclaimed nutter Tawny has cigarettes and some skank boots lol.

The first round of invite dates we have Dion and Lisa both wanting to see each other, Malek and Tanya on a date, then Tanya and Leo, and finally Tawny invites Leo.

Dion and Lisa seem to really mesh well talking about travel and they hold hands.

Malek and Tanya joke about his readiness with all those darn condoms, and he counters at least he’s being safe, which is very true. They have a good comfortable banter going on.

Leo and Tanya don’t work, especially when he keeps hinting for a kiss, and she never complies.

Finally we have a really odd date with Leo and Tawny where they slow dance but it’s almost painful to watch.

We move on to compatibility, and we get Tawny and Dion, Malek and Lisa and Tanya and Leo. These are all bad matches. I won’t bore you with the silly details, just know that Tawny is simply aggrivating and nutty.

Next theres two rounds of invite dating and we get the following combos: Dion and Lisa, Tawny and Leo and Tanya and Malek.

Dion and Lisa are really sweet together discussing the fact that they both have lost a father when they were young, and that they love their families. These two just seem to work together, I don’t know why, but they just do. The following date Lisa questions if Dion would still like her if she were unattractive, and he is honest enough to say it might change how he feels, but then she still kisses him.

Tanya and Malek discussed music, traveling, culture and Malek compliments Tanya in Arabic after she asked him to say something romantic. It was a decent couple dates but I didn’t love watching them.

Now Tawny is just plain odd, she just doesn’t seem to gel well with any of her dates. Her and Leo dance again, and then the next date she tries to ply him with shots but the weirdness of a couple that just doesn’t work is still there with or without liquor.

Finally we have the Reveals.

Dion sees Lisa and is really happy, but she just seems a little nervous.

Tawny decides that she doesn’t like Leo enough to see him and doesn’t want to lead him on so she leaves before the reveals, meaning that Leo goes up to see her and there’s nothing there, he looked really sad. Poor guy but he’s better off.

Then before the reveal Tanya was babbling about how it didn’t matter what Malek looked like unless he was “completely tragic”. That was kind of rude. However, her true self comes through when the lights shine on him and she’s disturbed by his receding hairline and his pashmena scarf. Personally, I found him kind of sexy in an European sort of way, not too shabby.

In the end the only couple that decided to meet was Lisa and Dion and they seemed really happy to be there. I was upset with Tanya for not showing up, when poor Malek was standing there waiting for her trying to give her a chance even though she wasn’t his ‘usual’ type of girl. It’s not like they’re agreeing to marry them it’s just another date. *sigh*

Anyways, this show is decent not my favorite but it’s always amusing to watch how human nature takes over and how some people try to be all about the ‘personality’ of a date when really it’s all about the looks. You can watch the show on ABC, Mondays at 9 pm.

Also on Mondays, is the brilliantly dark comedy, Nurse Jackie. This show really keeps you laughing and it also makes you go “huh”? This week’s episode was about Jackie at her mother-daughter dance class, and how her husband buys her a new ring to replace the one she got ruined when she ‘broke’ her finger.

Jackie takes Grace to the mother-daughter tap class, and ends up getting kicked out for starting an argument with another mom over how close her daughter was getting to Grace. I love Jackie’s protective mother side, especially when it comes to Grace but she really embarrassed the poor girl. This situation is not going to help Grace handle her anxiety issues.

Moving on to work, Jackie has an admirer… Coop! lol. After Jackie, kissed him he’s decided he felt something so he breaks up with his girlfriend, starts doing recon by checking with Zoey on what Jackie likes (shows how clueless he is lol) and then buys Jackie flowers and gum. I loved this part of the episode, Jackie just kept saying “No, No, No.” and Coop (Peter Facinelli) wasn’t hearing it. I admire Coop’s determination, he’s going to make Jackie fall for him, only problem is her plate is kind of full right now. She’s got Eddie her drug supplying pharmacist, and she’s got Kevin and the girls at home, so she can’t afford another affair, she’s too busy and has way too many hail Mary’s to do already for all her other sins and issues. lol.

On the topic of Eddie, he’s so sweet to Jackie, well in his own way. Eddie is being replaced by the automated pill machine called the Pill-o-Matix, and he gets Jackie a going away present in the form of oxycocet. Hmm.. flowers not good enough? Guess not because nothing says I love you like some prescription narcotics 😀 Then as if he’s not generous enough with his gift of pills, he shows Jackie how to beat the system to get her drugs from the automatic machine, unplug the machine and it resets. Does it really? I bet that there’s an internal memory that records it all, what do you think?

A great guest appearance by Victor Garber has him playing a very cranky film critic, who comes in with a broken elbow, but ends up in a coma after well meaning Zoey gives him the wrong dose of painkillers. Oops. Poor Zoey her only goals are to help people and not kill anyone, well hun, you didn’t help him, but you didn’t kill him so it’s an even playing field. I also think that Akalitus was extra hard on Zoey because Akalitus was flirting with Garbor’s character earlier in the episode, bonding over being the bad guys. Again, poor clueless Zoey.

We end the episode with Jackie going home to her family, giving her girls each one of the roses that Coop gave her (good use for them I suppose), and kissing Kevin. Wait, who is that creepy guy lurking outside the window… it’s Eddie! *sigh* Busted! Eddie is not going to go down without a fight I’m sure, I bet he runs his little drug pushing butt back into the hospital and tattles on Jackie to everyone. I guess we’ll find out next episode. How is Jackie going to talk her way out of this one? Will Coop swoop in to save her? Will Kevin find out about her lover and the fact she hides her marriage and kids at work? This is giving me a headache how does that woman do it, lol. Watch this very amusing show Mondays at 10:30 pm on Showtime.

This brings us to Tuesday, and a brand new episode of 10 Things I Hate About You. Let me start by saying I love Kat, she is just so quirky and righteous, it’s the perfect mix. I also enjoy Bianca more and more lately, as she is starting to balance out her need for popularity with her need to be a nice girl. We’ll see where that takes us.

The episode opens with a very comical scene with Kat dancing around her room singing, when Patrick shows up suddenly at her window, like a less sexy version of Edward from Twilight. (Really very few vamps are as sexy, okay, Angel, Mick St. John, Eric… I won’t go on) Obviously the writers are smart cookies because they played on the vampire thing with Patrick’s comments of needing to be invited in.

Patrick starts a conversation about the collection of vinyl’s in Kat’s room, then says he has something he wanted to tell her, when Bianca walks in. Bianca’s all giggles, and points out how much trouble Kat’s going to be in when their father sees him in Kat’s room. As if on cue, Patrick is gone within a split second, almost like air. Very mysterious bad boy of him.

Turns out the girl’s Dad wants them to leave the house right now, in their pyjamas because of a brush fire that could end up burning down the house. He’s a little over zealous and when they get to the high school they would have had time to change their clothes lol, but unfortunately Bianca is stuck in curly hair, and flannel pjs with desserts on them, Very un-cheerleader like. Chastity wants her to change , so typical of that Queen ‘B’.

The cheerleaders move into a classroom for the night and are all sitting down having a share what you would miss the most if your house burns down moment. The first two girls name silly things like magazines, or a blow dryer, but Bianca says she’ll lose all the pictures of her mom, which gets a big sympathy hug. Chastity doesn’t like this, so she says something about worry about her mom not waking up from her 2nd face lift, etc. The other cheerleaders seem uncomfortable and flee to find their parents, leaving Bianca and Chastity to bond together, although Chastity’s form of bonding is bossing Bianca around.

Meanwhile, the girl’s father, Walter is helping out in the infirmary, with a pregnant lady that’s having false labour, but it’s her friend he’s interested in. The friend is flirting with him, even after she pointed out that he still wears his wedding ring (it’s been 7 years), it’s a real cute banter back and forth. They end up sharing a bottle of wine and getting drunk, talking about dating sites, and she tells him to take off his ring and she’d consider him. I hope we start seeing him date, it would be amusing.

Kat is playing the helpful girl again, handing out water and snacks when patrick walks in. The older lady that’s with her tells her she’s undressing him with her eyes, and frankly she was. Kat goes over to Patrick and they talk for a minute before their interrupted by Patrick’s newest airhead fling, who says “What was it you wanted to tell me?” Poor Kat looked so upset because that’s what Patrick said to her. He says something along the lines of, ‘it’s not like that,’ and Kat falls back to her usual eye rolling no cares self.

Bianca is still dealing with Chastity’s demands, the newest one being that she needs to get rid of the nice family that moved into the cheerleader’s room with them, but she doesn’t feel right about that. Bianca tries to convince Chastity that she’s been harsh, but Chastity will hear nothing about it, and continues to order her around. Finally, Bianca grows a back bone and calls Chastity a “Bitch” after she made a comment about Bianca’s mother. Now that Bianca’s started she goes on to tell Chastity that no one really likes her they just pretend, which was slightly harsh, but true. This sends Chastity fleeing the room in tears.

Bianca goes after her and they talk, where they both confess to using people. Chastity uses people, but they use her to get on the squad and get popular. They bond and Chastity calls Bianca her best friend, to which I would be suspicious, that girl is a force of her own and doesn’t share the spotlight well. Although it’s nice for now, and hopefully this means Bianca will be a cheerleader and not just a mascot.

Kat follows Patrick up to the roof top, where they do their usual back and forth sarcastic talk, when Patrick moves in and kisses her. It was great, the tension and attraction between the two of them was going well until Patrick said something stupid. After all Patrick is male, and they have been known to have bad timing for stupid ideas… not all men, just most teenage boys. 😉

Patrick tells her that she’s “..you’re not all needy and clingy. We can just make out and it doesn’t have to be this whole big thing.” Oops. Kat gets really angry, she feel like he’s basically calling her a “slut.” He tries to fix it, but it just gets worse, and worse. So she stomps off, all angry like usual 😉

After the fire is out and they are told they can go home, that same old woman shows Kat what Patrick left her, and tells Kat to “lighten up, I know a lot of cat women that started out like you.” lol. So true! Anyways, Patrick had left Kat her box of vinyl records, the one that was in her room, that had belonged to her mom. He does care, he went back to get one of her most prized possessions, he doesn’t think she’s a slut he’s just not good with words, I hope.

This was a pretty big episode for a lot of storylines, Bianca and Chastity became “friends” and Bianca got moved up to cheerleader status, Kat and Patrick finally kissed and both admitted they liked each other, and Walter is contemplating moving forward with his life. I enjoyed this episode and am looking forward to an all-new one next Tuesday at 8 pm on ABC Family.

Also on Tuesdays is Hell’s Kitchen, you can find my review of it here. Watch this fiery competition, Tuesdays at 8 pm on Fox.

Finally let’s review the really strange and nutty week that it was in the Big Brother house shall we?


Lydia, Natalie and Chima are all really mourning the loss of Jessie, it’s really sad how they… Wait you retarded ladies, Jessie is alive in the jury house. He’s not dead, just evicted. These women are taking Jesse’s eviction way too seriously, yes it sucked for their alliance but it’s not like he’s this saint these girls are making him out to be. In fact, he played the game and played a lot of people in the process, he was voted out because he’s a strong player not because Jeff wanted to screw you girls over. Kevin is the only one from the alliance calling it like it is, that Jessie is self absorbed and full of himself. Good for you Kevin.

Chima is one angry girl, she has some serious anger issues. She’s very upset that her HOH basically meant nothing because of Jeff using the Coup D’Etat, but that’s Big Brother, expect the unexpected.

Michele winning the HOH has put everyone except for Russell, Jeff and Jordan in a pissy move, because those three think they own Michele. I wouldn’t have bet on it because Michele is one shady lady, but she holds true to her word and nominates Chima and Natalie with crazy Chima being the target.

The houseguests play together to compete for the Have-Have not last sunday and they end up with food or a special treat on every night except Monday night. Good job everyone. Although Chima and Natalie really did nothing, they didn’t even really try.

Chima seems to be unravelling, I don’t know what’s wrong with that girl but she’s clearly started the downward spiral to nuttiness 😉


Holy crap! Chima has officially lost her freaking mind! She is refusing to wear her microphone, and actually ends up throwing it in the hot tub. For real? This is a game Chima, but there are rules from the show’s producers, for example you must always have your mic on! Then the Big Brother voice tells her to get a new mic from the storage room and put it on, she refuses, but Kevin gets it for her and makes her put it on.

Chima wouldn’t listen to reason, she’s done. She wants to leave this house on her terms, completely nuts. Chima is called to the diary room, but she refuses to go, blatantly breaking another rule, this girl is on a self-destruction mission. She goes off saying if they want to talk to her they’re going to have to come talk to her face-to-face. Well, Allison Grodner, the executive producer of Big Brother, comes on the intercom telling Chima that she needs to come to the diary room now. Chima goes and when she enters she’s told, “No need to sit down,” and is escorted out of the house.

Kevin is pacing, he knows Chima’s not coming back. Lydia and Natalie are getting worried too, then there is an announcement for all the houseguests to come to the living room. Allison comes over the intercom and tells them that, “it was very clear that Chima did not want to follow the rules of the game… she needed to be expelled.” Egads!

Lydia and Natalie go to packing her stuff, and Kevin is blaming himself because he feels that he could have prevented this. Lydia says it’s all Chima’s choice and she’s entirely right. This was a selfish act on Chima’s part and she is a self centred, nasty witch for doing this to her fellow housemates, especially her alliance.

The next day we find out that Michele will no longer be HOH because one of her nominees was evicted, and they’ll play for HOH. Kevin feels this is fair so they can start over again, with clean slate.

They go out back and compete in a Big Brother Country Club, where they have to putt to get the golf ball in the hole with the lease value. It’s a close competition with the final two being Jordan and Jeff, and Jeff valiantly throws the last putt so Jordan can have HOH and get a letter from home. Okay, so I think that was really touching and Jordan was so happy. In the end we have Jordan as HOH and Lydia as Captain Unitard, lol. Sweet deal.

Lydia is obviously drunk and goes off the deep end calling Jordan a “ho puppet”. What the hell? Coo-Coo! Jeff, Michele and Lydia get into it as she is on a downward spiral, uh-oh is this Chima part two? No she’s just angry and drunk but will eventually calm down I’m sure. Maybe.

Jordan then nominates Lydia and Natalie, big surprise. lol. So we learn that they’ll get the chance to play for the POV , live on Thursday’s show.


With Lydia still decked out in the Captain Unitard suit she got in the HOH competition, she’s on the block next to Natalie. I’ll give Lydia credit for making the superhero geek costume look slightly fierce.

Kevin admits that because Lydia is essentially giving up and not really into fighting for the POV , if he wins it, he may use it on Natalie instead of his best friend Lydia. What? Again Kevin? I hope he doesn’t win it.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Russell are chatting together in the Pool bedroom, about how Russell wants Michele to go final two with him because she’s as big of a villain as he is. Michele thanks him for the off handed remark and he explains it’s a compliment.

We do get a good moment between Natalie and Lydia when Natalie asks Lydia how many times she hooked up with Jessie. Lydia seems a little taken aback by the question and refuses to answer. Natalie claims she already knows the answer, but wants Lydia to admit it. Kevin knows that Natalie is lying about knowing, and just wants to know details.

Lydia finally admits that she and Jesse were hooking up in the HOH room under a tent of a blanket, well duh 😉 Natalie tells her that’s disgusting, but Kevin steps in and tells them that they were both being played by Jesse. He tells Natalie she was “plan A” and Lydia was “plan B.” Okay so it just occurs to Lydia now that she was being played? Was she that naive?

After a lot more discussion, Natalie and Lydia decide that they don’t like Jessie and he’s going to be in trouble if Lydia ends up in the jury house. lol.

Kevin gets used as a pawn, to spin a lie, about Russell to Jeff and Jordan. Kevin cannot believe that Jeff believed him, and is happy that he did. Jeff ran right up to Jordan to tell her, and they both decide that Kevin wouldn’t lie to them.

Good job Kevin, this will help you out next week for sure.

In the Live veto competition, Jordan ends up winning it, and obviously decides not to use it because they were her nominations. In the end with a vote of 3-1 Lydia is voted out.

Wow, what a week! We were left watching a Head of Household competition and we’ll find out who won it this Sunday at 8 pm on CBS!

That’s it for this weekly review, I hope you enjoyed it and were and amused by these shows as I was. Check back daily for my TV News and on Tuesday for my recap and review of Hell’s Kitchen!

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