TV News – 8/24/09

Monday. *sigh* This weekend went by too fast, and there wasn’t anything one thing in particular that made it happen. My yard sale was kind of a bust, we were surprised with an out of the blue, torrential downpour, followed by thunder and lightening, making it hard for us to be competitive sales people. I ended up donating most of my stuff to charity because I swore it wasn’t coming back in the house, I have too much to pack already. lol. True Blood was great, but did it seem shorter than usual? It was only around 45 minutes, I really felt cheated. Anyways let’s get to some news.

Jayma Mays (Glee) is heading back to Heroes… but it’s only for one episode 🙂 Mays who plays the adorable Emma on Glee, will be reprising her role as Hiro’s “ill-fated love interest”, Charlie. It would appear that Hiro, who is living on borrowed time, is trying to right all the wrongs through the ages, including save his almost girlfriend. That’s not surprising at all, and if we’re only talking an episode then we can all share Mays’ time seeing as Glee has already finished it’s first 13 episodes ordered. I wouldn’t have been happy if she’d jumped ship on what’s sure to be a successful phenomenon, to return to a show that’s fighting to get strong footing. What do you think? Happy that Jayma Mays is going back to Heroes? Source

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Dollhouse has nabbed Oscar winner, Keith Carradine, to appear on a recurring guest star basis starting in October. Carradine will play Matthew Harding, a prominent business man, that is somehow involved with both Adelle (Olivia Williams) and Sierra (Dichen Lachman). He’s going to be connected in a way to their past. I wasn’t a huge Dollhouse fan, but I am a huge Joss Whedon fan, so I really hope that Dollhouse can get a stronger audience this season, and I hope that Carradine helps that plight. Source

Tonight is the summer finale of what has become one of my new favorite series, Make It or Break It, and in preparation for that here’s a great interview done by Korbi over at Zap2It, with the girls from series. (Josie Loren, Ayla Kell, Cassie Scerbo, and Chelsea Hobbs) I really enjoy this show and I find myself sucked into the lives of these girls and these families to the point where I could cheer out loud at their victories, and tear up at their failures. If you haven’t seen this fantastic show, you are really missing out! Check out the interview here, and don’t forget to watch tonight at 9 pm on ABC Family!

The pairings of the cast on Dancing with the Stars have been announced by ABC, we’ll see Aaron Carter with Karina Smirnoff, and The Chairman, Mark Dacascos (Iron Chef) paired up with Lacey Schwimmer (formerly of So You Think You Can Dance). I’ve never been a big fan of this show, but I am intrigued by watching how the likes of Macy Gray manages ballroom, aren’t you? For the full list of pairings head over here. Dancing with the Stars premieres September 21st at 8 pm on ABC.

Finally, I came across some great promo clips for the upcoming season of both Supernatural and Smallville, and I thought that you’d all enjoy a peek too. There mostly just bits and pieces with no real spoilers, so enjoy!



I hope everyone had a great day and that you enjoy your night. Don’t forget to watch Make It or Break It at 9 pm on ABC Family and then the season finale of Nurse Jackie at 10:30 pm on Showtime 🙂 See you all here tomorrow!

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