TV News – 8/26/09

I still can’t believe how fast this summer is flying by, it’s insane isn’t it? Seems like it was just Sunday and now it’s Wednesday, these weeks are going by faster and faster. What did everyone think of Hell’s Kitchen last night? I was happy and sad, but I’ll review that later , for now it’s onto some news.

NBC is postponing the start date for Southland’s second season, from it’s original start date of September 25th until October 23rd. The reasoning behind it is kind of solid in my opinion, the network wants to give Southland the chance to shine in it’s premiere, and by avoiding premiere weeks, it won’t be going up against the premieres of Dollhouse or Medium out of the gate. I really don’t like it when they change the schedules but I do understand and completely agree with this one. What are your thoughts? Source

Jump with me for more news.

Some daytime talk show news, Kate Gosselin,(in case you’ve been living under a rock, she’s from Jon & Kate Plus 8) is heading over to The View to guest host on September 14th and 15th. She’ll be filling in for Elisabeth Hasselback who recently gave birth to her third child and will still be on maternity leave when the show returns on September 8th. I don’t know how I feel about this, but Kate definitely has a strong enough personality to sit with those ladies. Hmm… it just might just be worth tuning in to watch for fireworks don’t you think? Source

Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls, Samantha Who? ), is joining the cast of the new ABC sitcom Hank (also starring Kelsey Grammar). McCarthy, will be playing Dawn, Hank’s sister-in-law, and will appear on a recurring basis. I haven’t heard very many positive things about this new sitcom, however I love Melissa McCarthy, she was fantastic on Gilmore Girls, and also brilliant on Samantha Who? so I may have to tune in. What about you, are you willing to give Hank a chance for the sake of McCarthy? Source

Finally for tonight, I’m going to link you up with a fangtastic 😉 interview done by E!Online with some of the cast from the tantalizing True Blood. What is with Sookie’s new power? Will Maryann be defeated? These questions and more answered (well, sort of). Kind of spoiler-ish, so if you don’t want to know.. do not click HERE!

That’s it for news today, but be sure to check out my review of Hell’s Kitchen as well. Thanks.

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