Week in Review – 8/23/09-8/29/09

As Jenny posted in the schedule, this will be my last review for a bit. 🙂 My family is packing up and moving across the country. It’s a big move, and an emotional one, but I will be back. 😀 As soon as my computer is hooked up, I will be back, bringing you news, reviews and all my opinions on the fall premieres! Now unto to the review 🙂 I apologize but I’m so low on time that I’ve barely watched any TV this week, so the only show I can review right now is True Blood from last week 🙂 It’s not a full review but it’s something to tide you over and I promise I’ll make up for it when I get back. If you didn’t see last Sunday’s episode then do not read. Everyone else jump with me.

True Blood was filled with laughter, tears and a few odd moments where we all went “what the heck?”. Tara was basically had an exorcism, Sam was smited, and Sookie showed that her powers are full of light. Confused? Yeah that’s going around.

Last week’s episode picked up as usual right where we left off, with Godric meeting the sun. Then we see Sookie go to comfort Eric who’s face is stained red from his tears of blood, a moving yet disturbing image. Sookie kisses his blood tears away in a very sweet way, then Eric stops her and kisses her. The tension was amazing, and the kissing intensified until it brought Eric to wanting to drink Sookie’s blood. She turned her head and he struck his fangs into her neck and… *sigh* it was just a dream. Sookie wakes up in the car with a very confused Jason looking at her asking “what were you dreaming about?” Sookie blushes, lies and says “Bill.” while rubbing his airport provided coffin. Can anyone say, Awkward?

While driving home Jason says that something feels different, and Sookie agrees. Looking around Bon Temps as they drive into their town they are both distraught, and who wouldn’t be? There was a distrubing scene of a man banging his head on a pole, some very nasty graffiti and people running around with crazy black eyes all over the place. Jason and Sookie take Bill back to Bill’s house, where Jason tries to call the police but only gets the answering machine. That’s not comforting 😉

What else is not comforting is when Hoyt’s mother comes sauntering out of the upstairs all black eyed and tries to hit on Jason. Hoyt explains and then tells everyone that playing Wii is the only thing that gets her to concentrate her craziness onto something, so I guess Wii it is. lol.

Jason heads off to Merlotte’s to figure out what’s going on, and he assures Sookie of his safety by telling her that he knows this is the war he’s been training for, you go get them Jason!

After finding out from Hoyt that Maryann has made Sookie’s house her home base, Sookie and Bill rush off to deal with it. Upon arriving at Sookie’s house they pull up in front of a large idol made up of rotting meat, and flowers, and let me tell you it was disgusting! They go into the house, or what’s left of it considering it has been completely taken over by Maryann. After speaking with Layfayette, Bill and Sookie try to get out of the house only to run into the evil Maryann. Maryann attacks Sookie, but Bill defends her trying to kill her by biting her. This plan backfires because Maryann’s blood is poison, and he becomes ill. Cue Sookie and weirdness. Sookie steps in and ends up causing the most damage by repelling Maryann away with her hand. Sounds simple right? Well her hand was glowing like the sun, and it stops Maryann. Okay for once I have to agree with Maryann and ask “What are you, Sookie?”

Meanwhile, we see Sam is still hanging out with Andy in his hotel room, trying to explain about Maryann and what she is. Sam pulls a really stupid move by being lured to Merlotte’s by Arlene when she feeds him some fake sob story about Maryann coming after her kids. That hero complex of yours Sam, is going to get you killed. When Andy and Sam get to the bar, they are ambushed by a bunch of saucer-eyed town people, and locked into the walk-in freezer.

Jason is really becoming quite the warrior, especially with his nail gun and chainsaw. lol. Jason rushes into the bar and saws the radio in half making all the people stop and look at him. He then takes Arlene hostage with the nail gun, threatening to nail her head. Odd thing was Arlene was okay with it, so were most of the people but Terry didn’t want Jason to hurt his “special lady friend” so he made a deal to retreat out of the bar.

After freeing Sam and Andy from the cooler, Jason is trying to come up with a plan when the angry mob storms back into the kitchen and Sam decides it’s time to sacrifice himself and maybe all this insanity will stop. While the townspeople are tying Sam to the roof of a car, Jason is busy using his head, and for once it’s a brilliant idea.

Jason poses as the God that comes, telling the mob that they’ve done well. He’s wearing a gas mask, gloves and looking hot with no shirt. He also ends up with horns made out of a branch held behind his head by Andy. So funny. Sam plays along and tells Jason to “smite” him. Jason finally clues in and smites Sam. Sam transforms into a fly again, making it look like Jason actually killed him. The mob is satisfied but Jason and Andy are confused, where the hell did Sam go?

Sam then appears with nothing but an apron on to cover is front, leaving us a cute butt shot of Sam. Sam is using a fire extinguisher to put out the flares and tells Jason and Andy to help him and he’ll explain everything later. Yeah, good luck with that 😉

While Jason was smiting Sam, Tara is still in the middle of an intervention led by Layfayette and her mother. They are trying their best to get through to her when Sookie arrives. Sookie tries to get into Tara’s head but it’s filled only with darkness. Bill helps break through this by glamouring her into letting Sookie in. Once inside Tara’s head we see flashes of all she’s done, and remember Tara doesn’t remember all of this, now she’s watching herself do these things. Talk about a successful intervention. Tara’s eyes shrink back to normal and she’s heartbroken for all she’s done while being Maryann’s puppet.

Sookie goes outside with Bill and describes what she saw, Bill looks scared and realizes that Maryann is a maenad and that he needs to find someone who knows how to defeat her. Bill flees to see the Queen of the Vampires, and we see a very cool entrance scene where for the first time in awhile Bill looked fierce. Unfortunately all we got to see was the Queen’s leg with blood dripping on it, meaning that next Sunday’s episode will be very entertaining I’m sure.

Finally at the end of the episode we have a moment where Jessica snaps on Hoyt’s mom and bites her. Now Hoyt’s mom is very aggravating and cruel, worse under the influence of Maryann. She was saying all kinds of nasty things to Hoyt and about Jessica so finally Jessica snapped. Jess pushed Hoyt out of the way and pounced on Hoyt’s mom, biting her. I don’t know about you but if my significant other took a bite out of my mom, it may put a damper on my relationship no matter how annoying my mother may be. I hope those two crazy kids can work through this issue. lol.

My favorite line in the whole show last Sunday was by Layfayette, when he said to Tara’s mother, “Jesus and I agreed to see other people, but that don’t mean we don’t still talk from time to time.” That was priceless and very amusing.

Don’t miss this Sunday’s episode when we meet the Queen Vampire (Evan Rachel Wood) and I’m sure we’ll see other great stuff. Tune in Sunday at 9 pm on HBO.

Again, sorry it’s only one show, granted a fabulous show, but I will make up for it. You’ll get lots more news, and reviews once I’m at my destination. Talk to you all in a bit!

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