TV & Site News – 9/10/09

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I’m a bad TV blogger! Unfortunately I’ve been working, catching up on TV I’d been saving up some over the summer so I could be ready for the new season and writing & reading a lot. I COMPLETELY forgot that the Wednesday post had been saved as a draft, because I was waiting on any final changes due to the President speaking, but then I forgot to go change it to scheduled, rather than just draft status. I didn’t realize that until just now, when I came on to post the news I found tonight. Speaking of news, that was the furthest thing from my mind because of working & everything else I’ve been doing the last week or two. But when I came online tonight for a quick thing, I saw that FOX announced on Wednesday that Ellen DeGeneres is taking the role of the fourth judge on American Idol, alongside Simon, Randy & Kara. For more info, go to Zap2It.

Ellen DeGeneres new judge on American Idol

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