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Hello! Hello! Hello! Miss me? 😀 Well, fear not I’m back! 🙂 I’m going to do my best to catch up on some news and things this week, and I’m sure before long we’ll be right back on track. So without further adieu let’s get to it!

Fresh off the eventful finale of True Blood we have some new casting information for you, Denis O’Hare (Brothers and Sisters, Milk) has been added as the vampire king of Mississippi. O’Hare will join the cast earlier next season adding to the royal reign of Evan Rachel Wood as the queen. There hasn’t been anything else leaked about his role only that he’ll be a series regular. I’m looking forward to season 3 and I can’t help but wish it was next summer all ready 🙂 Source

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Here’s a little interview that ,Ausiello, did with Alan Ball the creator of the True Blood television series, and it is awesome! If you haven’t seen last night’s finale, then please don’t read the interview as it discusses crucial parts of last night’s episode. Other than that no real spoilers on next season, but worth the read. Enjoy!

In some very sad entertainment news, Patrick Swayze has passed away at the age 57. The actor most recently known for his TNT series, The Beast, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January 2008. Despite receiving treatment for the disease, Swayze continued to deliver stellar performances on The Beast as a corrupt FBI agent. It is a great loss to the entertainment world, and I for one fell in love with the actor when he starred in the classic movie, Dirty Dancing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time, and we will all mourn the loss of such a great talent. Source

Maura Tierney has been let go by NBC for the new series, Parenthood. It’s been determined that her breast-cancer treatments will continue to conflict with the show’s production schedule. Originally, the series was postponed by the network for two months to give Tierney time for her treatment. However, the treatment so far hasn’t been enough, and Tierney’s rep confirms that the actress and the show’s executives have agreed to part ways. The search for a new actress to play Sarah Braverman is under way, and let me just say that no one will fill this role like Tierney. I am a fan of Maura Tierney and her work on shows like ER, she was always great, I am sad with this news but hope that this break will allow her the time she needs to heal. Source

In some great news for 10 Things I Hate About You, fans, ABC Family has renewed the series for a second season, with the new episodes airing in January 2010. The show had a great first season, dominating the ratings for it’s time slot. Unfortunately, the network did not renew other summer comedy, Ruby and the Rockits. I have really enjoyed 10 Things, and surprisingly I found Ruby and the Rockits cute and not terrible. So overall, I’m happy but would have been happier if both had been renewed, although given the choice the better one was renewed.Source

One final bit of news for now, is the addition of Eric Balfour, to the cast of The CW’s The Beautiful Life, for a few episodes. This doesn’t bode well for the show, considering Balfour has been a part of other ill-fated shows such as Hawaii and Conviction. Balfour is set to play the rival to Elle Macpherson’s character, Claudia at another modeling agency. Truth be told Balfour has had a few successes on television including The O.C. and Six Feet Under. I, for one think he’s a decent actor who’s had bum casting luck, come on Hawaii was terrible and I only vaguely remember the others, perhaps he’ll do better this time, although I’m not rushing to watch The Beautiful Life. What are your thoughts? Source

That’s it for tonight, I’m glad to be back and once I start sorting out this time difference I’ll get back on track. I hope you enjoyed tonight’s news and I’ll be back tomorrow with more 🙂

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  1. Cristina says:

    just glad you are back…tv news just wasn’t the same

  2. Megan says:

    Aww thanks 🙂 Glad I really do love doing it..