TV News – 9/17/09

Tonight is going to be a great TV night, with Bones and Fringe season premieres as well as new episodes of Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, we’re all sure to be entertained. I am not doing anything tonight but watching TV, this moving thing is exhausting 🙂 Alright, let’s get to some news.

Robert De Niro and Spike Lee are teaming up to work on a Showtime drama named, Alphaville. The drama will be set in Manhattan in the 1980’s and let us take a look into how dangerous it used to be to live in that neighbourhood with all the drug trades, and other problems. Lee will be directing and De Niro is set to be an executive producer. Sounds like it could end up being another hit for Showtime but I’ll have to see once we hear casting and see some clips from the pilot, at the moment there is no information on when it’ll air, or casting but I’ll keep you all posted.Source

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NBC has completed it’s recasting of the new comedy, 100 Questions. Smith Cho (Knight Rider) will replace Elizabeth Ho and Collette Wolfe (Semi-Pro) will replace Joy Suprano. The two ladies will play friends of Charlotte (Sophie Winkleman) who is in the great search search for love while using a dating service. I wasn’t too excited for this series already but I really dislike when there is a lot of recasting taking place, I’m not too optimistic for the show’s survival but time will tell. Source

Ausiello is giving us a load of spoilers and juicy details on some of our favourite shows, including House, Grey’s Anatomy and CSI: Miami in his latest Ask Ausiello spoiler chat. So please if you love knowing the dirt click the link, but if you don’t want to live dangerously don’t click the link. I loved the SPOILERS 😀 So Enjoy!

That’s it for today but check back tomorrow for more, and I’ll be around this weekend with a review of the week in television.

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