TV News – 9/21/09

Another Monday and I am exhausted, but who among us aren’t? lol. It’s been a slow weekend for TV with only the Emmys really to watch, I’ll post some links to lists of the winners and other tidbits of facts about the show last night. Other than that, let’s see what’s going on in TV land shall we?

CBS has changed the airing order for Three Rivers, yet again. After throwing out the original pilot to allow for the change in casting and production venues, the first episode to air on October 4th was supposed to be ,Tick-Tock, but that’s now been pushed to October 11th and Place of Life, has been made the premiere. I don’t know how confident this makes me with the show, which is unfortunate. I’ve really been looking forward to seeing hottie Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight) on television again, but so far this show is getting off to a rocky start. I’m hoping it makes up for all this uneasy drama with a great first season, fingers crossed. For more details on the episodes being aired head over to The Futon Critic for the descriptions.

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I am overjoyed, or perhaps you could say I’m full of Glee, I couldn’t help myself ;), with the news that Fox has picked up Glee for a full season! Originally the show was picked up for 13 episodes, but has now been given the go ahead for 9 more episodes bringing the total for this first season up to 22. This is wonderful news, I love this show and it’s been doing well in ratings. I hope this is the first in a slew of successful seasons for one of the best new shows on TV. What are your feelings? Source

On the topic of the Emmys, how fab-u-lous was Neil Patrick Harris? He was tremendous and that is how the Emmys SHOULD be hosted. In fact to illustrate my love for Harris and his hosting job last night, take a look at this video of the opening number from last night’s awards show. Classically brilliant, and hilarious Neil Patrick Harris, you have my heart! (PS- Neil Patrick Harris deserved to win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor way more than Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Men)

Also in Emmy recaps, the TV Addict is fantastic with his live blogging of the show last night, so I’m going to link you up to his masterpiece and let you all read the results and commentary for yourself here. I’ll also add that I agree with the TV Addict thinking Matthew Weiner came off as pompous.

That’s all for today folks, but in my opinion tonight’s must see TV includes A LOT! We’ve got the season premieres of House and Heroes both at 8 pm and both two hours on FOX and NBC respectively, not too mention the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother at 8 pm on CBS. At 9:30 pm on CBS we have the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory and at 10 pm we have season premieres of Castle, and CSI: Miami. If those aren’t all enough, tonight on The CW there are new episodes of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl making it a super crazy TV night. Get your DVR or VCR or whatever you use ready, and don’t miss any of this great TV! Have a great night!

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