Week in Review – 9/13/09 – 9/19/09

It’s that time again, my weekly review! This week is definitely one of the more interesting ones, with all the premieres and new shows. I’m going to take a look at last Sunday’s fabulous, yet irritating True Blood season finale. I will let you in on my views on the awesome show that is Glee, as well as the season premiere of Bones and a look at the crazy world of Fringe. So remember if you haven’t watched the shows yet then don’t read my review, unless you want to spoiled. 🙂 If you’re ready, jump with me.

Sunday night’s finale of True Blood was bittersweet. On one hand I was happy that the storylines were finally wrapped up, then on the other I was sad that the show is over for a bit, finally I was aggravated with the cliff hanger. I know that it’s a staple finish for dramas, but I really have no patience. lol.

The episode as always picked up where we left off, with Layfayette having the spooky black eyes, and then he forces Sookie to put on a dress that resembles some sort of bridal gown. We then learn that Sookie is supposed to be Maryann’s maid of honor, when she marries her god. Okay, I knew that she was nuts, but marrying a god? That’s just super crazy.

On the topic of crazy, Maryann really wants Sookie to do that glowing hand thing again, which she obviously can’t because she doesn’t even know how she did it in the first. When Sookie tells Maryann that she’s just a human, Maryann laughs and says that she’s has to be more than that because her little vibrating thingy doesn’t work on Sookie. All this aside Maryann informs Sookie that her main purpose is to be bait for Sam. Sam loves Sookie, therefore he’ll come sacrifice himself in her place. Nice plan, except Sam isn’t overly thrilled.

While Sam is babysitting Arlene’s children and trying to decide what to do about Maryann, Bill drops in and pays a “friendly” vampire visit. Bill tells Sam that he has to give himself over to Maryann for the good of the town, Sam doesn’t want to die. Bill and Sam have a discussion somewhere off screen and obviously Bill says something convincing because they head over to Maryann’s soiree to do some crashing.

In the middle of all this maid of honor and sacrificing stuff, we have Jason and Andy running around acting like rambos in the woods. They think that they are going to sneak up on the crazy saucer eyed people, and defeat them for the good of the town even if they have to kill people. Not a great plan when we’re putting Jason and Andy in charge of the town’s future, and of course it doesn’t go as well as planned. The two boys run into a bunch of the Maryann worshipers, and they end up making Jason and Andy black eyed freaks as well. I always thought that Andy must be immune to it, but that might only be when he’s drunk. Jason obviously doesn’t have the supernatural powers his sister does, or maybe he has it in some other way, whatever the case it did nothing for him in this situation. lol.

The ceremony begins, and Sam appears and gives himself up for sacrifice. He’s stabbed by Eggs in the chest. Sookie is so distraught, and screams for Sam to use his powers to escape, Bill advises her to use hers instead. Sookie listens to Sam when he tells her through his thoughts to destroy everything. Sookie pushes over the disgusting statue of rotting food, and Maryann goes even more crazy. Maryann chases Sookie with her ugly claws out, but stops suddenly when a beautiful white bull comes out of the woods. The loopy Maryann believes that this is her god, but then she thinks that the sacrifice was meant to be her, and she willing gives herself over, and the bull kills her.

The bull then transforms back into Sam, and we learn that Bill and Sam had worked this out together. Sam had to be near death, drink Bill’s blood and then trick Maryann into believing he was her god. It was a sweet plan, and it worked. Finally, the Maryann storyline is dead, literally. I will miss Michelle Forbes on the show, but I won’t miss the Maryann storyline.

Also on tonight’s show, we see Eric playing Yahtzee with the Queen, and the Queen tells Eric not to make Bill’s mistake and fall in love with Sookie too. Eric not so convincingly tells her that this won’t be a problem. The Queen is more concerned with the fact that Bill knows about Eric having Layfayette sell V to humans. The bigger twist is that Eric promises that Bill doesn’t know that the Queen is actually behind this scheme. Eric swears that he’ll get rid of the Bill problem and the Queen seems happy with that, and they get back to playing Yahtzee. I love that Alan Ball put this in, it was so amusing to watch vampires get competitive over something as human as Yahtzee.

We also learn that everything Hoyt’s mother said while in her black eyed trance was the truth. Hoyt flips out and says he wishes that Jessica had killed his mother. This was a little callus but I sort of understand seeing as his mom is super controlling and he just found out she’s being lying to him almost his whole life. Hoyt flees to Jessica with roses, but she’s not there because she’s easing her pain by eating a trucker. Wow, that’s a change for her. She’s acting out from a broken heart and I empathize, I just hope it works out in the end. Stupid cliff-hanger.

The fallout from the Maryann debacle is all over the place in Bon Temps. We have people blaming aliens, and Sam saying it was caused by a local distillery putting pure ethanol in the bottles instead of vodka, this seems plausible to most.

Eggs wants to know what happened to him while he was with Maryann, and asks Sookie for help. I didn’t want this to happen, I really like Eggs, even if he is a murderer. Eggs learns the truth, about all the killing he did for Maryann, and he breaks down. He then goes to Andy and confesses that it was all him and he needs to be locked up. Unfortunately, Jason has the luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ends up walking in on Eggs waving around the knife used to murder the people while standing over Andy. Jason freaks and shoots Eggs in the head, killing him. *sigh* Andy still has that sense of comradery with Jason, and tells Jason that he was never there, and Andy takes the blame for the shooting. Nothing will come of this confession with Andy seeing as Eggs had the murder weapon and Andy can just say he came at him. I’m still unhappy about this, and poor Tara.

Finally, we see Bill and Sookie out on a date at a fancy French restaurant and Bill proposes to Sookie. She’s unsure, and goes to the bathroom to collect her thoughts, where she realizes she wants to accept the proposal. While she’s in the bathroom, Bill gets vamp-napped by some mysterious figure with a silver chain. Is this Eric’s plan? Or is this something else?

The episode blacks out and then there is nothing. Nothing until season three which I wish could start now! lol. Patience people! (I’m speaking more to myself 🙂 ) I guess I’ll have to fill my Sunday nights with other shows, and count the days until True Blood returns!

Monday was the season premieres of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl which I’m sorry to say I haven’t gotten a chance to watch yet, in fact I didn’t watch any TV on Monday because I was just so busy with move stuff. I’ll try to catch up for tomorrow and maybe do a joint entry on One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl later this week. Forgiven? 🙂

Tuesday was the season finale of More to Love on Fox, and the finale of Big Brother on CBS. More to Love never grasped my interest and I’ve already discussed the winner of Big Brother 11 so that’s pointless to review, only to say I was happy as long as anyone but Natalie won, I really disliked her. 🙂

So that brings us to Wednesday, the glorious day that’s full of Glee! I love this show. It’s witty, sweet and amusing all in one package and I think it’s a show that will continue to bring us laughs for years to come if given the chance. All that aside let’s talk about this week’s episode shall we?

The whole point of tonight’s episode was people having confidence in themselves. Will is struggling with his own self esteem after being told his choreography for Glee club, kind of sucked. He’s also secretly having fears about becoming a father, to his son. (although we all know there is no son, as Terri is faking it. lol.) To boost his confidence, Will ends up starting a male acapella group called, Acafellas. The group is made up of Will, the thumb less Henri, an over testosterone filled Ken, and the awkward Howard. Sandy isn’t allowed to be in the group because “it’s creepy” when he’s in it. lol. I have to concur with this thought because Sandy is a creepy pedophile.

The group seems to be doing well, then Sandy drops a bomb saying that Josh Groban (the real Josh Groban, who actually guest starred this week), is going to drop by to see the Acafellas perform at the P.T.A meeting. Sandy said the only way Groban is going to come watch the Acafellas is if he’s performing, so Will and the guys give in and let Sandy come back into the group. I don’t care about Josh Groban, although I love him as a performer, even he’s not worth Sandy being in the group. lol.

Unfortunately, Henri gets nervous about the performance and ends up overdosing on cold medicine, passing out and getting rushed to the hospital. The principal decides that Henri can’t come back to teach until he goes to rehab, so he’s out of the group. Howard, quits the group to do inventory. Leaving only Will and Ken left, meaning that they need to get more people to fill the places in the group.

Finn and Puck end up joining the group for different reasons. Finn to gain some confidence and because he loves singing. Puck wants to join so he can sing for all the moms at the P.T.A because he loves sleeping with cougars. lol.

In the end the group does great especially with their rendition of I Want to Sex you Up, I was laughing a lot. However, they’re devastated back stage when they learn the only reason that Josh Groban came to watch them was to serve Sandy with a restraining order. Apparently the disturbing man has been stalking Groban, go figure.

Also during this episode, Rachel calls Finn out about having real feelings for her, and we see her grow as a person. She starts the episode listening to those witchy cheerleaders who joined Glee, but in the end she realizes that being different is okay. She embraces her oddness and encourages everyone else to do the same.

During the episode we get a cute story line about the vivacious Mercedes falling in love with Kurt, who is so obviously gay. Mercedes just thinks he’s a little flamboyant and involved in his fashion. When she discusses becoming an official couple with Kurt he lies and tells her he’s in love with Rachel. Mercedes flips her lid and smashes a rock through Kurt’s SUV window at the car wash. It was fantastic.

After the dramatic window busting, she breaks into a song, a fitting choice of song with Bust Your Windows (original by Jazmine Sullivan), all the while having the half naked Cheerios (the cheerleaders) dancing behind her. It was a great solo, and I loved it. Mercedes was so convincingly heart broken, and especially when Kurt said to her that she busted his window and Mercedes came back with, “You Busted my heart.” Poor naive girl. We all knew he was gay, but it was sad how hard Mercedes fell for Kurt. It’s all those darn Cheerios parading as Glee members planting seeds of dissension amongst the group.

Overall it was another fabulous episode and I’m sure this show is only going to get better. Some highlights of tonight’s show were, Victor Garbor guest starring as Will’s father, and the overall bonding of the Glee members in the face of adversity made for a wonderful platform to build future stories off. I can’t wait for next week’s episode. What about you? Don’t miss Glee! on Wednesday nights at 9 pm on Fox.

This brings us to Thursday, and it was a night of premieres. I’m going to walk you through the premiere of Bones first and it was filled with love, confusion, clowns, and Cyndi Lauper starring as a psychic.

Angela’s psychic, Avalon (Cyndi Lauper), is handing out tarot readings, and Brennan gets one. This shocked me because she’s so conventional and scientific, but the results were interesting to say the least. The basic gist of the reading is that Booth and Brennan have a connection, well duh, but Avalon also asks if Brennan wrote herself as pregnant in her last book. Brennan does not answer.

We cut to Booth talking with Sweets and being certified to return to duty. I’m happy about this obviously because Brennan isn’t whole without Booth, it makes the whole show. Brennan and Booth reunite in Brennan’s office, and they hug. it was a sweet moment. Sweet until Angela comes in to tell them that her psychic, Avalon, thinks there are bodies buried under a fountain.

Despite their doubt in the paranormal, Booth and Brennan go to check it out and Brennan does see human remains on her little gadget for looking under ground. In fact she counts at least eight, so Booth calls up the lawyer, Caroline, and she gets them a warrant to dig.

Brennan and Hodgins work on removing the bodies, and Hodgins discusses that the bodies could have been dumped during the construction 10 years ago. Angela is convinced that Avalon is a true psychic but Brennan is still in disbelief.

Over to Booth and Cam at the bar, discussing Booth’s dream, and Cam interprets it to mean that he’s in love with Brennan. This would be great if it were the whole truth, but does Booth even know who he is yet?

During the investigation it is revealed that one of the bodies is actually Avalon’s sister, Jenny. Who appears to have been a member of a cult, the Harbingers of a New Day. It turns out a man, Tom Fargood, was selling spots to a secret undersea place called Harbinger, even though such a place didn’t exist. Avalon is also spotted in the video that was found, linking her to the group and therefore the crime.

Avalon has to explain herself. She tells Booth and Brennan that it cost almost a million dollars to be a part of Harbinger, but she did it for her sister. Her sister, Jenny, had a disease called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, meaning she was allergic to the world. Avalon tells everyone how the training etc, worked, and how she thought she left behind because she sought the medical advice of an outside doctor. All these years she had believed that her sister was living in Harbinger, and had no idea she was dead.

Booth and Brennan question Dr. Leacock, the doctor who was on file for the Harbinger people. He said he refused to go to Harbinger to be the only doctor under the sea when he was asked by Fargood, because he didn’t want to isolate himself. He did promise to hand over the medical records of all the people involved with Harbinger. I didn’t trust this guy right away, and turns out I was right.
Later Brennan went to see Dr. Leacock again, but couldn’t find him right away. What she did find was files in the shredder, and then Leacock attacked her, she fought him off, but ended up getting stabbed in the arm. Just then Booth rushed in, and shot the doctor. Booth then held Brennan and it was sweet and touching. Strangely enough, Booth hurried to the rescue of Brennan on the advice of the psychic… maybe she is psychic after all. Hmm.

In the end it turned out that Dr. Leacock and Fargood were involved together in the scheme to kill all the people. They were poisoning the people with antifreeze giving them the symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and finally killing them. They can’t arrest Fargood for the murders but end up having enough petty charges to add up to over 100 years in jail, so they have to settle for that.

A weird moment happened when Booth and Brennan were walking and a clown squirted Booth in the face with water from one of those gag flowers. Brennan immediately got ready to step in to keep Booth from killing the clown, as he hates clowns, but instead Booth laughs. This is strange, Booth once shot a truck with a clown on it because he hated clowns so much. Brennan tells Booth not to worry because in a few weeks he’ll be back to himself completely.

We get a very touching moment between Booth and Brennan where he says he loves her.. pauses, then says love in a “atta girl” sort of way, Brennan reciprocates his feelings in a “atta boy” sort of way. This was sweet because we could see plain as day that they both thought it more than that.

In the last moments of the show we see Brennan apologizing to Avalon for not being able to convict Fargood for the murder of her sister, but Avalon is happy as long as he’s behind bars. Booth walks up and Avalon tells him that everything works out eventually. I really hope that means that we’re one day going to get Booth and Brennan as a couple, because I for one am on board for that 100%.

Don’t miss an all new episode of Bones next Thursday at 8 pm on Fox.

Also on Thursday on Fox was the season premiere of Fringe, and what a premiere it was. We had Agent Charlie Francis killed, Olivia fighting for her life after returning from the alternate universe, Peter actually standing up for Fringe department and a freaky kiss between Agent Broyles and Nina Sharp. Let’s get into the details.

The episode opens with Walter and Peter shopping at a grocery store buying ingredients for the custard that Walter wants to make for Peter’s birthday. Peter keeps insisting that he hates custards, but Walter tells him he loved them when he was little. It was an odd moment, but I really do love how these two interact. I’m sure we all realize after last year’s finale that the reason Peter hates custard is because he’s actually alternate universe Peter not real Peter, right? Anyways, they’re shopping is interrupted with a call about an accident.

Turns out that Olivia’s car is at the scene of the crash but she’s not. What’s even weirder is her seatbelt is buckled and everything. We’re introduced to Agent Jessup, who seems to be interested yet concerned about the Fringe department. While they’re all trying to figure out where Olivia is, she comes flying through the windshield suddenly. It was really freaky and took me by surprise, I admit I jumped. lol. She is injured badly and she’s rushed off to the hospital, where she remains in a coma.

Meanwhile, Agent Broyles informs Peter that the government wants to shut the Fringe division down, and he learns the hard lesson when he goes to the FBI to get Olivia’s file and is denied access. Agent Jessup ends up coming to his aid. She then says she’ll help him, if he explains some things to her.

The leads all point to a man that was in the car that was chasing Olivia, but they find him dead already, with no water left in his body. They take the body back to the lab, with Walter so excited to ride in the back with the body. This was funny, especially when Peter told him to “stay out of the medications though. Please.” Walter looked disappointed at that instruction. lol. I really do love Walter (John Noble), his character is always amusing.

The dead man had strange marks in his mouth and Walter remembers something like it. He shows the team the video from an experiment he and Bell were part of in the 1970’s where a woman under the influence of drugs, described a shape shifter thing that used a device in the mouth of it’s victims to learn their shapes. Freaky, but that’s Fringe.

We then flash to the shape shifter who looks like the dead man now, goes into a shop and heads to the back. He sits at a typewriter and starts writing back and forth with someone who is not there, and the shape shifter learns that his target, Olivia, is still alive. He’s told to go question her and then kill her.

During all this time we see Olivia wake up while Peter is there and start speaking in Greek. Later we learn that the phrase she spoke means, “Be a better man than your father.” and it’s something Peter’s mom used to say to him. It was a way for them to say that you take care of the people you love because they’d already been abandoned by Walter. I find this strange and wonder where they’re going with this.

The shape shifter kills a nurse at the hospital and sneaks into Olivia’s room to question her and is trying to kill her when Agent Jessup shows up to save her. Agent Charlie, Peter and Agent Jessup all chase the nurse and she heads into the basement. Charlie eventually finds her, and they go off screen we hear a gun shot and Jessup and Peter follow the sound. We think it’s all over when we find Charlie standing over the nurse’s body. Unfortunately we’re wrong, later we see Charlie throwing Charlie’s body in the furnace. Wait, Charlie burning Charlie? Oh, crap. Farewell Agent Charlie Francis, you have been taken over by the shape shifter. *sigh*

This is going to be a crazy storyline when the shape shifter is in the form of Olivia’s friend in the FBI, I can’t wait 🙂

Also in this episode, Peter stands up for the Fringe department by handing Broyles the shape shifter’s device and tells him that if the government can fix it they can use it for their armies, just me or is that really unsettling? Anyways, Peter has decided it’s time for them to call the shots, and the Fringe department gets re-opened, good job Peter!

The last bit of ‘What the Hell?’ happenings of this episode was when Agent Jessup somehow got the password to the Fringe division files and was entering last season’s cases in line with Bible scriptures. This is going to make for a complicated and awesome storyline.

Overall, we got a few real mysteries set up for the season and I’m stoked to see more. Catch Fringe on Thursdays at 9pm on Fox.

That’s it for now, check back Monday for more news, and don’t forget to check out Jenny’s great September Premiere list here, to make sure you catch all your favorite shows.

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