TV News – 9/22/09

Hello everyone! Tonight is a great night because there are TWO new episodes of Hell’s Kitchen on tonight, which means I’ll be back tomorrow with a review. It’s nice to slowly starting to get into a schedule here. Last night TV was good, and I’m looking forward to reviewing some of it for you in the weekly review, but for now let’s get to some daily news.

Who did we love to hate on the original Melrose Place? Well, Heather Locklear of course! Locklear will be reprising her role as the sneaky, sexy Amanda Woodward, as of Tuesday, November 17th on The CW. In the new Melrose Place, Amanda is the boss at a PR firm, so I hope she’ll be around for a little while at least, to stir up some naughty trouble. What can I say, sometimes the devious characters are just so much more fun. πŸ˜‰ Source

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The insanely talented, Betty White, will be coming to our television via 30 Rock! White will play herself in an episode later this season, the date is yet to be released. Betty White joins the list of other guest stars but in my opinion she is by far the best. White won our hearts in her recurring roles on shows like Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore, but over the years she’s continued to make us smile with the littlest things like guest starring on game shows or talk shows. She’s fantastic, a true TV goddess, and I am so excited to see her on the show. Source

Some more casting news, Damages has added Campbell Scott (Royal Pains) and Martin Short (Merlin) as series regulars and Lily Tomlin (Desperate Housewives) and Keith Carradine (Dexter) will be having guest star roles. No clear details on what the roles will be. The third season will be premiering in January and I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful. I’m not a regular viewer but plan to eventually get caught up on the series. Source

That’s it for tonight, short and sweet πŸ™‚ I’m off to watch Hell’s Kitchen and I’ll be back tomorrow with my reviews and more news. Also on tonight is the season premiere of NCIS, the series premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles and season finale of Warehouse 13. Enjoy!

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