TV News – 9/23/09

It’s been a busy week for TV and I have so many shows yet to watch lol. Last night’s double episode of Hell’s Kitchen was great, and I didn’t mind The Forgotten although it left something to be desired, I foresee an early cancellation for that show. Later I’ll review Hell’s Kitchen, but for now let’s talk news.

The CW is getting ready to take flight with their new reality documentary series, Fly Girls. The series will follow the lives of flight attendants on Virgin America airlines, and you can expect to see all aspects of their lives unfold before us. The series will start sometime midseason, and who knows it may be interesting but chances are it will be mind numbing like most of their reality shows. What are your thoughts? Source

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According to an Ausiello exclusive, Wilson is finally moving on from Amber and is moving out of the apartment that was Amber’s and in with House. I’m happy that Wilson is going to be moving forward with his life, he can only live in the past for so long, and in fact House and Wilson living together seems normal to me. They fight, make up, and drive each other nuts, but at the end of the day there is no one else in their lives they know they can count on, some would say it’s dysfunctional I’d just say they’re normal. 😉 What do you think, should they move in together permanently?

Another “star” falls victim to the Dancing With the Stars curse last night and pulls a muscle in their neck. Debi Mazar (Entourage) had to go to the hospital last night after her debut Foxtrot and is currently sporting a neck brace. At the moment she will be on tonight’s result show, but we’ll see how far she gets with her injury. I don’t know it may have something to do with these stars not being trained dancers, but I’m just saying. lol. Souce

According to Zap2It, Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) has been let go and Clifton Collins Jr (Extract, Sunshine Clearing) has been brought in as a series regular instead. Nolasco was hired as a new partner for Regina King’s character and only lasted for 3 episodes before being let go. (No idea why… chemistry, maybe?) Collins’ character is named Ray Suarez and his story is still being developed.

Also according to Zap2It, JJ Abrams is branching out and exec. producing a half-hour medical comedy for FOX. Mike Markowitz (Duckman, Becker) is writing the script. See more at the link.

Okay, that’s all for now, not a whole lot of new information today, but check back later tonight and I’ll have the review of Hell’s Kitchen up. Don’t miss Glee tonight, as well as the season premieres of Criminal Minds, and CSI: NY. Another great show premiering tonight is Modern Family on ABC, which is a new comedy and it is hilarious, for a review of the pilot check out Jenny and my opinions under pilot reviews. Don’t forget to check the daily schedule.

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