Hell’s Kitchen – 9/22/09

Tuesday was a busy night for Hell’s Kitchen, with 2 back to back episodes. It was crazy how bad the chefs were in both of these episodes, and how some chefs really excelled. I’m going to put the rest of my recap and review after the jump so as not to spoil it for anyone, so if you’re ready jump with me.

The episode picks up where we left off with the contestants discussing the fact that Suzanne was just switched to the blue team and having mixed reactions. The women, especially Tennille, were overjoyed that they have gotten rid of Suzanne, where as the men were really angry about it. Kevin especially really doesn’t like Suzanne and says she’s not welcome.

After a heated night, the aspiring chefs head down to the kitchen but instead of Chef Ramsay being there to introduce a challenge, we all see a video live from the Araxi Restaurant and Bar in Whistler, BC. The challenge is for the contestants to make three entrees all made from local products from British Columbia. What cracked me up the most was when Ariel and Tennille were so excited about the lamb they were cooking and it was actually venison. lol. Sabrina knew what it was but she refused to tell them, after they kept treating her like an outsider and not including her. Part of me doesn’t blame her but the other part of me thinks that it’s important to be the better person and be a team player even when your team doesn’t want you.

Ramsay comes back to judge and brings Olympic champions, Sasha Cohen the figure skater, and Johnny Moseley the snowboarder , to help judge. The blue team wins and they deserved it. Their reward was to go to, Campanile Restaurant run by renowned chef Mark Peel, and the red team gets sent to a farm to shovel pig poop and learn where all the local ingredients come from. That was a nasty punishment but I do think that it’s important for a chef to see where the ingredients they originate from, giving them a greater respect for what they cook.

The next day is one of those fun dinner services where the contestants get to create the menus for their kitchens, so it becomes blue menu verses red menu, and it’s up to the diners which menu they want to dine from. The Blue menu was way more classy than the red team’s, especially Tennille’s Asian slaw salad idea, because that’s not very fine dining in my opinion.

The dinner service went terribly, Van had issues out of the gate, and Ariel sent out three orders of cold ravioli. Then Van sends up raw fish, followed by Sabrina sending up raw fish, it’s just one disaster after the other. The only good moment of the whole dinner service was when Dave hurt his arm worse, left the kitchen in pain but returned with a super hero attitude to help rally his team. Unfortunately, even Super Dave couldn’t save the dinner service tonight and an over exasperated Chef Ramsey shuts the kitchen down.

There was not a clear winner, so both kitchens must nominate someone. Van and Sabrina ended up on the block and Sabrina got eliminated. Ramsay doesn’t think that Sabrina is head chef material, and “she needs to take those red lips and whistle on out of here.” I have to agree that although I actually didn’t mind Sabrina she’s not leadership material, she’s still not reliable enough. Too many fluctuations in her cooking, and overall performance. So farewell Sabrina.

Moving into the second episode, the teams are dissolved and become one team of six cooks, getting their black jackets. I always love it when they become one team, and do the challenges for themselves because it gets even more competitive and the winner usually emerges in the first two services.

When they head down to the kitchen they are met by the sight of Chef Ramsay cooking, which is a thing of beauty. Then the chefs are told the challenge is a ,“Taste it, Now Make it.” challenge. Where they will have to taste one of Chef Ramsay’s signature dishes from his London restaurant and then remake it. The contestants are paired into teams of Van/Ariel, Kevin/Tennille, and Dave/Suzanne and are set to work.

All the teams came close, except Kevin/Tennille forgot their garnish. Then it was super close with the other two teams, only being separated by the citrus fruit used in the sauce. In the end Dave/Suzanne had it right with passion fruit where as Van/Ariel guessed star fruit.

Dave and Suzanne are rewarded with a lunch at London West Hollywood, and a question and answer period with season 4 winner, Christina. The punishment for the rest is to stay behind and set up the kitchen and dining room for the dinner service which is themed as a “couple’s night.”

Dinner service starts off badly with Suzanne holding Kevin back on appetizers with not being on time with her orders. Then it gets worse, with Van again screwing up on the fish station, sweating in the food and then sending uncooked fish again. Ramsay is slowing unravelling but explodes when Ariel burns the lettuce. He blows up so badly that he walks out of the kitchen leaving them to fend for themselves.

Here’s where it gets interesting, and odd leaders emerge. Tennille, of all people actually steps it up with her communication as does Kevin. The person who’s true colors really showed was Suzanne. She was asked to plate the food but because she didn’t feel she could do it right, she refused to put her name on it, and made Van do it himself. I thought that this was terribly childish of her, and that this proved she is incapable of leading a kitchen.

Ramsay returns and right away kicks Van, Ariel and Suzanne out of the kitchen, leaving Dave, Kevin and Tennille to finish dinner service by themselves, which they do. These three are deemed best of the worst and are told to nominate two from the group of three that were sent upstairs.

As a group they decided that Suzanne and Ariel should be on the block, as the worst chefs that evening but at the elimination ceremony Tennille goes back on her word and puts Van up as well. I thought that this was a really sneaky and not a good team player thing to do, but expected at this point of the game.

After hearing everyone’s pleas as to why they should be able to stay, Chef Ramsay sends Van home, but with great respect. I was kind of sad and hoping that the always aggravating Suzanne would go home, but I did understand. Van, was actually a surprisingly talented chef, but the pressure got to him, and I feel that when Chef Ramsay yelled at him it was too much for him to handle. I just hope he won’t get too discouraged and bounce back to become the great chef he is.

That’s it for this week I apologize the review was up so late I’ve just been so busy with getting settled, I’ll get back on schedule eventually… I hope. lol. I’ll be back later this week with a review of TV for the week, and of course more back next week with another Hell’s Kitchen review.

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