TV News – 9/24/09

Okay, so this is Thursday’s news, even though it’s Friday in most time zones. 😀 I’ve had one of those days, and I’m just getting to the news now, and I apologize but better late than never. I also got caught up in the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere, and all I can say is holy cow. Anyways on to the much awaited news.

Some good news for a couple CW shows. Melrose Place and Vampire Diaries both received requests for more scripts, meaning more episodes. I think this is good as both shows are so far quite entertaining. One Tree Hill has also received a full season order which is great considering it’s loss of two of it’s lead characters this season. I’m happy with the news for all of these shows and really happy about the One Tree Hill news. I’ll admit that so far I’m not over the top happy with OTH this season, but like every season it’s bound to get better. Source

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Ausiello posted an exclusive about Jennifer Morrison leaving House. Morrison, who plays Cameron on the popular show, is being written off due to a creative decision by the producers and her last episode will air in November. So far we know that she will not be killed off, and that Chase (Jesse Spencer) will not be leaving, which leads us all to believe that it’s going to be some sort of divorce or separation thing leading up to her departure. I’m so sad with this news, I love Morrison and Cameron is one of my favorite characters on House. *sigh* The show will continue to be great but it won’t be the same, what do you think?

Spoiler time! Here’s a spoiler chat with Ausiello with details on some of your favorite shows like House, CSI, and Private Practice. It’s worth a read. If you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link. Spoilers AHEAD.

Simon Cowell is supposedly working out a new deal with FOX that would not only make him a judge on American Idol for two more seasons, but bring an American version of The X Factor to our TV sets. The numbers are being thrown around and they’re high, Cowell could earn $50 million a season for AI and possibly another $50 million for X Factor. Is this for real? Come on now, I like Simon, but $50 million that’s a little insane. I don’t know about you but that seems like a lot of money to me for a reality show judge, I’m just saying 😉 Source

Okay that’s it for now, I’ll be back on Friday (aka later today) with more news. Have a good sleep, or if you’re reading this with your morning coffee, good morning come see us again later 😀 lol.

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