Week In Review – 9/20/09 – 9/26/09

What a week it was on TV, so many great premieres I’m not even caught up yet 🙂 What was your favorite premiere? Any new shows really catching your interest? I really liked the premieres of Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds this week, as well as the new episode of Glee, something about Kurt singing Beyonce’s, Single Ladies, was simply hilarious. 😀 I’m also going to review the premiere of CSI: Miami , so let’s get started. If you haven’t watched these shows yet, and you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t jump with me. Everyone else click away.

There was really nothing too interesting on Sunday except for the Emmy awards and everyone has discussed that to death already, all I’m going to say is that Neil Patrick Harris was fantastic as the host.

That brings us to Monday, and there were some decent premieres, with House and Heroes, but I’m going to review the one that hasn’t been discussed too much already, CSI: Miami. I know that the show can be corny, and that Horatio and his sunglasses get aggravating at times, but really it is a decent show.

We start off with a recap of last season’s finale, where Calleigh shot Eric by mistake, while he was helping his criminal father escape the scene of a crime. Flashing back to the present day we see the team searching for Eric and finding him hanging on by a thread in the Glades. Eric is rushed into surgery to remove the bullet in his head and slips into a coma after surgery. The team all come in and out watching him, hoping he’ll survive.

During the visits, Horatio starts to reminisce about 1997 and how the team came together, we see Eric who was a salvage truck driver, find a car in the water with a woman’s body in the trunk. Eric calls Horatio who comes to check it out, and starts the investigation. Along the way we meet a young Calleigh Duquesne, who is on her first day in the special investigations unit at the police station. I loved seeing the flashbacks, and I loved the introduction of Eddie Cibrian as Jesse Cardozo, he’s such a cutie.

Over the course of the episode Horatio follows his own hunches despite what his partner at the time (who’s name I can’t remember), thinks and finds the real killer. Horatio gets help from Eric who seems to have a nose for finding clues, Calleigh who was just as smart in 1997 as she is now, Jesse Cardozo who is helpful and hot, and Natalie Boa Vista who is really young and working for the FBI in 1997.

I really enjoyed the way we got to see each team member and their journey to joining the team, and how the official CSI unit was formed. Eric wasn’t even a cop, but Horatio told him to go get his things in order, become a cop/investigator, and then come see him and he’d have a job. This episode really explained a lot about how close Eric and Horatio are, and why Eric has such a father worship for Horatio. We also get to see where the infamous sunglasses come from, Eric found him that style and just knew they were meant for Horatio. Even the story behind where he got the glasses from was corny, but it wouldn’t be CSI: Miami without some cheese factor.

In the end of the episode, Horatio is promoted to head up a team of investigators for his great job solving the crime. He is given Speedle’s name by Jesse (Eddie Cibrian) who was apparently leaving the unit for awhile. Horatio also chose Calleigh and would hold a spot for Eric. After all that was the wonderful first team wasn’t it? I really like Speedle a lot and wish he hadn’t of been killed off, even though the actor himself ,Rory Cochrane, wanted to be let out of his contract so that he could do more movies, etc.

Of course, the invincible Eric, who has been injured more than anyone else on the show, wakes up out of his coma in the end surrounded by his team. *sigh* Another ‘happy’ ending. lol. Truth be told we all know by now that Eric Delko won’t be around all season as his portrayer, Adam Rodriguez, hasn’t secured a new contract yet, and doesn’t seem able to. I believe that Delko will be around for about 8 episodes, but fear not Eddie Cibrian is joining the cast full time so we’ll still have a hottie to look at 😀

Overall, it was a decent season premiere, full of cheese and it gave us some closure on a few storylines. I applaud the writers for the flashback working, sometimes with shows the flashbacks are a complete flop, this time it worked. CSI: Miami airs Mondays on CBS at 10 pm.

Tuesday was a two back-to-back episodes of Hell’s Kitchen,which I have already reviewed here. There were also some premieres of NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles and The Good Wife, but unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to watch them yet, although I’m always interested to hear your input on these shows and any other shows you’ve been watching. 🙂

What an action packed night Wednesday was, there was so much on, but I’m only going to review the awesome Glee and a very good season premiere of Criminal Minds. I’ll start with Glee.

What an episode it was, lots of singing and dancing as usual but not by all the usual people, and it was great. During this episode we had Kurt come out of the closet, Quinn claim she was pregnant by Finn, Rachel quits Glee club and the football team finally wins a game.

Kurt, what a funny, funny guy he is. Somehow he believes he is still hiding his sexuality from his dad, so when he’s caught singing and dancing in the basement wearing a unitard, a sparkly vest practicing, Single Ladies (originally by Beyonce), he lies. He tells his father that he’s the new kicker for the football team and that’s his warm up. 😀 His dad believes it… or does he?

Problem, Kurt isn’t on the football team, but Finn helps him practice and try out. Well, try out isn’t really Kurt’s thing, let’s call it “auditioning for the role of kicker.” lol. His audition goes well and Kurt makes the team, which really isn’t surprising because the team sucks so bad already a dancing kicker can’t hurt it.

Speaking of dancing football players, Finn gets the idea that because Will was such a great teacher with him and Puck with the dancing, that maybe Will could teach the football team how to dance and that would help them loosen up. The coach, Ken, agrees to this plan because the team needs a win no matter how it comes. Cue a group of large heterosexual teenage boys dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies again, and you have hysterical. Not only did they do the dance on the field, but they scored a touch down, followed by Kurt scoring the winning point with his kick. Unbelievable. It was really touching when Kurt’s dad was so proud of him.

After the game, Kurt came clean to his dad about his sexuality, and his dad was really cool about it. His dad said he knew Kurt was gay since he was three and all he wanted for his birthday was “a pair of sensible heels.” 😀 I was happy when Kurt and his dad hugged, and Kurt’s dad said he loved Kurt just as much as if he were straight. Aww, this is why I love this show, it’s happy, mixed with humour and drama, such a nice escape.

Also in this episode, Quinn tells Finn that’s she’s pregnant. He’s flabbergasted, because they’ve never actually had sex. Hmm… I’d be suspicious not shocked. Quinn feeds Finn some story about how the time in the hot tub when he ejaculated (prematurely again lol.. ) in the water, the sperm swam through the water (because apparently it was the perfect temperature 😉 ) and got her pregnant. Wow, Finn is obviously not too smart, and believes her. I’m thinking there’s something else to this, what about you?

Okay, there was something else to it after all, Quinn apparently slept with Puck a few weeks ago after he got her drunk on coolers, lol. I have to give credit to Puck though because he’s willing to be involved and not be a dead beat dad like his own dad, however Quinn shoots him down and calls Puck a loser. This is a bad choice on Quinn’s part because Finn is going to figure everything out, and Finn really doesn’t want to be a dad yet, not to mention the fact that Finn is falling in love with Rachel.

On the topic of pregnancy, Terri admits to her sister that she’s faking her pregnancy and her sister tells her they have to get Terri a baby. When Terri hears about Quinn’s pregnancy from Will she suddenly shows up to ‘help’ Quinn, which no doubt will transform into some twisted storyline about trying to adopt the baby. Terri is very loopy, and I don’t see any of this ending well. 🙂

Also in this episode, Sue starts blackmailing the principal to let pedophile Sandy come back to school as the Art’s Administrator. She wants Sandy back so he can steal Rachel away from Glee club to star in a production of Cabaret. It wasn’t hard to steal Rachel after Will gives the solo from West Side Story to Tina even though Rachel is clearly the better singer. I understand that Will is just trying to boost the overall confidence of the team, but Tina isn’t a lead singer, especially for a West Side Story solo, that is Rachel’s favorite. It wasn’t well thought out on Will’s part and now they’re down their best female singer.

I can’t wait to see where next week’s episode takes us and how the Quinn pregnancy storyline unfolds. Check it out on Fox Wednesday at 9 pm.

The season five premiere of Criminal Minds also was also on Wednesday night on CBS, and I really love this show. It’s not just the adorable Shemar Moore I enjoy either 😉 although he’s a definite plus, lol. I was excited to see this episode, and see what had happened to Agent Hotchner. If you remember at the end of last season we saw a man attack Hotchner in his apartment, so we were waiting for the conclusion of that and I was also curious to see how they were going to write in Matthew Gray Gubler’s (Dr. Spencer Reid) leg injury that he sustained during the show’s hiatus.

Well, we didn’t get closure on the Hotchner front right away but we did eventually get it when Agent Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) went looking for Hotchner to help with a case. Prentiss didn’t find Hotchner at home, but she did find blood, and a lot of signs of a struggle, so she called the ever wise Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) to send police and investigators to the scene and to start an electronic search as well.

Eventually Garcia found an unidentified man in a hospital that matched Hotchner’s description, so Prentiss rushed there to identify him, it was indeed Hotchner and he had been stabbed multiple times but was alive.

The rest of the team was working on a case where a man threatened a doctor by saying he was going to kill his son, and until he kills the doctor’s son he will murder one person per day. The team spreads out with Reid working on going through the doctor’s old patient files with the doctor, and the other team members going to the son’s school to protect him. Reid finally sorts the files down and helps the doctor remember a man who’s child died because it was too late for the doctor to operate, and the man blamed the doctor. The man just wanted the doctor to feel the same pain he did, but then Reid realizes that the man is actually after the doctor and when the doctor leaves the house to get his son from school, the UnSub is there waiting for him. The UnSub shoots at the doctor but Reid jumps in front and gets wounded in the leg. Ah-ha , I knew they’d do something dramatic. lol.

While on the ground Reid is still trying to reason with the man, but he won’t listen and Reid ends up shooting him, but it doesn’t appear to be fatal. The team shows up and they’re all worried about Reid, although he tells them he’s fine and that they need to get to the hospital to see Hotchner.

Once at the hospital, they all discuss the crime, and realize it was a previous UnSub, Foyette. They know he always takes something and he leaves something, Foyette left a picture of Hotchner’s family with his stuff, and took the page from Hotch’s day planner with his ex-wife’s name and address where she lives with their son. Hotch wants everyone to go to his family’s place and check on them, and luckily they are fine.

Unfortunately, even though they are fine, Hotch’s family needs to be sent into protective custody, despite his ex-wife’s anger it’s the best thing for them. Hotch promises to get Foyette and make it safe for them to come home soon.

The thing that aggravated me the most about the whole Hotchner thing was how he was holding back information about the attack from his team, I know it would be hard to share but that information might help catch Foyette and he’s holding them back. *sigh* I’m sure that this is going to lead to a very determined possibly one track mind Hotchner in the coming episodes.

In it’s entirety it was a descent premiere, and I am looking forward to more new episodes starting with one this coming Wednesday at 9 pm on CBS.

Thursday was a very emotional night with the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, and I was so excited to see it. Sometimes although you know something is going to happen you aren’t sure how they’re going to pull it off, that was the case with George dying. We all knew that George was going to die but we weren’t sure how they were going to finish it, would they just pick up with him coding and let him die on the table, or would they do something else?

Well, they did something slightly different, they had George declared brain dead on the table, and then put him on life support. Lexie didn’t believe it was him but Callie went in and identified a freckle shaped like Texas on his hand and they all know it’s the truth. George’s mom comes to the hospital and asks Callie to decide what happens to George’s organs, because she can’t do it and George’s brothers are on a fishing trip.

Callie doesn’t want this responsibility, she doesn’t know George well enough, so she goes to Izzie and after convincing Alex that Izzie needs to know now and not later, Izzie tells Callie that George would want them to have anything they could use. I agree, George was a kind, loving person who would want nothing more than to help people with his death as much as he did in life. *sob* I’m going to miss George.

Everyone is dealing with their grief differently, some with avoidance, some with anger and some in other ways. Derek and Meredith are having sex all over the place, the kitchen the stairs and other places, and poor unsuspecting people keep walking in on them. Derek gives Alex and Izzie the keys to his trailer and tells them both sets of newlyweds need their privacy.

Truth is Alex and Izzie don’t need much privacy because even though Izzie wants to, Alex is scared to be with her. By the end of the episode Alex admits that it’s because Izzie died in his arms and he can’t lose her, he can’t stand the thought of losing her again. It was a touching moment, and I have to give it up to Katherine Heigl and her portrayal of Izzie, she may be a slight drama queen behind scenes but she’s really great at this role and making us feel everything she’s feeling.

The writers gave us a nice moment of comic relief from the grief of losing George, and it was actually at his funeral. Watching Amanda (the girl George saved) sob over him, and the priest reading scriptures becomes too much for Izzie and she runs away to a private space. Alex, Meredith and Christina follow her and find her laughing not crying as they thought she’d be. Izzie’s laughter is contagious and everyone starts laughing about all the crazy stuff that’s happened to them in the past year. It was really amusing and a good picture into the original cast again. I enjoyed that scene.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes we had the Chief fighting to keep his place as the board is planning on pushing him out, and giving the job to Derek. Derek tells the Chief everything but the Chief doesn’t appreciate this heads up he just gets more bitter. In the end of the episode, the board and the chief come up with an idea to merge Seattle Grace with Mercy West into one hospital, we hear that not all the doctors will survive the merger, and the Chief warns them to be at their best. I’m torn with this story line, I mean we know our favorites are going to be okay, because it wouldn’t be the same without them, but how is it going to affect the hospital overall? I guess time will tell.

Speaking of Mercy West, Callie went there to work, after an argument with the Chief over being the head of her department, she quits and end up going to Mercy. This part of the merger makes me happy because I really like Callie’s character and her new relationship with Arizona, and this will give her the opportunity to stay in a regular character place on the show.

Good news for Izzie, that the cancer isn’t gone completely but it isn’t growing and that’s a good thing. Izzie is still upset to be living with cancer and just happens to see Amanda sitting on the bench outside the hospital, when Meredith tells her that she’s been sitting there every day, Izzie loses it. Izzie tells Amanda to go live her life, no matter what she does because George lost his life saving hers. She told Amanda that if she sees her “sitting on this bench again, I will kick your ass from here to Sunday.” lol. Way to go Izzie!

Everyone is so sad, but dealing, except for Bailey who won’t allow herself to care anymore and Meredith who hasn’t cried yet. Bailey tells Derek that she needs to save her emotions for her son. I get that, a person can only take so much sadness and still be able to be a good mom, so she’s doing what she thinks is best.

Meredith finally breaks down when she sees the janitor cleans out George’s locker. She just sobs, and sobs, and Derek finds her and holds her, it was really touching.

Christina didn’t clue in until she was lying in bed with Owen, and she just let it become real. I always feel sad when Christina actually has real emotions because it takes so long for her to acknowledge her pain.

I really enjoyed this episode and am looking forward to the new season immensely, catch a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy this Thursday at 9 pm on ABC.

Okay, that’s it for this weekly review, sorry it took so long to get the review up but I’ve been ill. I’m going to get the Monday news up now as well, and although it’s also a little late better late than never right? 😉 Have a good week and don’t miss the rest of the premieres if you need to be refreshed on what’s on when, check out Jenny’s weekly and daily schedules .

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