Hell’s Kitchen – 9/29/09

What a night it was on Hell’s Kitchen last night, the remaining chefs are really having their ups and downs aren’t they? I don’t know about you but I would have thought that by this point in the competition there would have been a lot less problems with over cooked or raw food, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Anyways I’m going to review the good, the bad, and the mediocre from last night’s episode, if you haven’t watched yet then don’t click the link if you don’t want to be spoiled.

After Van’s elimination the 5 remaining chefs head back up to the dorms and Dave is really angry with Tennille for changing her nomination during elimination. Dave and Tennille just keep arguing and everyone else seems to be enjoying it because if they’re focused on fighting each other they aren’t making a strategy to come after them. Fair enough.

In the morning, the chefs head down to the kitchen to face their next challenge and what a challenge it is. The chefs are told that each of them have to create a dish that doesn’t only taste good but looks fantastic, and it will be judged by the staff of Bon Appetit magazine as well as Chef Ramsey. I was really shocked at Suzanne’s lack of creativity when she puts up a simple calamari salad, that doesn’t look all that great. In my opinion that’s a cop out and I’m glad she didn’t win.

Dave chose to make a rack of lamb that looked nice but he had trouble speaking to the judges about it, which lost him the competition. Tennille’s Asian-inspired red snapper looked like crap, it fell apart and it looked like a bunch of mushrooms were thrown up on top of a piece of fish. It was sick.

Tying for first place after Chef Ramsey and the Editor in Chief, from Bon Appetit magazine, Barbara Fairchild, couldn’t choose between the two were Kevin and Ariel. Kevin made a island inspired sea bass with a great use of citrus fruits and it looked delicious. Ariel made a fabulous prosciutto-wrapped John Dory and it looked complicated and yummy. I see why they won.

Their prize was a photo shoot with Ramsey and Fairchild as well as their recipes being in Bon Appetit for everyone to see. That’s an awesome reward and one that will help any chef’s future. The losers weren’t so lucky. They had to pick up garbage along a street that Hell’s Kitchen adopted in Los Angeles. For their job of picking up trash they had to wear orange jumpsuits and ride on a prison like bus, making them look like convicts. I thought that was hilarious, even if it was a crappy punishment.

The punishment continued back at the restaurant and while Dave was steam cleaning the red carpet, he injured his wrist even more. After finishing his steam cleaning Dave headed up to the dorms where Kevin tried to psych Dave into quitting to ‘take care’ of his arm. Yeah like that wasn’t transparent. I’m not saying I don’t understand it’s a competition I’m just saying that it was a little obvious he was trying to get Dave to throw in the towel.

At dinner service the following day, it was the final five having to serve the whole dining room and it doesn’t go well. Dave is fabulous on the appetizers even without the back up from Suzanne and Tennille who keep messing things up. First Tennille has issues with the risotto being overcooked, and they realize it’s because Kevin overcooked the rice for the risotto. Come on, a chef at this calibre should be able to cook rice shouldn’t they? Suzanne finds some more rice that’s cooked better and the risotto finally gets out.

The problems don’t stop there, Ariel sends up raw chicken and then Suzanne sends up raw fish. Seriously? If I was Chef Ramsey I would want to jump off the nearest bridge after dealing with those two. In fact I think that I would have sent everyone but Kevin and Dave home last night and made the following week the finale. That’s how much I dislike the girls this season, so inconsistent.

Finally, after a dismal dinner service is completed, Ramsey tells the team to agree on two people to nominate for elimination and the team picks Suzanne ( 😀 ) and Ariel. Now I don’t like Suzanne, I never have. She’s pompous, aggravating and way too full of herself for no reason, so I was ecstatic when Chef Ramsey gave her the boot. Suzanne seemed shocked, like she couldn’t believe it was her. Believe it you crazy lady!

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen, we have the final four and I really hope that things get better, because if they get worse I do believe Chef Ramsey is going to have an aneurism. 😉

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