TV News – 10/1/09

What a day it’s been! My daughter is still adjusting to the new province, new house, new life thing, so today she was a little overly clingy, making it impossible to get things done. That being said, I’m super thankful for my daughter so I’ll take these days in stride 🙂 Enough about me and my stuff, let’s get to some news.

Cable channel FX has ordered a couple new drama series, including Terriers and Lights Out. Terriers is more of a dramedy and stars Donal Logue (Damages) and Michael Raymond-James (True Blood). The dramedy focuses on a couple of guys who start up an unlicensed private investigation business and we follow their ups and downs doing this. Lights Out stars Holt McCallany, who’ll play an older heavyweight boxing champion who has a hard time dealing with life outside the ring. Sounds like both of these shows will be decent and I’m looking forward to giving them a chance when they premiere late 2010. Source

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Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc is coming to Showtime and BBC in 2010 in a comedy called Episodes. The comedy is about a hit UK show that gets turned into an American sitcom that isn’t nearly as smart. LeBlanc will play himself on the “Comedy-within-a-Comedy”. I’m not overly excited but not uninterested either, so I’ll check out at least one episode for sure. For more information on this story head over to The Futon Critic and read the full article.

Reiko Aylesworth (24) has been cast into a regular role on the hit show, Damages. All the information about her character is still being kept hush-hush, but she’ll be in good company with the season 3 cast that includes the great Martin Short and guest stars like Lily Tomlin. Whatever her character I’m sure Aylesworth will blow us out of the water with her portrayal, she really was wonderful as the heroine on 24. The third season of Damages will premiere in January. Source

Some more casting news for you, Nick Chinlund (The Sopranos) has been cast to play Patrick Jane’s (Simon Baker) dad on The Mentalist. Chinlund will appear in the November 12th episode by the way of flashbacks. We’re going to get a look inside Jane’s childhood and his time spent as a carnival psychic. This sounds like a fabulous storyline, I really enjoy The Mentalist and would love a closer look into what events happened in his life to make Jane the guy he is. Source

Again, I must admit that Ausiello is kind of awesome sometimes, like this week when he brings us a very good spoiler chat. There’s some information on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, House and Bones. Trust me, you’re going to want to read this spoiler chat. If you don’t like spoilers for some crazy reason that includes depriving yourself of their juicy goodness, then do NOT click the link. Everyone else, please enjoy but beware SPOILERS ahead 🙂

It’s been the week of Daytime TV news, and it’s even some more General Hospital casting news. None other than James Franco (Spider-Man, Milk) will be guest starring for an extended period of time starting November 20th. Franco’s character is said to be a thorn in Jason’s side, and I’m so excited for this story line. What are your thoughts on it? Source

It appears that Alias creator J.J. Abrams is going to be getting back into the spy game with NBC. The un-named pilot will follow a married couple who are spies together. No news on air dates or anything else but as soon as I know you’ll know. 😀 No matter what I’m interested in a spy show written by Abrams. Source

That’s all for now, check back tomorrow for more news. Have a great night!

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