Hell’s Kitchen – 10/6/09

Hell’s Kitchen this week was eventful, seeing as we’re down to the final 4. The final 4 includes Kevin, Ariel, Dave and Tennille. I never thought I’d see Tennille included in the final four but I can say that this week she showed the amount she’s improved, even if I don’t like her much.

So let’s get on with the review after the jump.

We start with the final four being excited about being so close to the finish, but nervous that they all need to step up their game if they want to make the final three. They all head into their next challenge with gusto, but the next challenge was definitely a difficult one.

Chef Ramsay tells the chefs that they must make a beautiful vegetarian dish and make enough for 80 mystery guests. The chefs all creat wonderful looking dishes, and all strictly vegetarian, something that doesn’t usually appeal to the mystery guests. These mystery guests are… children! That’s crazy because most children aren’t going to willing sit down and eat veggies.

Surprinsingly, Tennille won. I’m guessing it had to do with the cheese in her dish because kids don’t like veggies but they do like cheese, and simple tastes. All the other chefs made very tasty, complex flavoured dishes, but Tennille kept it clean and simple. Tennille’s reward was to be treated with a luxury make over in Beverly Hills, and lunch with Chef Ramsay at the sushi restaurant Nobu.

The punishment for Kevin, Dave and Ariel is to clean up after the 80 kids. After Tennille returns and the punishment is over all the chefs realize that the feeling of team is gone and it’s every man/woman for themselves.

During dinner service, the chefs all start off well, but Tennille ruins it with her crappy scallops. Really, you’ve been in Hell’s Kitchen for awhile now you should be able to cook scallops.

Next problem occurs when Dave lifts a heavy plate of lamb with his bad arm and falls in agony. Dave doesn’t look really well right now, he’s all sweaty and pale. The poor guy is in excruciating pain. Dave takes a break from the kitchen but comes back with vengeance.

Chef Ramsay is visibly concerned about Dave and his pain level.

Things seem to be on track again, until Tennille messes up on the fish station again. This time it’s Halibut, it’s all in horrible condition. First raw then at her station all the fish is in different pans burnt and broken. Tennille eventually gets the fish out in perfect condition after Chef Ramsay gives her a talk. Dinner service is finally complete.

After service, Ramsay discusses with the chefs how concerned he is about Dave’s arm, but Dave stands up for himself and convinces Chef he’s okay. Now Chef focuses on Tennille and tells her he doesn’t want to prolong her suffering with nominations, and eliminates her on the spot. Chef Ramsay was incredibly gracious and complimentary of Tennille telling her she’s come a long way, and not to give up. Tennille leaves Hell’s Kitchen with confidence and pride. I didn’t like Tennille and I didn’t think she was that good, but she did show some improvement along the way. I’m still not too sorry to see her go.

Dave, Ariel and Kevin went back to the dorms, and started having a beer to celebrate when the phone rang. It’s Ramsay and he wants them all back down in the kitchen immediately. Chef starts talking about if he made the right decision letting Dave stay, then stops and says Congratulations on being the top 3. Then the Chef calls in some family for each person and they get to spend some time with their loved ones.

After their family leaves the chefs are all happier and ready to face the final competitions.

Overall, it was a decent episode but I’m starting to get ready for it to end. I’d be happy with either Dave or Ariel winning, because even though Kevin is a good chef his attitude makes me nuts. I guess we’ll see what happens next Tuesday at 8 pm on FOX.

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3 Responses to Hell’s Kitchen – 10/6/09

  1. Jenny says:

    See, I guess I’m the opposite. I’d be ok with any of them winning, although I’m torn between Dave & Kevin being my #1 pick, with Ariel being #3. I like Ariel, but I think Kevin is the better chef and would make a better leader. Dave has balls of steel and perserverence out the ass (if that makes sense lol). He won’t let anything stop him and has done better with 1 fully working arm than most of the other chefs have done with 2. So… *shrug* I just dunno!

  2. Megan says:

    I just don’t think Ariel has been consistent enough, and Kevin is kind of an ass. Dave does have balls of steel and is so freaking determined, I admire his work ethics and think he’ll be a great head chef.

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