TV News – 10/9/09

Megan had a busy day volunteering at her kiddo’s school and then came home and went to bed with a migraine, so I said I’d post up some news tonight, since there is at least one major casting news for you guys! I’m sure Megan will be back this weekend, but still, everyone send her hugs and get well soon wishes! Now onto the news!

The first big news today was the casting of Gilmore Girls mother, Lorelai Gilmore, actress Lauren Graham, is taking over the role of Sarah Braverman on the new NBC drama Parenthood. Originally the role was played by Maura Tierney, who bowed out to focus on her breast-cancer treatments. I was sorry to see MT go, but of course, I completely understood the reason. I never watched Gilmore Girls, but I know TONS of fans will be absolutely thrilled with this casting. More info here: eOnline

More news after the jump:

In other casting news, Matthew Davis (What About Brian) has signed on to play Alaric Saltzman on The Vampire Diaries.

Also, if you are a fan of Friday Night Lights, DirecTV has released five new promos for season four. You can get more info on the casting for The Vampire Diaries and the Friday Night Lights promo vids (plus an interview with some scoop in it with show runner Jason Katims) here: eOnline

It was reported awhile back that Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) would be gone for awhile on maternity leave. But since she preshot some scenes before giving birth and is now expected to return to the set very soon, Meredith won’t be gone from even 1 episode. That’s great news for Mer/Der fans, no? More info on that, plus a bit more on Kim Raver’s new role on the show here: eOnline

In other casting news, Chris Elliott has been cast to play Lily’s dad on How I Met Your Mother. Hah. He’s funny, although not my favorite actor, so I’m interested to see how this plays out. For more info, go to Zap2It

CBS has ordered a pilot for an updated Hawaii Five-0. Not much else is known about it yet, aside from who is working behind the scenes writing & producing.

For fans of The West Wing, the next casting news should be exciting. Bradley Whitford has been cast as Dan in the new FOX cop show, Jack and Dan. You can read all that is known about both the Hawaii Five-0 remake and the Bradley Whitford role at Zap2It

In the last piece of news for today, it’s possible good news for Chuck fans. NBC has had pretty crappy luck so far this season and is considering bringing Chuck back for its new season sooner than the March date that has been tentatively set. For more info about how much sooner (possibly less than a month??), and for how many episodes, check out Ausiello @

That’s it for this week. Megan should be back sometime this weekend with her weekly review (Yay, don’t we all love that?) and the new weekly column should be up Saturday night as usual. Have a great weekend!

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