Week in Review – 10/4/09 – 10/11/09

It’s that time again, my weekly review. I would say that it has been a decent week on TV, and to be honest I’m still catching up on a lot of it. I’m going to review a few shows for you, starting with the series premiere of Three Rivers, and a new episode of The Amazing Race. After those I’m going to fast forward a bit and take a look at a new episode of the fabulous show, Glee, followed by a look into the world of Grey’s Anatomy. So as always if you haven’t see these shows and you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t jump with me, everyone else let’s go!

Sunday brought us the series premiere of Three Rivers on CBS at 9 pm, and it was a really strong showing. Three Rivers is a different kind of medical show, one that takes a look at the different aspects of organ donation. We have the donors, the recipients and the surgeons, all of which play vital roles in the process and in this show.

The surgeons in this show are all very multi-layered characters starting with the fabulous Dr. Andy Yablonski played by Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight). Not only is Dr. Yablonski a talented surgeon but he’s a team leader, a kind caring doctor and cute to boot. So far he’s my favorite.

Then we have the moody, and stubborn Dr. Miranda Foster (Katherine Moennig, The L Word), who is trying to fit into the footsteps left behind by her father who was a brilliant surgeon. I enjoyed this character and I felt as though she added a great feeling the show. She was very pro-patient even if sometimes she took the long path to get to the solution.

We also have Dr. David Lee who is a real ladies man, and Ryan Abbott who is a very green transplant coordinator.

Finally we have the impeccable, Alfre Woodard (Hill Street Blues, Miss Ever’s Boys) as Dr. Sophia Jordan, the fully invested head of surgery who really takes no crap from anyone. I love Woodard, she is a multi-faceted actress who brings a special something to every role she plays. She really helps fill out this cast and makes an excellent head of surgery, very believable as a role model.

Sunday’s premiere was happy, sad and indifferent all at once. We start out with Andy (Alex O’Loughlin) getting approached by an African man who refuses to be treated by anyone but Dr. Andy. The man was very convincing and Andy has a soft spot for people, especially when he hears the whole story behind the man’s life. I admit it was a compelling story, about his life in Africa, the camps and the struggling to stay alive. Andy is won over and decides to donate his time to help save this man. I like where this story is going and I found the myself really loving this sweet African man.

On a not so happy note, a pregnant woman has a heart attack in the emergency room, while her husband is there getting stitches. It turns out that her heart is severely damaged and she needs a heart transplant, as soon as possible. How sad was this, her husband fell and hurt himself while painting the nursery and the next thing they know they’re trying to decide whether or not to have a c-section that day and get her a transplant.

The good news is that a heart was found from a man who fell at a construction site and is now brain dead. Of course it wouldn’t be a drama if there wasn’t any resistance right? The man’s wife decided to donate the organs, however when the daughter arrived she refused. The daughter felt like her mother was pressured because he was of Middle Eastern nationality and that the doctors valued his life less than someone else. She believed that he was still okay and not brain dead. This was a hard story line, because you feel for both sides. You want the pregnant woman to get a heart, but you’re sad for the family of the one who is brain dead.

The organ co-ordinator, Ryan, pushes the family but Dr. David Lee pulled him aside and chastised him. Dr. Lee told Ryan that it didn’t matter what was happening, no matter if the recipient would die without that organ or not, the donation always had to be a gift. Not a pressured gift, a fully given gift. I kind of understand how upset Ryan was, but Dr. Lee is absolutely right, an organ donation must be a gift, 100% given without hesitation. Eventually, the daughter consents saying that her father would have wanted to help that pregnant woman and her baby.

The baby was delivered via c-section, and my only complaint was that the baby didn’t look very premature. I believe they said the woman was like 29 or 30 weeks pregnant, meaning that baby should have been quite tiny. The baby should have also been on monitors, oxygen and in an incubator at that birth age. Instead the baby looked full term and it was being held by the father later without medical apparatus. It was a sweet story line but I would have wished for more of a medical correctness.

The woman survived, and the team was successful. Overall Three Rivers was a pretty good show, just needs to work on a bit of the medical side and not always having a happy ending to the story. Medical stories are messy, and medical issues are messy so the stories don’t always end well. Other than that I think that I’m going to enjoy this show, and I will faithfully watch as I really enjoy Alex O’Loughlin.

Also on Sunday was The Amazing Race, and what a night it was. Every episode I start to dislike Lance and Keri more and I start to like the Harlem Globetrotters (Flight Time and Big Easy) more and more. Last Sunday the teams were in Vietnam and there were lots of trials.

The teams were resting at their last Pit Stop which was on a riverboat, the Bassac III, and while they rested they headed to their next starting destination of My Tho, Vietnam. When they departed the next morning, they were given a clue that told them to go to Ho Chi Minh City and search for a puppet theatre where they’d find their next clue in the mouth of a water dragon.

At the puppet theatre the teams had to get their clue out of the mouths of the water dragon puppets that were moving quickly around the giant pool. Those puppets were fast, and tricky. Some couples got it easy others had trouble. Lance and Keri couldn’t initially figure out that the little bullet of paper that they took from the mouth of the dragon was the clue, inside it was a postage stamp that was the picture of their next destination. Lance and Keri didn’t even open the bullet thing, they just kept trying to give it back to the workers there asking for their clue. lol. Those two are not very bright. Finally, the brilliant 😉 couple figured it out. I mean come on, that was just plain ridiculous on their part.

The postage stamp led the teams to the main post office, and they were given a Detour. They had to choose between Child’s Play which was where they had to travel to a local park and choose a concrete animal. They then had to pull the animal statue on a flat dolly through out the park, picking up five different balloons. After they delivered the animal and five balloons to the playground they received their next clue.

The other choice was Word Play where they had to look down at a crowd from the observation deck of a hotel and find six Vietnamese letters moving through the traffic. Once the letters were collected they had to make sure they got them correct from the security guard then venture out to get help from locals to unscramble the word. The word was DOCLAP, a Vietnamese word for independence.

Most teams opted for the Child’s Play, and had an easy time. Liars, Maria and Tiffany (aka the poker player women) had issues because their dolly broke and it was hard work for two women to pull. The only team that chose Word Play was old dating couple Ron and Marcy. They had trouble making out the letter ‘D’ and kept writing the letter ‘O’, eventually they figured it out. They went down and after searching billboards and signs they finally asked someone who told them it spelt DOCLAP.

Now onto the Roadblock, where teams had to take apart two VCRs using the tools provided and toss them into separate piles. Most of the teams did the task easily.

The Globetrotters and the dating couple, Meghan & Cheyne raced in taxis to the next Pit Stop. Globetrotter Big Easy said he was running this for his dad that passed away a couple days before the race began. The two teams arrived at the gates of the Pit Stop at the same time and it was hard foot race to the mat. I had little doubt that the Globetrotters would win, come on, look at the size of them, their strides are three of normal people’s. lol. The Globetrotters won a trip to Aruba, and Meghan & Cheyne came in second.

All throughout the race, engaged couple Lance and Keri fought. Whether it was Lance yelling at Keri or Keri being fed up with that meathead, they are a terrible match and so aggravating to watch. I feel like reaching through my TV at times and smacking him. Seriously.

At the Pit stop Lance and Keri were in a foot race with Zev and Justin and they got beat, lucky for them they weren’t in last, just second last.

The last team to the mat last week was the old dating couple, Marcy & Ron, who just couldn’t catch up all day. They were sad but exited very much like they ran the race, uninterestingly. Overall, it was a decent episode and all I wish for is the team of Lance and Keri to be eliminated soon.

Moving on to Tuesday we had a great episode of Hell’s Kitchen with the final four all having decent but not perfect performances. Read the whole review here.

Wednesday is a fantastic day, I love so many shows on Wednesday nights that I’m a happy camper. For this review I’m going to discuss Glee, and a new episode titled, Vitamin D. It was hilarious and sad with a little bit of after-school special thrown in.

Will has decided that the kids are becoming to complacent once they learnt they have little competition for sectionals. I have to be honest, a school for the deaf and a half-way house for girls wouldn’t really scare me much either, but who knows they could be really good. 😉 Anyways, Will’s solution for the mediocre effort from the kids is to have them face off boys versus girls in a “mash-up” where they have to put two songs together into one fantastic performance.

Both teams were amazing, the boys did a tremendous rendition of It’s My Life by Bon Jovi and Confessions Pt.2 by Usher, that had me smiling and singing along. However, in my opinion the girls knocked it out of the park with a mix of Halo by Beyonce and Walking on Sunshine. I think that Rachel has an incredible voice but the whole group of girls were outstanding. You have to ask yourself where the heck did they get all that energy right?

Well, they got it from Teri, Will’s wife, who is moonlighting as the school nurse. Wait… she’s not a nurse! 😀 This was a very amusing yet dangerous storyline, cue after school special. Teri was approached by Sue who told her that Will was “hiding his kielbasa in a Hickory Farms gift basket” that didn’t belong to her. OMG! That was one of the best lines ever! It’s not true, well not entirely, but funny none the less. In an attempt to save her marriage, Teri, applies for the school nurse job after the old school nurse went into a coma after ‘falling’ down the stairs. (FYI, Sue tripped her.)

Teri gets the job, and instead of helping the students she starts handing out decongestant pills that contain Pseudoephedrine. (Hence the title, Vitamin D) Teri convinces the kids it’s safe because it’s over the counter, but Rachel and Finn both feel remorse afterwards and confess.

Good for them for confessing, bad for Teri, Will and the Glee club. The principal fires Teri, although I don’t know why that fool hired her to begin with. Then he punishes Will for not noticing that the kids were acting strange, and for not giving the kids a safe place to go. Will’s punishment is that he now has a co-chair for Glee club, and it’s none other than Satan in female form, Sue.

Well, I guess her plans to destroy Will to destroy the club are coming together nicely.

Sue wasn’t completely off about Will and Emma though, there is definitely something going on there. Emma shouldn’t be flirting with married man, but at the same time I find myself wishing they’d get together. Teri is faking a pregnancy and is always pushing Will too hard. Emma is sweet and kind, and kind to Will.

Speaking of sweet and kind Emma, she agreed to marry Ken, but only a secret marriage where she keeps her last name, they live in different places, and only see each other at school. WTH? Teri convinced Ken that the only way to keep Emma away from Will was to propose, and Emma accepted on the above listed terms because she doesn’t want to be alone. Unfortunately she is alone, and those terms sound lonely.

The saddest moment of the episode, was when Emma tells Will she’s going to marry Ken, and they share this long, drawn out emotional look across the hallway. A part of me wanted them to go running into each other’s arms, but it didn’t happen. It probably will, but not yet.

I would also like to point out the few high moments for Rachel this episode. First, she was really nice to Quinn, telling her that she understands what it’s like to be on the outside and that when Quinn’s cheerleading uniform stops fitting she’s going to have no where else to go but to Glee club. Quinn tells Rachel, “I would have tortured you if the roles were reversed you know.” and Rachel responds, “I know.” Way to go Rachel, taking the high road is a difficult one.

Another moment of moving forward for Rachel is when instead of focusing on her own success she realizes she needs to focus on the group’s instead. I loved all of these moments and am really looking forward to seeing how Rachel and Quinn grow as possible friends.

This was a really great episode, and to illustrate how great the performances were I’ve included a video of the boys mash up and the girls as well. Catch an all new episode of Glee on Fox at 9 pm.



Finally, I’m going to discuss last Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy episode and all that went with it. There was lots of drama with families and spouses and everything in between. There were funny moments, awkward moments and bears, so let’s discuss shall we?

The funniest case tonight was the elderly gentleman, Irving, that came to see Dr. Sloan about a penile implant because the medications haven’t worked and he wants a little “lift” for his new girlfriend from the nursing home. I was in hysterics. Dr. Sloan was all for it, but the patient’s son, Charles (Played by Tom Amandes who was Dr. Abbott on Everwood), sees it differently. The son feels that it’s an unnecessary surgery at his father’s age and that his father is being crazy. The good doctor runs all the tests and clears Irving for surgery, but his son says that if he has the surgery they’re taking him out of the nursing home and away from his new girlfriend.

This enrages Dr. Sloan who gives Charles a piece of his mind, saying there’s nothing wrong with a younger girlfriend, and that his father has done everything for him and if all he wants is to have a “woody” then who are they to stand in his way. Everyone agrees and Irving gets his “working johnson”, and a visit from his girlfriend. This storyline was just what this episode needed to lighten up the other stuff going on.

The big drama of this episode was Meredith and Lexie’s father coming into the ER, not feeling well. Meredith immediately chalks it up to drinking, but then Thatcher vomits blood, a lot of blood. Lexie is obviously concerned but Meredith, well she’s Meredith. Mere can’t be involved she avoids the whole thing but bitches that if he needs a liver transplant he’ll be around the hospital for awhile and therefore around her and she doesn’t like that idea.

We then find out that he does indeed need a liver transplant but that he doesn’t qualify for the donor list because you have to be clean for a whole year and he’s only 90 days sober. This is where we see the difference in the love between father and daughter Lexie, and father and daughter Meredith. Lexie immediately jumps up and volunteers to be tested, like it’s nothing, where as Mere, has no intention of even getting tested. I think that although Meredith doesn’t feel any connection to her father that this is awfully low of her, he is still her father, and think of poor Lexie.

Speaking of Lexie, she wasn’t a match, so in desperation she pulls Meredith’s medical file and finds out she’s the same blood type and a match. Lexie then tells Mere what she’s done and gives her a speech about how she needs her to do this for her, not for their dad, but for her. She needs her dad because he was a good dad to her, and although she understands why Meredith doesn’t feel anything for him, she does, and she needs this. Wow, it was an excellent monologue by Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and I am looking forward to more Little Grey moments.

Queen Meredith eventually decides to donate but explains to her father that she’s doing this for Lexie, her sister and not for him. She does say that there might be a chance of having some sort of relationship in the future as well. Everything for the surgery goes well, and Meredith wakes up missing a part of her liver but healthy. 🙂 I loved how they had Lexie be by her bedside, because Mere never did well with letting people in and lately she’s all about letting people in. Great way to write Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) out for her maternity leave, because she’ll be in a bed so we’ll have less stories from her.

In some more funny, and fuzzy story line, Alex and Izzie have been living in Derek’s old trailer, but this isn’t working for Alex. Alex wants plumbing and he really wants to wake up and walk out of his house and not see a bear. Yes people a bear! Alex left for work in the morning and ran into a bear on the trailer porch. A big, angry bear. I have to agree with Alex on this no matter how great the trailer is in my opinion, I don’t want to live with bears. Izzie doesn’t see it this way, in fact she says that Alex might have seen a deer. I’m sorry it was not a deer, it was a big furry, bear.

Eventually Alex lets up and lets Izzie have her trailer if that what makes her happy because after all she’s living with cancer, but then the tables turn. Izzie is the one who walks out and sees a bear, and she decides they have to move. I wonder what that’s going to entail, and where they’ll end up.

The last point of the episode I’ll touch on is the merger, there are still no big firings but the Chief does make Callie an attending at Seattle Grace. I don’t know who’s going to lose their jobs, but I hope they don’t get rid of our regulars and our favorites. We do see in the preview that the Mercy West team arrives and we’re going to see how that goes for the team, so I’m looking forward to that aspect. You can see a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy next Thursday at 9 pm on ABC.

That’s it for this week, I’m sorry it’s so late. In an off topic note Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians and I hope you enjoyed your time with family and your turkey dinner as much as I did. Check back in a bit for some more news and I’ll be back Wednesday with my review of Hell’s Kitchen. In the meantime check out the two great columns posted by Jenny earlier discussing her views on Three Rivers and the other one a list of her must watch TV, how many of hers on are your list? Check them out!

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