Hell’s Kitchen Finale – 10/13/09

Wow, what a night it was on Hell’s Kitchen! Ups, downs and all around, it was a great finale, and I’ve got your review after the jump. If you haven’t watched then do not click the link if you don’t want to be spoiled. Everyone else, let’s go.

We started the first hour with three chefs, Ariel, Dave and Kevin. All fairly decent chefs, but that didn’t matter going into the first challenge. The chefs were asked to prepare a meal from a speciality cuisine, choosing from Chinese, Mexican and Indian. Not only did they have to cook the dishes, but the dishes were being tasted by top chefs in each of the cuisines. It’s a tough challenge, but as usual Kevin was over confident.

Kevin chose Mexican and he made a pork tenderloin dish that was supposed to have a Mexican chocolate sauce on it, but he forgot it when presenting it, losing the challenge for himself.

Ariel went with Chinese and made a dish using lychee fruit that didn’t pan out well for her. It was Dave who came to the challenge to win. He chose Indian and although he’s never cooked Indian food before, he did amazing. He was funny when choosing the meat for the dish because he thought that Indian people worship cows, and so he chose pork, not realizing that most Indian people are Muslim and don’t eat pork. Oops. However, that aside the Indian chef said that for his first time doing Indian it was great, and the lentils were perfect. Well done, Dave.

His reward was lunch cooked by all three of the chefs that came to judge, and having his family there with him for lunch. He also got a rocking set of new pots and pans, the same brand that they use in Hell’s Kitchen. Lucky him. 🙂 The losers had to polish silver, iron table cloths and prep for service all while watching Dave enjoy his reward, how deliciously cruel.

Moving into dinner service, the chefs all got a chance to run the pass and it was less than perfect. While running the pass Kevin may have spotted a few intentional mistakes by Sous Chef Scott, but he lost control of the kitchen. Ariel was messing up and Kevin couldn’t get a handle on it.

Dave did okay at the pass overall, but I would have expected him to spot the intentional mistakes quicker. He did manage to rally his team which I admired.

Ariel didn’t fare so well on the pass, but she did spot quite a few of the mistakes. Her biggest issues was with Kevin messing up on scallops, which I honestly believe was on purpose. Kevin is aggravating but he’s a pretty good chef and scallops should be as easy as breathing to him. I just find it hard to believe that he was having that much trouble.

The final three chefs finished dinner service and Chef Ramsay gave them all the task of thinking of one person that deserved to be nominated the most. Kevin and Dave both nominated Ariel, and Ariel nominated Kevin. That all seemed pretty predictable.

Ramsay decided that Ariel was the weakest link and she was eliminated, however it was with great compliments by Chef Ramsay.

Moving into the second hour of the finale, things were a little different and some things were the same. Kevin and Dave were rushed away to do a cook off, where they had to present a signature dish to a panel of expert judges in front of a huge crowd.

Kevin prepared a lobster dish with vanilla and butter, on top of a corn bread pudding. It was beautiful and received 2 of the five votes. Dave prepared a wonderful venison dish, with a parsnip puree, it was simple but it was cooked perfectly. For his effort Dave got 3 votes and the win.

His reward was the first pick for the teams made up of the previously eliminated chefs.

Dave chose Ariel, Robert and Suzanne, a fairly strong team. Kevin chose Van, Amanda, and Sabrina , not the best in my opinion. My only question was where was Tennille? Wasn’t she top four meaning she should have been back too?

Now here’s where it was a little different, the two finalists got to design their menus, but we didn’t see the process of them designing their restaurants. I’m not sure they even got to. I missed that part, seeing as it tells a lot about the chefs, but they had to fit it into a set time frame too so that probably played a part.

The menus were completely opposite. Kevin went for a up class, fancy and difficult menu, but Dave went for rustic, delicious and simple.

That was a really stupid decision on Kevin’s part because the more difficult a menu looks and tastes the harder it is to execute. Kevin seemed to forget that he wouldn’t be the one cooking, he’d be running the pass. His team would be cooking and his team is not that talented. Kevin’s team sunk him. Amanda couldn’t cook to save her life, and the rest of the team just crumbled. Kevin took forever to even get one appetizer out.

Dave had a great team, simple menu and overall an awesome performance. His team really worked hard, with a few road bumps along the way, but they pulled through for Dave. Dave had most of his appetizer’s out of the kitchen before Kevin even got his first one served. That’s good news.

In the end, Chef Ramsay said that the comment cards made this the closest race ever, and he was proud of both of the finalists. However, there is only one winner, and the winner of Hell’s Kitchen season 6 was Dave Levey. He won it with one arm, and I can’t imagine how much more he would have won by if he had two working arms! Congrats, and I’m elated with this news. Who knows, seeing as I live in British Columbia perhaps I should put my name on a waiting list for Araxi Restaurant for Spring. 😀 Congrats Dave, you deserve it!

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