TV News – 10/14/09

Wednesday, which is obviously GLEE day 🙂 , and of course I’ve got news. Hell’s Kitchen finale was great last night and I’m looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance coming back in the competition phase soon so I can start covering that again. Now unto some news. (Note from Jenny: Megan had this up actually ON Wednesday, but I was asleep and just now woke up to post it. 🙁 Sorry!!)

Mandy Patinkin (Criminal Minds, Chicago Hope) is returning to CBS but only in the guest appearance way. Patinkin who left Criminal Minds after the first two seasons to explore other things, will be guest starring on the new drama Three Rivers as a patient suffering with ALS who wants to end his own life for the sake of donating his organs. I’m happy about this news, Patinkin is a great actor, although I was really sad when he left Criminal Minds I know he’ll do this guest role justice. Great guest star for a great up and coming new show. Source

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Some series pick up news. First the new Matthew Perry comedy is being picked up by ABC, who outbid NBC for the rights to the show. Perry will be co-writing and starring in the comedy that is based around “a guy who starts to re-examine his life when he hits 40.” Sounds like it could be interesting? I’ll give it a shot for the sake of Chandler (Matthew Perry’s character on Friends for those who’ve been living under a rock the past two decades).

Also, Amy Sherman-Palladino who created Gilmore Girls is working on a project for HBO. The new show will be slightly reminiscent of Gilmore Girls in the sense that it will focus on mother-daughter relationships. It’ll focus on three sisters living in New York, in the same building, who all share the profession of writer. They all struggle to follow the footsteps of their mother who is a famous author. “It’s a story of love, hate, family–and finding the perfect opening line.”

No news on casting or premiere dates for either show yet, I’ll keep you posted. Source

Steve Harris (The Practice) is joining the cast of Friday Night Lights for a recurring role. Harris will be playing “Vernon Merriweather, an ex-football star and father of East Dillion newbie Jess.” The stint should have Harris on FNL for around seven episodes. I really love Harris on The Practice and I also loved him in The Diary of a Mad Black Woman so I think he’s a great choice for this role, or any role that brings him back to my TV. 😀 Source

The Cleveland Show has only aired three episodes of it’s first season, but FOX likes what they see. The network has picked up the show for a full second season. The show is a spinoff from FOX’s Family Guy and has already pulled in strong ratings in it’s target audience (18-49 adults). I think considering what a cash cow the other animated series have been for FOX, this is a wise decision. Source

That’s all for now, don’t miss an all new episodes of Glee on FOX,Criminal Minds on CBS and Modern Family on ABC. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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