Week in Review – 10/11/09-10/17/09

Okay, so I’m supposed to have a weekly review here, and I don’t. I’m just not feeling well enough to finish it. So instead you have the only part I’ve finished with my deepest apologies, and promises to make next week so much better. Thank you all for reading and continuing to read 🙂 .

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Glee this week was a rollercoaster of emotions,and it was hilarious as usual. Rachel stood up for Finn and Quinn, and despite her efforts the walls tumbled. Sue and Will came to some sort of civil agreement, and the music was completely awesome. Let’s talk.

After last week, Sue was made co-director of Glee club, making Will’s life impossibly difficult. Sue decided to play on the fact that some of the kids, mainly Mercedes, felt like Will doesn’t pay attention to their requests. She formed a minority group with everyone who was of ethnic background or out of place, like Kurt. Leaving Puck, Finn, Quinn, Rachel and Brittany in Will’s group. I’ll give Sue the credit for the music choice, Hate On Me(original by Jill Scott), it was fierce. Mercedes rocked it out,she has an amazing voice.

Will also chose a great song for his group, No Air (original by Jordin Sparks ), and had Finn and Rachel do the leads. It was intense and sweet. Quinn was particularly angry after she had a tiff with Finn, she wants Rachel to stay away from Finn.

Speaking of that tiff, Finn and Quinn went for an ultrasound of the baby and found out it was a girl. Quinn has decided to give it up for adoption, but Finn was coming up with names. Finn was really cute when he suggested the name, ‘Drizzle’, for the baby girl, even if it was inappropriate to suggest names to Quinn who’s emotional about giving up the baby. I really feel for Finn too though because he thinks it’s his baby, and is trying to deal with it.

Finn made a mistake when he told Quinn that he wished she was more like Rachel. Oops! 😀 Quinn then informed Finn that Rachel wasn’t protecting their secret for her sake it was only for his sake, because Rachel loves Finn. I understand Quinn is scared but she should be feeling guilty because it’s not even Finn’s baby, it’s Puck’s.

Finn and Rachel were spot on with their rendition of No Air but there was definitely some intense sparks between those two. I love this coupling, and I really wish that the secret about Puck and Quinn would come out already so we could get the Finn and Quinn thing on the move.

Back to Sue for a bit, that woman is hilarious yet nutty. I think Jane Lynch who plays Sue is a genius of an actress. Anyways, she eventually after all the arguing between her and Will realizes that she doesn’t want to do Glee club anymore. Then during a Glee meeting Sue reveals that she knows Quinn is pregnant. Uh-Oh.

Rachel is furious at that boy, Jacob (the disgusting slime of a gossip blogger), because he ran the story even after she gave him her panties to shut him up. Turns out that Sue found the white panties in Jacob’s locker during a search and forced him to tell her about them, then after hearing the truth she told Jacob to run the story. Sue only wanted it run because she was angry at Quinn for not telling Sue herself.

I really felt bad for Quinn, even though she’s a bitch and a liar, because this pregnancy thing is really happening to her. Quinn was so distraught, but I’m so proud of the Glee club for rallying around Quinn, especially in their final number, Keep Holding On (original by Avril Lavigne). It was a sweet way to show their support without making us watch a mushy, hug fest. lol.

I also noticed that during the number, Finn was torn between singing to Quinn or Rachel and Rachel was trying not to sing to Finn. Puck was also trying really hard to show his support to Quinn, and I do feel bad for him. Quinn isn’t giving him the chance to right the wrongs his father did to him, by being a father or being a part of his child’s life. We all know it’s going to be complicated later because the adoption will never be legal if Puck doesn’t sign, which adds another layer of drama.

Overall, this episode really rocked, the music was fabulous, the relationships were drama filled, and the Sue versus Will battles were hilarious. I cannot wait to see the next episode as usual, on Wednesday night at 9 pm on FOX.

Okay so that’s all I’ve got, one show, granted it one great show, but only one. Thank you for reading and I’ll post some more reviews later this week. Have a good week. 😀

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  1. j.maddocks says:

    hope you feel better soon so i can enjoy reading your sarcastic summaries!

  2. Megan says:

    Thanks J! I’m starting to feel much better 🙂