Week in Review – 10/18/09 – 10/24/09

It’s been a long week for me, how about you? TV has been pretty good this week, starting with a new episode of The Amazing Race where the results made me happy 😀 straight through to a emotionally gripping episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m also going to do my usual review of Glee, a show that just keeps getting better and better. Finally, I’ll be discussing CSI:Miami and Eric Delco’s (Alex Rodriguez) last episode. As always if you haven’t watched these shows yet and don’t want to be spoiled don’t click the link, everyone else let’s go.

Amazing Race last Sunday was very satisfying for me, especially after two weeks ago was such a bummer when Zev and Justin were eliminated after the silly boys lost their travel documents. Moving onto last week, and the competition.

The teams were informed they were travelling to Dubai, which is along the Persian Gulf. All the teams ended up on the same flight giving what you would think was an equal playing field, it wasn’t. Some teams just couldn’t catch a break tonight.

After landing the teams headed to the world’s tallest building (which really it isn’t yet, because it’s still under construction.), the Burj Dubai. The teams had to sign up for elevator rides in groups of 8 to the 124th floor of the big building. On the first elevator was , Maria & Tiffany, Brian & Erika, Sam & Dan and Meghan and Cheyne, they left at 5:30 am. The second elevator contained, Mika & Canaan, Lance & Keri , The Harlem Globetrotters and Gary & Matt, they left at 5:45 am. This levelled the playing field again, because all the teams were in the same place and only 15 minutes separating them.

On the 124th floor of the building the teams found the clue box, and much to the relief of Mika who is terrified of heights, it was only directions on where to go next, with no challenge. However, in the clue enveloped there was also the only Fast Forward of the entire race. For this Fast Forward, the team has to go to a racetrack and race a F3 open-wheel race car at speeds of 100 mph. One team member must complete a lap of the track in 45 seconds or less, and if successful the team may go straight to the Pit Stop.

Meghan and Cheyne decided to go for the Fast Forward, and the other teams declined the chance and went on with the race. The Fast Forward made Meghan nervous because she couldn’t control what was happening to Cheyne, but he was in heaven. Cheyne managed to finish in 40 seconds, allowing the team to advance straight to the Pit Stop, where they won a trip to Jamaica from Travelocity.

While Meghan and Cheyne were getting a nice break the rest of the teams were still racing, and were all working on their next challenge.

The teams had to drive to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and then get a ride in 4 x 4 trucks to the next clue box. The ride looked like a blast, and really a once in a lifetime experience to be in such a magnificent desert.

At the clue box the teams found a Roadblock, where one team member had to take a traditional bag and search the desert for water that was being stored in clay jars buried in the sand. The thing was that not all the jars had water in them, so the team member had to search all of the jars to find enough water to fill their bags to give to a “Bedouin and his thirsty camels”.

Brian, Dan and Tiffany were the first to tackle the scorching heat of the desert in search of water, and they found more empty ones before they found water. Brian was the first to find water, but on his way back he showed a kind streak when he told Dan and Tiffany where the water was. Dan’s ladle broke so after Tiffany got her water, she allowed Dan to use hers. I have to say that this season there are a quite a few teams that actually help each other as opposed to the other seasons where it was more about sabotage. Brian’s theory on this was, “If you help them, they’re gonna help you down the road. You never know what the future holds in this race.”

After getting their water the poker player girls, Maria & Tiffany, ran into some car issues when Maria ran over a metal spike that punctured her radiator. Amazingly the gay brothers, Dan & Sam, stayed around to wait for a new car to be delivered to the girls, because they felt they would have still been working on getting water if Tiffany hadn’t of let Dan use her ladle. After they got a new car and were on their way, Maria made a comment that, “I have an excuse because I’m an Asian, female driver. “ 😀 That was amusing, it’s always good when we can laugh at our own mistakes.

After the teams finished this challenge they had to go to Ski Dubai, which is an indoor ski resort that has an amazing amount of snow for a place inside a desert. Dubai seems to have an unending amount of money, especially during such a world wide recession, weird isn’t it?

Once at Ski Dubai the teams had to do a Detour, with two choices. The first choice was to Build a Snowman by carrying snow from the ski area, outside in the heat to build a traditional snowman, top hat and all. The second choice was to find a Snowman, where they had to sled down the hill to a big pile of snow, where they had to dig through to find a tiny showman hidden inside.

Quite a few teams started doing the ‘find a snowman’ one, but gave up and headed to build a snowman. Ericka & Brian were really lucky when Ericka found a snowman within minutes of looking, getting themselves the next clue which was directions to the Pit Stop at Souk Madnet Jimirah. They came in second.

The globetrotters also found a snowman, and on the way to their car passed Mika & Canaan. The globe trotters told the other team to go get their winter gear because they’d need it. That was really nice of them, and their kindness paid off as they finished in third.

All the other teams eventually finished after building a snowman, which most of them should have picked from the beginning in my opinion, and they finished the race. There was one team that had been lagging all day, with a complete lack of direction and communication, engaged couple Lance and Keri came in last. They had been hoping for a non-elimination round, and thankfully it wasn’t and they got eliminated!!!

I couldn’t have been happier with these results as I really disliked this team from the beginning, he was arrogant and rude, not to mention verbally abusive to Keri. Hopefully now, I can watch without getting angry at them lol. Tune in tonight at 8 pm on CBS for an all new episode.

Monday brings us an episode that made us go, hmm. I thought it was neat that they did a story line that had less to do with a murder per say and more to do with a civil suit that was caused by a large company’s negligence.

It all started when a girl, Lauren,l was brought into the ER by her boyfriend, Ethan, while Eric had just finished up his exam to be able to go back to work. Lauren was crashing quickly, and although Eric had told the Ethan she’d be fine, she wasn’t, and she died. It all happened very quickly and Eric seemed really upset.

Dr. Alex Woods was the doctor treating Lauren and she suspected Lauren died of poisoning and believed that Ethan was the main suspect. Eric started questioning Ethan and he seemed off. He was sweating, and really unhealthy looking, and then Ethan got up to walk away and Eric tackled him as he passed out. It turned out with Ethan ending up on life support dying of something like what Lauren had. Eric needed to solve this case to bring some sort of peace to himself.

The team jumped into action when they found out that Lauren was poisoned with a new deadly strain of E-Coli, trying to trace it back to the source. They start with the restaurant where Ethan and Lauren last ate, but are told that E-Coli doesn’t start at the restaurant it’s linked to the growers, so the restaurant directs them to the farm they get their produce from.

Ryan, Jesse and Walter head to the farm, where they are met with some anger and resistance but when Jesse starts threatening to ask the farm workers for their working papers, the farmer gives. He allows them to take some samples to test. Unfortunately those tests reveal nothing leading the CSIs to try other sources.

They try the shipping company and find E-Coli in the truck that delivered the produce to the restaurant, however, they also realize that it’s really all linked to a large corporation that controls everything, Bixby Organic Foods.

Ryan, Jesse and Walter all sneak in to test the water irrigation system and they find the source at the well for the system. It seems a manure filled cattle field, runs off into the water supply causing the E-Coli to be spread on all the produce. After further digging the CSIs find out that the corn that the cows were being fed helps to breed the bacteria.

When the team tells Alexx their findings, she informs them that Ethan doesn’t have E-Coli, so they have to search deeper. Upon further digging the CSIs figure out that Bixby is growing corn that is genetically engineered , corn that has been treated to make it more digestible. Ethan ate some of this corn and is now showing signs of botulism, which he dies from. It appears that the DNA they added to the corn to make it easier to digest, can turn into Botulism, making Bixby accountable for everything.

Horatio brings his evidence to the CEO of Bixby who arrogantly says that “a few deaths is worth feeding an entire nation.” I was kind of disgusted by this guys response. Horatio taped the conversation, to give Ethan’s family enough evidence to file a lawsuit against Bixby, because he can’t pursue legal charges.

The whole episode our resident bad luck boy Delko, hasn’t been himself. He’s been really broody and contemplative. It seems that not being able to save either Lauren or Ethan was the icing on his proverbial cake, and he leaves the team. I mean we knew he was leaving at some point this season, but I wasn’t ready for it. Granted that having the new guy Jesse (Eddie Cibrian) join the team has eased the loss of Delko but I’m going to miss him. I was particularly sad for the goodbye scene between Calleigh and Eric, especially because we know he’s not coming back anytime soon. *sigh* On the bright side this means that we’ll get a break from all the Eric close to death storylines for awhile. You can catch CSI:Miami on CBS Mondays at 10 pm.

Let’s talk about GLEE and the Mash Up episode. At first I thought that after the title we’d actually see some mash ups again but nope it was more about the mash up of people and less about the songs. Although Will’s rendition of Bust a Move(original by Young MC) was great, his dancing was awesome, completely classic.

We start the episode with Finn getting a slushee in the face by some meat head hockey player who has decided that because Finn and Quinn are in Glee club and Quinn is pregnant they are no longer cool. I can’t imagine going to a high school where we got slushees thrown at us for being different, my friends and I would have had A LOT of slushees. 😀

Emma and Ken approached Will about doing a mash up between We Danced All Night from My Fair Lady and The Thong Song (original by Sisqo) . Those songs are definitely representative of Emma and Ken’s personalities, and how different they are. I loved where Will was trying to dance with Emma to Thong Song and tripped over her humongous train causing them to fall to the ground together. Unfortunately, Ken saw them and decided to get back at Will by making a mandatory football practice at the same time as Glee rehearsal on Thursday. He was making the guys choose, not cool.

Meanwhile there was a budding romance starting between two very unlikely people, Puck and Rachel. Puck had a dream about Rachel coming through his window after his mom wants him to start dating a Jewish girl, and he feels that Rachel is a hot Jewish girl and God wants him to get into her pants. 😀

Rachel and Puck start making out after they start working on a mash up together, but Rachel stops when she feels she can’t give herself to some one who isn’t Finn. However, what she tells Puck is she can’t be with a guy who isn’t brave enough to do a solo, and Puck seems honestly wounded. It was weird to see this side of Puck, especially when he sung Sweet Caroline(original by Neil Diamond) by himself at Glee club. Although I have to say that it was sweet how Finn seemed jealous and Quinn couldn’t take her eyes off Puck. What a mess.

While the great slushee war is going on, Puck (who’s first name we learn is Noah), gets slushed and Rachel sweetly washes it off for him. I could appreciate when Puck apologizes to Rachel for doing that to her before. He admits he has to go to football practice because he can’t see getting slushed all the time.

The big surprise when 3:30 on Thursday comes around is that Puck chooses Glee and it was kind of sweet when he hugged Rachel. The other two boys choose Glee as well, but what I couldn’t believe is that Finn chose football. After all he’s been through with the Glee kids, to choose those idiotic football players was implausible!

Later, Rachel and Puck talk and she tells them they won’t work out, and he knows it’s because of Finn. He says that Finn and Quinn will never break up, and Rachel calls Puck out on liking Quinn. Puck and Rachel don’t leave things on good terms, when she says “I hope can still be friends.” and he says, “we were never friends.” Aw, Puck I was really pulling for you and Rachel to work it out for both of your sakes.

Finn is keeping football so he’s given the task of slushing Kurt, but he can’t do it. So Kurt does it for him and tells Finn to stop and think if any of the football players would have done that for Finn.

Will goes and talks to Finn, and then Finn approaches Ken who cancels the practice on Thursday so that the boys can still do Glee. Finn comes back to Glee with slushees(to drink not throw 🙂 ) to apologize and poor Quinn shares the news about being kicked off the Cheerios. Will tells her it’s okay, that they’ll all be there to clean the slushee off her, and then he gets slushed because he admits he’s never been.

Another amusing part of Wednesday’s episode was the Sue storyline. Sue got asked out by the anchor, Rod, at the TV station where she works, and she falls in love. Later she goes to Will to ask for swing dancing lessons, so she can go to the dancing competition with Rod. The scene with Will and Sue dancing was so funny, and it made me love Jane Lynch even more, she’s so versatile, one minute she’s a complete witch and next she’s sweet. Go figure. Unfortunately, Sue caught Rod messing around with his co-anchor and she went back to bitchy Sue. Not really that bad considering bitchy Sue is by far the funniest.

I really liked this episode and I wish that they would have played out the Rachel and Puck storyline a bit more because I think it would have moved the Finn and Quinn break up story line along. Wednesday just seems to far away, but until 9 pm on Wednesday I’ll have to re-watch this episode again. For those of you who haven’t started watching GLEE, you simply must tune into FOX Wednesdays at 9 pm.

Thursday was a night of emotions on Grey’s Anatomy where the craziness in the ER led to a mistake which in turn led to a tragic death. The episode was done through the memories of the team, we saw how confused, scared and worried they really were. We also started to like a few of the newbies from Mercy West, and really wanted to hug our residents from Seattle Grace.

We start the episode with Seattle Grace being hit with a huge number of patients from a bad hotel fire, there were burn victims, a guy with a fire axe stuck in him and a firefighter who was injured after he fell off a ladder while trying to save a boy. The case that was the main focus of the episode was Kathy Becker, a mom with a young boy about 5, that seemed to be okay despite some 2nd degree burns on her leg and a few minor burns on her chest. Her main issue was that no one was taking her officially as their patient, everyone was too busy competing for the next best injury that this poor woman had no main doctor.

April (Sarah Drew) and Reed (Nora Zehetner), who are two of the Mercy West people, are in charge of the first exam of Kathy and her son, and they say that everything seems alright. Dr. Sloan and Lexie come over and are treating her leg when a teenage boy comes in with severe burns all over his body that Dr. Sloan has to attend too.

Speaking of Lexie, she was having a really hard time being in the room with the teenage burn victim, and kept finding excuses to leave. Sloan told her she could go, but Arizona is having none of it. Arizona feels that Lexie needs to either get it together or stay away from her patient. Lexie leaves for a bit to get herself together.

Meanwhile, Kathy was complaining of pain, and since she didn’t have a main doctor, Cristina went in to see her and ordered some morphine for the patient. Cristina was careful to check her chart for allergies and everything. After getting her pain meds, Kathy started have trouble breathing, and her son came out and got Lexie to come in to see his mom.

Turned out that the patient had a collapsed lung, and needed a chest tube. While Lexie was putting the chest tube in she kept getting distracted by what was going on in the room with the teenage burn victim. Avery (Jessie Williams) came and helped by hitting the patient in the chest hard to relieve the extra pressure. The chest tube gets in, and Kathy appears to be in stable condition so the story moves on.

We see Arizona yell at Lexie in the hall for her to put her own sadness aside and be there for her patient, because that teenage boy needs Lexie to distract him from all the pain he’s in. I was impressed with Arizona, she was intense, and I agreed with her. Lexie needs to learn that being a doctor means putting aside your own emotions and feeling for your patient. That being said I’d be really sad too, all the screaming that boy was doing was terrible.

During the whole episode poor Alex, was desperately trying to get a hold of Izzie, who’s been missing for a whole week. I understand Izzie needing to get away but Alex loves her and needs to know she’s safe. He finally does get a call from her while he’s stitching up Nosedive (his real name is Charles (Robert Baker), one of the doctors from Mercy) lol. Charles was injured when he fainted while working on a patient because he was dizzy after giving blood. As was said during the episode that’s a nickname that is going to stick. 😀

Back to the drama with Kathy isn’t over, she starts having difficulties breathing again and Alex rushes over to perform an emergency cricothyrotomy (cuts a whole in her throat), after the other doctors couldn’t get her intubated. Everything starts to fail as she starts bleeding out. Her labs come back and she’s got extreme carbon monoxide levels and everything is all over the place.

By now all the following doctors are working on her, Cristina, Alex, Avery, Charles, Reed and April, but she still dies. Derek walks into the room and finds it in utter chaos, it was nuts. The investigation that we’ve been watching was launched because of the death, and we finally get to realize that it was April’s fault. April missed checking Mrs. Becker’s airway because she got distracted. If she’d checked the airway she would have seen the soot in her throat and known to intubate her right away, then none of this would have happened.

April got fired, seeing as there are too many doctors already I’m okay with this. I was surprised when all the doctors started bonding over April getting fired and commenting on what a simple mistake it was, when Cristina points out to them that it could have been any of us in there. Cristina was great telling them that any one of them could have made a mistake like that, and makes everyone feel like crap. Overall, I would say that the doctors were forced to like each other a bit more by her. Way to go Cristina!

My favorite part was when Derek gave his opinion to the chief that there were “too many doctors who don’t know each other and don’t trust each other”. He told the Chief that it was chaos and that’s the system that has been in place since the Chief messed up things with this merger. Derek made sure the Chief knew that he was the one responsible for this mess, and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been waiting for someone to give that poor excuse for a Chief a good tongue lashing. He’s making our Seattle Grace into a nuthouse!

I really enjoyed this episode a lot and although it was different from the usual, it was a nice change for a bit. I’m not saying I would like it this way all the time, but it was a really entertaining and emotional episode. Tune in on Thursday at 9 pm on ABC to see what happens next.

That’s all for now guys, hope you enjoyed my review. I’ll be back tomorrow with news, and later this week with more reviews!

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