TV News – 10/26/09

It’s Monday, and it’s going to be another busy week, I can’t believe Halloween is almost here already! You that means that Christmas will be here before we know it, but not before November sweeps 😀 We’re moving into our new house later this week, so that’s also exciting and stressful, but enough chit chat, let’s get on to the news.

Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson) on Law & Order has been struggling with cancer this season, but she does have some light in her life. She revealed not too long ago that she had “met the love of her life” but we didn’t know who that was until now. Her lover is going to be played by Ernie Hudson(Ghostbusters, The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and the storyline about her boyfriend will start this coming Friday. I really like Hudson and I love Merkerson’s character on the show so I’m happy for all her storylines as long as it doesn’t mean they’re going to get us attached and then kill her off. Hmm.. who knows. Source

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James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek) has been cast to play “a sleazy moneyman” on The Forgotten. James will be playing a guy named “Judd Shawn, a deceptive and opportunistic financial broker.” It’s amazing to me that our sweet Dawson has been hitting our screens as the villain time and time again, (Criminal Minds, One Tree Hill, Ugly Betty) but it does show James’ excellent acting skills and makes me ALMOST want to watch the horribly rated The Forgotten on ABC at 10 pm. Source

Some interesting news for those of us who love Make It or Break It, that being that Nico Tortorella who played Razor (aka Pizza Guy) on season one, is coming back after his other show The Beautiful Life crashed and burned. Nico will be back to stir up the love lives of Emily (Chelsea Hobbs) and Damon. Damon moved to LA to work on his music but Razor is coming back to The Pizza Shack, so what does this mean for Emily and Damon… Trouble that’s what. I don’t know how I feel about this, seeing as Emily is already torn between Damon and Kaylie’s brother, so I think adding Razor is going to be too much. Realistically I would like Emily to stay with Damon but I guess we’ll see when the show returns on ABC Family in January. Source

Bravo has just picked up Top Chef: Just Desserts which sounds simply delicious. 😀 This new twist on Top Chef will have pastry chefs pitted against each other to see who will rise to the label of top dessert chef and who’s cake will just falls flat. I’m excited for this, I really do enjoy Top Chef and a whole cooking show devoted to desserts makes my mouth water. Casting is under way and for a list of the cities and times check head over to Zap2It

The CW has changed the reruns we see on Wednesday night, from Melrose Place to The Vampire Diaries, at least until November 11th for sure. I can see this working because Vampire Diaries is a much better show than Melrose and has a very faithful following already. Source

Ricky Gervais(The Invention of Lying) is going to host the Golden Globes and what a great choice this is! Gervais is not only a fantastic actor, but he’s hilarious so him hosting the 67th Annual Golden Globes which will be on January 27th, on NBC is a stroke of genius. Don’t you agree? Source

Okay that’s it for today, but don’t forget tonight is all new episodes of So You Think You Can Dance at 8 pm on FOX, Trauma at 9 pm on NBC, and the season premiere of Cake Boss at 10 pm on TLC. Hope you have a great Monday, I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

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