Week in Review – 11/01/09 – 11/07/09

What a week it’s been, on TV and off! I’m going to review a few shows for you this week, including a great episode of The Amazing Race and a touching episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m also going to take a look into Criminal Minds and it’s new leadership, as well as a very amusing episode of Bones. As always if you haven’t watched the shows yet then don’t read the review if you don’t want to be spoiled. Everyone else, continue on!

Sunday brought us a weird episode of The Amazing Race, weird and aggravating. The teams headed to Holland, and it was very pretty landscapes. Some teams did great, others did poorly, and one team just couldn’t do anything at all tonight.

First they all faced a Road Block that actually looked quite difficult. They had to counts the bells in the carillon, and there were 62 bells of all different sizes making it so hard to figure out. Surprisingly, Matt was the first to finish the road block with the correct number giving the father son team a lead. Meghan and Sam finished it 2nd and 3rd, but Sam decided to help Tiffany by giving her the answer. Meghan & Cheyne were upset with Sam for this decision but he said it was because he felt they could easily beat them. I don’t agree with this, I think they should all have to try the road block and not get the answer giving to them, that’s just my opinion. 🙂

Ericka had a really hard time doing the road block and ended up taking forever to count the bells, but after many tears, and a lot of frustration Ericka and Brian were done and on their way.

After the road block the teams were faced with a detour that gave them the choice of “Farmer’s Game or Farmer’s Dance”. In both they had to put on traditional Dutch costumes and ride the bicycles tot he starting point of the detour. In “Farmer’s Game” the teams biked to a creek where they had to strip down to their undies and swim across. Once on the other side they had to use a set of wooden shoe golf clubs to play three holes of golf, finishing each hole in 8 strokes or less.

In “Farmer’s Dance” the teams had to find a country festival and one member had to ring the bell on top of a high striker (one of those strength testing games at the fair). Once the bell was rung, the team had to learn a Dutch folk dance and then once they completed the dance properly they had to eat a salted herring with onions. Both tasks seemed difficult but I would have chosen the dancing, except I’m not sure I could ring that bell. Hmm, choices.

The all male teams had to decide who would be a woman and who would be the man. Sam was the man, dan the girl but they both looked great in their undies. Sam & Dan swam across the river and did the golf. Meghan & Cheyne did the same. Sam & Dan finished quickly and headed toward the Pit Stop coming in first place. Meghan and Cheyne settle with second.

Maria & Tiffany had a really hard time trying to hit the high striker hard to ring the bell, and after 30 attempts they switched tasks. Maria & Tiffany just couldn’t golf at all, and went back to the high striker.

Meanwhile, the Globetrotters were fantastic at the dancing, and joked their way through it, finishing in third place.

Brian & Ericka are obviously not very smart, because they missed the fact that they were supposed to ride a bike. They walked in their wooden clogs, and they were so down about it but eventually they came through and seeing how Maria & Tiffany were still at it they came in fifth behind Gary & Matt.

The poker players were incredibly defeated this episode. They couldn’t golf so they went back to the high striker, then they couldn’t do that so they went back to the golf. Now frozen and emotional they eventually gave up, making them the team eliminated for this episode. I don’t know for sure but I think if they would have focused on one task they might have stood a chance instead of ping-ponging between them.

Check out a whole new episode tonight on CBS at 8 pm.

Wednesday brought us a creepy episode of Criminal Minds, and some new leadership for the team.

Morgan has been given the temporary job of taking over team leadership from Hotchner, because Chief Strauss doesn’t feel that Hotchner is able to handle it with everything that’s going on with his family.

Morgan is still refusing to take over Hotch’s office because it’s always going to be Hotch’s. All that hoopla is interrupted by a new case, involving an enucleator (ie, a killer who removes the eyes of their victims). The whole thing was creepy.

Morgan took to being the leader well, seeing as he’s got natural leadership skills. He did a great job of sorting out the tasks and delegating responsibilities. The bodies kept adding up.

Eventually the team tracked the killer to be the son of a taxidermist, who was killing people and taking their eyes to put in the taxidermy animals. It was so gross.

The sweet story behind the whole episodes was how Garcia put together a different office for Morgan, so he can have his own space. It was a really sweet moment and I just wish that they would go ahead and get those two together all ready.

Overall, it was a decent episode nothing too exciting but I just thought it was nice to touch on how sweet Garcia and Morgan were. You can catch another great episode of Criminal Minds on Wednesday at 9 pm on CBS.

Also on Wednesday night was Bones and it brought us a very animal rights orientated episode, centered around a chicken factory farm and it also discussed pigs. The content was a little disturbing in parts but most of it was quite factual.

The case was about a murdered chicken farmer who was found washed up in a river by a group of girl scout type girls. His facial reconstruction comes across as a chicken man of sort, complete with parasites.

We later learn that he was a manager at Clucksten Farms who ended up with the facial appearance of a pointy chin and beak like nose because of all the hydrogen sulphide in the chicken manure. He was killed when someone wrung his neck by a chicken plucker and put his cut off fingers inside chicken nuggets that got served at a fast food place. That’s just disgusting. I can’t imagine biting into a chicken nugget and finding a finger.. sick.

There were lots of suspects including animal-rights protestors, the victim’s wife, the baker who’s shop is affected by the smell of the factory, and the woman who runs the debeaking machine that was used to cut the victim’s thumbs and toes off. Eventually they figured out that it was the security guard at the factory who killed the victim after he refused to give the security guard a gas allowance. The security guard moved out of town because his wife was getting sick because of the chicken farm, and needed the gas allowance to continue to work.

Booth believes the guard when he says it was an accident but Brennan sees through it, and this worries Booth because he thinks he’s losing his touch. Booth believes he’s not up to speed after the surgery, but Brennan tells him that “even at half speed, you’re twice as fast as anyone else.”

Also during this episode, Angela is set on saving a piglet, for the cost of $1500 Brennan refuses to help because it’s not worth it. Angela is upset because she feels like Brennan dismissed her and she can’t see how she can remain friends with Brennan when they have such different views. Booth refuses to get involved in their fight because it will end badly.

However, when Angela asks Wendell for a donation, he offers up the little $45 he has, making Angela jump all over him. Making it very awkward between Wendell and Hodgins because Wendell feels guilty, it was very amusing.

Brennan finally comes around after Booth suggest she lets Angela have this one, and she gives Angela a check for the whole amount. The pig was cute but $1500 cute? I’m not sure. (Don’t hate me but that’s a large chunk of change. 😀 )

I will say that the end scene where Booth and Brennan are sitting at the bar gazing longingly at each other was just odd, I wish they would just kiss already. Overall, it was another great episode and I never get tired of the bantering between the characters on this show.

I found Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday to be inspiring, informative and emotional all in one episode. Most of the episode is focused on cases in paediatrics and on Arizona, but we also got some nice Christina scenes as well as some touching moments with Alex.

I loved the speech that Arizona gave about paediatrics being “magical”. She tells the attendings and residents during the rotation that “Children believe in magic. In peds, we have miracles and magic. Anything is possible.” It’s true you know, kids are so much more resilient than adults because they believe they’ll get better, it’s truly amazing.

Arizona has been taking care of Wallace, a 10 year-old boy with “short gut syndrome”, and he’s been in the hospital for 7 months, and has gone under multiple surgeries. His parents are very wealthy, and because they are so grateful for everything that Arizona has done, they are donating $25 million to the hospital. Wallace’s parents made it very clear to the chief that it was only because of Arizona and no one else.

Unfortunately, things don’t go so well for Wallace and he needs another surgery, but Arizona doesn’t feel he’s strong enough for it. His parents really want her to try, so that he can have a few more months, but Arizona still refuses.The Chief talks Arizona into it, even though she feels it’s too risky, and she ends up being right. Wallace dies of septic-shock and Arizona is devastated. Wallace’s parents are so distraught but the Chief and Jennings (that pencil pushing money grubber that’s “helping” the chief), just keep trying to help them with their things, get them a car or anything. It’s despicable because all they’re worried about is the money, especially Jennings.

Arizona finally comes along to talk to the parents, and offers for them to see Wallace one last time. This is where my heart starts breaking, because Wallace’s mom starts doing the dream ritual “bad dreams go away/good dreams come to stay” but she can’t continue, she breaks down. So Arizona steps in and finishes it because “it has to be done three times or it doesn’t work”. That’s when Wallace’s dad tells the Chief and Jennings that they’ll still be giving the $25 million donation but only because of Arizona and not because of their ass-kissing!!! That was fantastic.

I just want to smack the Chief these days, he’s been such a jerk, to everyone. I can’t wait until this story line clears itself up.

Also in this episode Callie, Owen, Christina and Avery are all working on a case involving a 15 year old girl, Hilary, who fell off the roof and broke 52 bones. Later we find out that Hillary was high on mushrooms when she fell, and instead of seeming remorseful with her parents about it, she came off as pompous. She insisted that because she’s a great student, and an all round parent’s dream child they don’t have the right to scold her. She says she was just experimenting and that her parents are upset she fell because it reminds them of their “own fallibility.” Wow, that girl needs some hot sauce on her tongue for talking back to her parents, especially when she was so obviously in the wrong.

Her surgery was going well until she developed an air embolism in her chest, and although Christina is more than capable of handling it, Owen and Callie want to wait for cardio. Christina feels it’s an unnecessary risk to wait, and decides to go ahead and do the procedure. She succeeds and saves Hillary’s life, but Owen is furious. He tells her that she could have lost her career if something had gone wrong, but I doubt the chief would have done anything considering the last time she did that procedure she was in an operating room with the chief himself. Owen is very adamant that Christina won’t always be so lucky, and she somewhat listens. They eventually sort of make up, but Christina still feels like Owen doesn’t see how great she is, and Owen feels like Christina is over confident. It’s going to be a touchy situation for awhile.

On the topic of Christina, although I love her with Owen, it was great when Avery kissed her because she was a rock star in the OR. Avery wants her bad, and Christina just pushed him away because she’s involved. I felt a little bad for Avery… very little, but a little none the less. He really does like Christina which is hard for many to do because she can be so cold and focused, which is exactly what Avery likes about her.

We got to see a soft side of Alex this episode when he saved the life of a baby. He was actually just holding the baby girl so she got a chance to be held before she died, but miraculously it helped. Bailey called it the “kangaroo hold” and said that it would work better if he took off his shirt. Let me just say that seeing Alex without his shirt and all vulnerable was hot. It was also sad that when that annoying Reed girl kept hanging around and asking him to leave to go out. He told Reed that he doesn’t know where Izzie is or if she’s even alive, and he can’t pay her huge hospital bill, but he can hold this baby and make her better. Reed decides to sit with him, and this annoys me because although Izzie is a jerk for leaving, she’s still his wife and they are good together.

Speaking of Izzie it looks like she’s back next week, and so is Meredith. This is good. I know a lot of people are sick of Izzie but I love the original cast including Mere and Izzie, so I’m excited. Catch an all new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC at 9 pm next Thursday.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back tomorrow with more news.

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2 Responses to Week in Review – 11/01/09 – 11/07/09

  1. Jenny says:

    Ok, several comments… First up, Criminal Minds: HELLO! Seriously! The picture had her holding her hand up in the sign language for I LOVE YOU! DUH! *cry*
    Next, Bones: Odd? Pfffft! Not odd! Him grabbing her hand and them holding hands earlier in the ep at the diner and then sitting and looking at each other at the end = SWEET! I’m so in love with the two of them. *sigh* again! 😉
    Grey’s Anatomy: OMG, I’m so tired of the chief being a jerk, too! Gah!

  2. Megan says:

    Well to say it was “Odd” is just another way of me saying… HELLO, get on with it already! It’s getting overdone with the tension, let’s move forward with the relationship already!!

    Criminal Minds- I love Morgan and Garcia and just want to see them together, they are so meant to be. Like that episode last season(or the season before) where she got shot and he stayed with her. I just love them and want them together!

    Grey’s- I don’t think he can be anymore of a jerk, it’s getting ridiculous!