Week in Review – 11/08/09 – 11/14/09

It’s been a long week, but TV has been a great escape as always. Starting with a new episode of The Amazing Race last Sunday straight through to a great episode of Grey’s Anatomy it was a week to remember. Glee was fabulous as usual, and Bones has left us pining away again this week. As always if you haven’t watched these shows and don’t want to be spoiled then do NOT jump with me. Everyone else, let’s go!

What a taxing episode of The Amazing Race it was last Sunday! The teams were all fighting tooth and nail to stay ahead only to get all caught up on top of each other at the final task. I was really amazed at the teamwork some of the contestants displayed and upset at the impatience others showed.

The teams headed to Stockholm, Sweden, but because the KLM counter didn’t open for booking until 5:30 am all the teams had a chance to catch up. The first five teams ended up on a flight going to Sweden at 6:55 am, and then Gary & Matt, and Brian & Ericka couldn’t get on that flight and had to wait until 9:25 leaving them two and a half hours behind.

Once in Sweden the teams had to go to the Tivoli Grona Lund Amusement Park, and learned they had to ride the Fritt Fall (a large tower ride) in order to spot their next clue. The next clue instructed them to go play a game of Roaming Gnome Ring Toss, where they the teams had to toss rings and try to get them on the cones. If the cone had a gnome hiding underneath they would get that gnome that had their clue attached to it. They also had to carry the gnome with them throughout the rest of this leg of the journey.

The clue on the gnomes gave them a detour, Nobel Dynamite or Viking Alphabet. In Nobel Dynamite teams had to fill sandbags to build a bunker to protect them while they blew up some rock to uncover their next clue. All the teams chose Nobel Dynamite over the mentally difficult Viking Alphabet where they would have had to decode a message using Viking runes.

All of the teams did well at the detour, but Meghan and Cheyne really didn’t work well together. Meghan was trying to convince Cheyne that the most logical way to fill them was with one person holding the bag open while the other person filled it. This was the right way, the way everyone else did it, but Cheyne continued to ignore Meghan’s common sense and ended up costing the team precious time.

Eventually everyone finished and ended up at the final task for the day, a roadblock. In this roadblock the teams took a trip to the past with a task that caused teams in a previous season tons of head aches. The clue in the Hay bale challenge! One member of each team had to unroll the hay bales and search for a flag hidden within, from a field of 186 hay bales. It was intense!

Sam was doing it for the brothers’ team, and while he worked his butt off Dan yelled at him from the sidelines, not nice. Sam just kept having terrible luck while the other teams passed him. Big Easy was the first person to find a flag and Flight Time was ecstatic because it was his birthday and he really didn’t want to be eliminated on his birthday.

Meghan and Cheyne came in second after Meghan searched the hay bales for hours. I just don’t get why Cheyne didn’t do this task seeing as it required so much strength. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that women aren’t strong (sometimes stronger than men 🙂 ) but if you are partnered with a strong man you should use this advantage!

Ericka and Brian came from behind to finish in third. Leaving Sam & Dan to battle to the end with Gary & Matt. Poor Sam finally found a flag, allowing the brothers to finish in 4th.

I was so impressed with Gary’s work ethics as he unrolled bale, after bale of hay, but eventually found a flag. Luckily it was a non-elimination round and the father-son team got to stay in for another week, with the penalty of having to complete an extra task (a speed bump) next round. This news made me really happy because this is a team that really works hard and has come a long way as a partnership as well.

I can’t wait for this week’s episode, and honestly I hope that Gary & Matt are able to complete their extra task and stay in the race, because I’m rooting for them. Catch a new episode, Sunday at 8 pm on CBS.

Let’s jump ahead to Wednesday, and the fantastic episode of Glee. The episode was titled, Wheels and it was centered mostly around Artie as well as featuring a sing-off between Kurt and Rachel. Along with those stories we also got some serious Finn/Quinn/Puck issues going on.

It all started when the principal told Will, that Artie wouldn’t be able to ride the bus with the other kids to sectionals because the wheelchair accessible bus cost more than the school is able to put out. Will then approached the Glee club about helping to raise money for a handi-bus and was shocked at their reaction. I was kind of too, I mean usually these kids are all for fighting for what’s right but instead they were all about themselves. Artie was a great sport about it and just pretended it was all okay when it wasn’t.

We later see Artie singing, Dancing with Myself, and I found it really heart breaking. Will sees Artie, and comes to the conclusion that the other members of Glee need to learn what it’s like to be in a wheelchair. He decides that the others need to spend at least 3 hrs a day in a wheelchair to learn what it’s like to be Artie and also insisting on a wheelchair number.

I thought it was a great idea to have them ‘roll’ in another’s wheels for awhile, and I loved seeing the others struggle with what Artie struggles with daily. Will also decides that they will also be doing a bake sale to raise money to get to a bus that Artie can ride on too, because if they can’t ride together they’re not going to sectionals at all. Way to go, Will!

On the bake sale front, Quinn was in the school kitchen working on baking cupcakes when Puck comes in and tries to give her money for their baby. Quinn refuses and calls it, “my baby”. I have to agree to with Puck, he’s really trying to be a responsible about this and Quinn needs the money so she should just accept the money and move on. Quinn is complaining about medical bills and how Finn needs to help bring in the money, but when Puck steps up she knocks him down.

Quinn and Puck actually start playing around with the baking stuff, and have a sweet moment. I can really see the attraction between them and I wish they would hurry this story line along.

The cupcakes were a flop, but it get some fighting between Quinn and Finn going. Quinn is angry because Finn doesn’t have a job yet and accuses of him not being a good provider. Finn gets angry and storms off. Puck approaches Finn about his lack of trying to provide and Finn says it’s none of his business. One thing leads to another and Puck punched Finn and they ended up fighting. *sigh* If only they knew that they both wanted the same thing. Puck wants Quinn and the baby and Finn wants anything but the baby.

Puck later makes cupcakes of his own with secret ingredient… special cupcakes 😉 They sell amazingly and the Glee club makes a lot of money. He then offers the money to Quinn, $1200, but she refuses knowing that it was stolen from the club. She does however appreciate his effort and admits that she was wrong to call him a loser. Aww, it was a really sweet moment.

Speaking of money and jobs, Finn got a job at a restaurant, thanks to Rachel. She played the disability card while he was in the wheel chair and the restaurant owner hired him. I was torn because although I can see how important it is to Finn to get a job, and provide. I was really hoping that Quinn would just choose Puck already.

The principal was inspired by the Glee club’s efforts and told Sue she had to hold open auditions for the Cheerios, and although she didn’t want to, she did. Sue was her usual self and turned down all the kids who auditioned, except one. She allowed Becky, a sweet girl with down syndrome, to join the squad. I was in shock, and confused, but later we see Sue go visit her sister who is in a home, and her sister has down syndrome. It was such an emotional moment, and I was honestly choked up seeing Sue reading to her sister with such a gentle nature. I love that this series can still surprise us with some of our favorite characters. This soft side of Sue explains why Sue donated money to the school to pay for three new accessibility ramps. Great story line.

This episode also brought us a “diva-off” between Kurt and Rachel on the song Defying Gravity from Wicked after Kurt’s dad insisted his son be given a chance. First of all, I love Wicked and I could actually see Kurt doing the lead female vocals for Defying Gravity, but let’s face it Rachel rocks. Kurt ended up throwing the “diva-off” to protect his father from the bashing he’ll receive if his gay son sings a female lead. I really admired Kurt’s sacrifice for his father and I was actually amazed at how great Kurt sounded singing the song until he blew that note.

This “diva-off” made me feel bad for Rachel, because it’s clear she’s no one’s favorite person. Well, except Finn’s. Rachel knows no one likes her, and I think she just needs to make more of an effort to become less full of herself and more of a team player.
Finally, in this episode we see a lot of sparks fly between Artie and Tina, they even go on a date and kiss. However, it’s not a happy ending for them yet because Tina confesses she’s been faking having a stutter since sixth grade, because she wanted to “push people away.” Artie was heart broken because he believed they shared something really special and he’s really sad that she gets to be “normal” while he’s still stuck in the chair. I really felt for Artie, because he really like Tina, but now he sees her as a “normal” girl and he’s hurt. Poor Artie. Poor Tina. Hmm.. we’ll just have to wait and see where this storyline goes.

The final number of the night had the Glee kids in the wheelchairs singing, Proud Mary (originally by Ike & Tina Turner). I didn’t love it. In fact I found it odd. That’s not to say that I don’t get the message behind the number and I totally agree with said message I just don’t think that this number really worked. Meh, it could just be me.

Anyways, don’t miss an all new episode of Glee, Wednesday night at 9 pm on FOX.

Thursday brought us a couple great shows including Bones. Now is it just me or was this week’s episode even more Bones and Booth oriented, to the point of the case taking the back burner? Along with that it brought the return of Stephen Fry as Dr. Wyatt, which in itself is fantastic!

The case this week revolves around the death of the Iron Leprechaun, seriously, he was a “midget wrestler” and apparently it’s a popular American pastime. ( lol, another reason why I’m proud to be Canadian. 😉 ). The victim, Bryce, turns out to be not such a nice fellow. He’s been having an affair for 10 years with his brother’s wife, and robbed a store to provide for his brother’s wife. He actually planned the robbery with his brother, which struck me as odd, considering he’s stealing to prove he can provide for his brother’s wife. Wow, what a tangled web he weaved. Such a tangled mess that it got him killed, by his own brother. What a strange but entertaining story line.

Back to Booth and Brennan, and their sexual tension. Is it just me or can you cut it with a knife? Booth is still not back to his old self, and he’s having trouble shooting his gun. He feels like he can’t go to Sweets about this because Sweets is the FBI shrink, so he goes to see Dr. Wyatt who is now, CHEF Gordon Wyatt.

Later, Wyatt and Sweets discuss Booth and Brennan, with Sweets admitting that he has come to the conclusion in his book that Booth and Brennan are in love with each other. I found this strange because Sweets is the one who told Booth that it was probably just a side effect of his injury and he shouldn’t rush into telling Brennan.

Wyatt and Sweets agree that Booth avoids acting on his feelings in order to protect Brennan, and Brennan is protecting herself from love because of her childhood. There was also a whole lot of talk about Booth’s issue with shooting being a “manifestation of his phallic frustration”. Say what? 😀 That was so amusing.

The shrinks insist that Booth should bring Brennan along to his shooting certification test because he won’t fail in front of her. I can see this working. It does. Brennan is so proud of him and gives him lots of support. I love their relationship and I really wish that they would hurry up and let them get together already so we can stop having an elephant in the corner every episode. Don’t you? Catch a whole new episode of Bones on Thursday night at 8 pm on FOX.

Grey’s Anatomy was kind of awesome this week wasn’t it? Along with the return of Izzie (Katherine Heigl) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) we got the addition of Kim Raver (24, Third Watch) to the cast as Dr. Teddy Altman. It was a great episode for growth and truth, so let’s break it down shall we?

Kim Raver came onto the scene as Teddy, who was basically a gift from Owen for Christina. You see, Owen convinced Dr. Teddy to join the staff at Seattle Grace, so that Christina could have a super talented cardio attending to learn from. Owen and Teddy served over in Iraq together, and he tells Christina that Teddy is the mentor she’s been looking for. At first Christina does not believe it, because Teddy only went to a state school, and hasn’t published any studies. Christina was also shocked and upset at what seems to be Teddy’s rusty skills for small procedures. I admit I was worried too.

The weird thing is that Teddy was actually bragging about Christina at the lunch table with the other attendings. She says that Christina was amazing. Most seem shocked at how much Teddy actually likes Yang but what got me was that Owen seemed a little shocked at how talented Teddy thought she was. Hmm, it makes me wonder if Owen could ever really appreciate the wonderful surgeon that Christina is.

After lunch, Teddy proves herself by making a stellar diagnosis on a child. She diagnosed just by listening and asking a few questions, that the little boy had cardiac asthma not just asthma. What was even better was that when Christina questioned Teddy on the diagnosis, she basically tells her that when she says to do something Christina needs to just do it! Way to go Teddy, Christina really is a brilliant surgeon but she’ll only become better if she allows someone to teach her. Teddy then allows Christina to assist during the operation and even talks her through repairing an issue when there’s a complication during the surgery. This is exactly what Christina needs in order to one day become the fabulous cardiac surgeon we know she’s capable of being.

It’s not all scalpel and teaching moments for Teddy this episode though, we get to see a softer side. We learn through Owen that Teddy joined the military because her best friend died in Tower 2 on 9/11, and that’s also why she wears a scrub cap with birds, because birds were her best friends favorite. OMG! Love it! We also learn that Teddy has true feelings for Owen and had hoped that one day he would call her after he broke up with his other girlfriend. I felt bad for her, I really did, but I’m thankful for the drama level. Tension between her and Owen, Owen and Christina and Teddy and Christina. Fantastic!

Meredith returned but it was happy, Meredith that came back. She maybe slightly boring, but she did help a lot of people this episode. It was Mere that was getting involved to help people with their problems, including encouraging Izzie to talk to Alex. Nothing too wonderful but nice to have her back none the less.

Speaking of Izzie, wow that girl made me mad. She disappeared without telling anyone where she was going or if she was okay, and then she comes to the hospital not to see everyone but to get her old science teacher, Dr. Singer (Joel Grey), help from Derek. The only moment I enjoyed her return was when she was yelling at the Chief, because seriously someone had to!

Meredith encourages Alex to finally talk to Izzie and we find out that she left because she felt it was his fault she lost her job. She said she couldn’t forgive him for going to the Chief and interfering, costing Izzie her job. Really, Alex only went to the Chief to try and save her job, but the Chief took it the wrong way. Izzie said he took away the one thing she had… but excuse me little-miss-whiny-pants Stevens, but you still had your husband, Alex! That made me so mad, because she had a wonderful husband who married her even though she was dying, and even though he was terrified of commitment and she just left him. I don’t like her very much right now, even if I know it will be good in the end.

I applaud Alex for saying that he couldn’t forgive her for running away instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt. I’m not okay with married couples holding grudges, or anyone for that matter, but if I was Alex I’d be pissed too! He was worried sick about her and instead of apologizing for scaring him and her friends, she just goes off on a holier-than-thou tangent. *sigh* I hope these two work it out and soon.

Finally, in tonight’s episode we see that something just isn’t right with the Chief. His wife believes he’s having an affair because he’s been sleeping at the hospital a lot, and Adele actually believes that he’s having an affair with Bailey. 😀 That was funny! When Bailey denies it and laughs at it, Adele insists he’s having an affair with someone. Gossip wheels start turning.

The Chief decides he is no longer fit to do surgeries after he makes a mistake in a routine one, handing over his surgery load to Bailey. (As if she doesn’t have enough to do.) Later we find out the reason he’s been so off isn’t because of an affair it’s because he’s drinking again. The Chief was sitting at the bar dealing with the guilt he has because of everything that’s happened, and then Joe calls him a cab. Meredith notices it’s not just club soda and looks grim. Uh-oh, but really didn’t we see that coming? The Chief has been making so many, very bad decisions that he’s bound to feel guilty, unless he’s not human!

Overall, it was a great episode and I’m truly looking forward to seeing more drama between Teddy (Kim Raver), Owen and Christina. Not to mention the whole hoopla that is Alex and Izzie! Tune in Thursdays at 9 pm on ABC for more Grey’s Anatomy.

That’s all for this week, check back weekdays for TV news, and I’ll have another review next weekend. Enjoy your week!

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