TV News – 11/17/09

A couple of casting tid bits for the comedy Parks and Recreation on the roster for today. Justin Theroux (Sex and the City) will be joining the cast “as a friend of Ann’s (Rashida Jones) and a potential love interest for Leslie (Amy Poehler).” Expect to see Theroux sometime early 2010. Source

It seems that the same episode that Theroux will make his debut on the comedy is also the same episode that Amy Poehler’s real-life husband, Will Arnett, makes his appearance on the comedy as a potential love interest. Wait.. TWO possible love interests, that sounds like amusing fun! Source Source

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The author of the Sex and the City books, Candance Bushnell, is releasing a series of book that are a prequel of sorts. The Carrie Diaries will follow Carrie Bradshaw as a high school student and will lead us through the years before she was the star she is today. The first book will be released on April 27, 2010 which is coincidentally a month before Sex and the City 2 hits movie theatres (Great advertising) If you are a fan of the show you may want to check these books out to try and get a deeper look into the life of Carrie. I know I’ll at least give them a chance. Source Source

Now, it’s no secret that this site is a fan of Three Rivers (including hottie Alex O’Loughlin πŸ˜‰ ) and Sunday’s episode left me in tears after a heart wrenching performance by Mandy Patinkin. I bring this up because I’m worried for the show. CBS is going to move it to 10 pm on Sundays in order to try to boost ratings for both Three Rivers and Cold Case (which is currently in the 10 pm time slot). CBS is yet to order a full season of Three Rivers (an error on their part), but I’m hoping and asking all of you to watch and help this awesome show survive. So to summarize, for one week (maybe eventually longer), this coming Sunday, the two shows will swap time slots with CBS trying to get a jump in ratings. Don’t miss Three Rivers at 10 pm on CBS. Source

A&E has given a new series called Bob Saget’s Strange Days which has Saget putting himself in the middle of off-beat subcultures that are all around the place. For example Saget will “spend time with a group of survivalists preparing for the end of the world, ride with a biker gang and hang with mail-order brides and their husbands.” I don’t know what I think about this, but I do know that the idea of watching Danny Tanner spend some time with bikers intrigues me… is that wrong? πŸ˜‰ The series is set to premiere next year sometime I’ll let you know a more definite date/time when I do. πŸ˜€ Source

Okay, that’s all for this Tuesday news edition, don’t miss all new episodes of NCIS at 8 pm or NCIS: Los Angeles tonight at 9 pm both on CBS.

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