Week in Review – 11/15/09 – 11/21/09

Well, here’s my small weekly review, between all my other commitments last week and my lack of sleep I am obviously behind. However I will make it up to eventually 😀 For now here’s some insight into last week’s awesome episode of Glee and a look at Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy as well. If you haven’t seen these shows and don’t want to be spoiled don’t jump with me, everyone else here we go.

This week’s episode of Glee was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. It started off really amusing with Rachel singing a love song with Mr. Schu and falling in love with him. Then it was really sad how heart broken Finn was over the prospect of giving his daughter up for adoption. Anger took over when Quinn’s parents kicked her out for being pregnant and finally, I was moved to tears by the ending where the Glee club decided to sing a ballad to Finn and Quinn to show their support for their situation. What an episode it was!

We open with Mr. Schu deciding to work on ballads and getting the kids to team up into pairs by drawing names, due to an uneven number of people Rachel ends up being paired with Mr. Schu. Instant comedy right? Rachel and Will decide to show the kids how it’s done by singing their ballad which is Endless Love. Rachel falls in love with Will while singing the song, and becomes a stalker like school girl in love. Rachel buys Will a tie with stars on it so he can think of her. 😀

Will goes to Emma for help, and although she says she can’t blame Rachel because Will is the most crush worthy teacher at the school, she suggests he lets her down easy by singing his feelings. Does anyone think this is a mistake?

Sidebar: We see a flashback of Will’s last school girl crush, Suzy Pepper (Played perfectly by Sarah Drew). Suzy Pepper tried to off herself by eating the hottest pepper in the world when Will told her it wasn’t going to happen between them. If suicide was every a good choice, which it is not, I would never think of death by pepper.. and that is why Glee is hilariously silly and amusing.

Back to the story, Will has decided to do a mash-up of Young Girl and Don’t Stand So Close to Me as his song to sing to Rachel to get her off his case. It doesn’t work, especially when Emma decides to watch the performance and becomes even more doe-eyed than usual. Both women looked like they were madly in love with him by the end of the song, and although I agree he is adorable I can’t believe Rachel didn’t get the point. She decided he meant that she’s very young and it’s hard for Will to stand close to her. Close but not quite. 😉

Rachel goes so far as to go to Will’s house to cook and clean for him. The creepy thing is that Terri allows Rachel to do these things because it’s about time she got something from all these school girl crushes, that woman is unbalanced. Rachel eventually comes to her sense after talking to Suzy Pepper, who tells her to get some self-respect and she actually listens. When Rachel brings Will, flowers that have a card that says “Sorry I’ve been acting so crazy” , he is very generous with the forgiveness and reassurance. Will assures Rachel that there is a guy out there that will love her for everything about her including the things she doesn’t love about herself. This whole story line was funny but very cute as well. I honestly felt for Rachel, although let me go on record saying I have never stalked any teachers. 😉 .

Moving on to more emotional stuff, Finn confides in Kurt (who ends up being his ballad partner), that he’s so broken up about giving his daughter away for adoption. Kurt suggests Finn sings his ballad to his daughter in the future, and they choose, I’ll Stand By You. Finn ends up singing it to the sonogram video on his lap top when his mom walks in and sees him. Finn tells her the truth and he sobs in her arms. I was teary eyed over this, especially considering that Finn is going through all this heart ache for a little baby that isn’t even his. Finn’s mom was really supportive, which as a parent one should be even though it’s hard when your children do things that disappoint you.

On the topic of parents, Quinn’s parents were terrible. They invited Finn over for dinner, and he makes an error in judgement brought on by Kurt’s suggestion he tell Quinn’s parents the truth through song. Finn serenades Quinn with You’re Having My Baby. At first Quinn appears furious, after all which girl wouldn’t be. Then those pregnancy hormones take over and she actually seems touched by it. I have to say that it would be hard not to be touched when someone like Finn is singing that song to you.

Her parents are so upset, and although I understand that fact, they handle it wrong. Quinn’s dad throws her out and gives her 30 minutes to pack, even setting a timer on the microwave. Cold. Finn brings her home with him and his mom tells her she can stay as long as she needs.

I know that Quinn’s parents have a right to be upset but their daughter needs them and they aren’t being supportive.

Also in baby news, Puck spilt his guts to Mercedes about the baby being his and not Finn’s. Her response wasn’t what I expected, but it did make sense. She was shocked but she told Puck that he may be the “baby’s daddy but it takes more to be a father and that role has already been cast.” by Quinn when she picked Finn. She also told him that he needs to back off and give Quinn at least that much because he’s already helped mess up her life enough. Wow. I still think it’s wrong for Quinn to lie to Finn, but I can see Mercedes’ point about Puck needing to back off and give Quinn some space. Honestly I can’t wait for Finn to find out he’s not the daddy and see how he handles it.

The rest of the Glee decides to sing a ballad to Finn and Quinn to show their support, and they choose Lean On Me, so classic. I really enjoyed this number and it was really emotional to see all of them, even Puck, stand behind Finn and Quinn. Artie’s voice was fierce on this song and Mercedes really knocked it out of the park. I loved the part where Kurt did the “Call Me” line straight to Finn, and then Puck smiled at Quinn and said it too. Really a wonderful ending number.

I’m interested to see if next week we’re going to see the truth about the baby’s paternity come out, and if we’re finally going to see the fake baby scandal with Terri come to light. Any thoughts? Also for the record if you haven’t bought the new Glee soundtrack yet you should! It’s fabulous and it has a lot of the great songs from this first half of the season including, Defying Gravity and No Air. Seriously, pick it up! Catch a new episode of this ground breaking show, Wednesday night at 9 pm on FOX.

Moving to Thursday we have Grey’s Anatomy that was filled with many interesting turns of events. Christina and Owen, the chief’s drinking and Mark having a daughter are all stories that get good screen time tonight.

The chief tells Meredith that he was misdiagnosed with alcoholism when he really had situational depression. Okay Mere if you buy that I have some land you might be interested in. 😉 The Chief decides to take Meredith under his shaky drunk wing and help her in the skills lab, but we all know it’s equally for his own practice as hers. They both work on their skills and bond somewhat over the cadavers. Meredith encourages the Chief to make up with Derek and he eventually does. At the Christmas dinner Lexie and Thatcher realize that the Chief is drinking and tell Meredith. Surprisingly, Mere just tells them he was misdiagnosed and he’s fine.

Unfortunately, the Chief is not fine and on New Year’s, Mere gets called to Joe’s to pick up a very drunk Chief. He gives her the usual promises, about stopping etc and she somehow takes on the burden of him. *Sigh* Could the writers not destroy Mere with the Chief? This is going to be too much for her again, and we’re going to see the old Meredith back soon. Wait that could be interesting… Hmmm something to think about.

Meanwhile, Bailey gets an unexpected visit from her father who tears a piece off of her for putting surgery before her family,etc. Bailey invites herself to dinner at Mere’s house so that she can show her father that she has some normal things in her life. However, Bailey being Bailey she can only hold back so long, she tells her father everything and quite nicely too. Bailey assures her father that Tuck is better off seeing her happy than seeing her in a marriage she wasn’t happy in. Later her father sees Tuck and realizes that Bailey was right and that Tuck is doing perfectly fine. It’s amazing how many parents think that they can still interfere with the lives of their adult children. Way to go Bailey!

There is a whole lot of awkwardness going on between Teddy, Cristina and Owen. Cristina is so excited to be working with Teddy but then she starts to notice how Teddy watches Owen with such awe. Poor Cristina you finally get your cardio surgeon and she’s in love with you boyfriend, do you ever catch a break? 🙂

Teddy takes a moment to really make Cristina realize the fact that in order for their patient to receive her heart another must die. That’s really humbling for Cristina and I was proud of her for eventually realizing it.

Owen finally puts his big boy pants on and goes and talks to Teddy about things. Teddy ends up admitting she’s in love with Owen, and he then breaks her heart by telling her that he’s in love with Cristina. Yay! Cristina later tells Owen that he doesn’t have to stay with her because he feels he owes her ( you know for strangling her and all 😉 ) but he cuts her off with an intense kiss and telling her he loves her. I was so pleased with Owen for being man enough to confront Teddy and then telling Cristina he loves her all in one night, such progress. 🙂

Mark gets a visit from his 18 year old daughter.. wait daughter? That’s right Dr Mark Sloan has an 18 year old daughter named Sloan (Levin Rambin). Little Sloan stays with Mark and Lexie over the holiday season, and Mark has no idea how to deal with her. He barely talks to her or anything. The going consensus was that little Sloan was a surprise for Mark, but he confesses to Derek that he knew his girlfriend was pregnant about 18 years ago and he left. He gave her money, and left. Wow, super behaviour Mark.

Later, Lexie pushes Mark to talk to his daughter and we learn that the young girl is pregnant, she’s been kicked out of her Mom’s house and she’s dropped out of school. She basically came to him because she had no where else to go. That’s going to make one heck of an awkward house with Lexie, Mark and his daughter who’s barely younger than Lexie. Should be great TV right? lol.

Okay that’s all I’ve got for last week, I didn’t get a whole lot of TV time with all the stuff going on, but I will catch up and make sure next week’s review is even better 🙂 . Have a great night and enjoy this week of TV because that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

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