TV News – 11/23/09

Monday and what a weekend it was. I haven’t been sleeping well, and I didn’t even get a chance to go see New Moon yet. 🙁 I’m hoping to go later this week, on the bright side maybe I’ll miss the giant crowds. (Hey, I can hope right?) I’m going to get some news to you and then finish up my weekly review to post. So let’s get started.

TLC has ordered a new series hosted by Art Smith, titled Craving Comfort. The show will feature Smith travelling around the country discovering different ways to present the dishes that everyone craves. Every episode will be a treat for your eyes and make your taste buds water, with comfort foods such as fried chicken and apple pie being featured it’s bound to be interesting. You’ll recognize Smith from his guest appearances on Oprah and he also runs his own restaurant named, Table Fifty-Two. Look for the new series to be paired up with Cake Boss, and other shows. The date is yet to be announced. Source

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Want some adorable sneak peaks at this week’s Glee? Who doesn’t right? Well, consider yourself warned it’s spoilerish so if you don’t want to be too spoiled then don’t watch! For everyone else here it is! GLEE SNEAK PEAK

The whole Cougar Town shutting down production thing was completely over exaggerated. The show did have to take Thursday off unexpectedly but will be back fully after an already planned hiatus for Thanksgiving, it only started a few days early due to a “family issue” with Courtney Cox. We can all relax now. Source

Okay, news was scarce today, probably because everyone is getting ready for the American Thanksgiving but I’ll be back later today with my weekly review and again tomorrow with more news. If you’re interested you can catch the series finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8 tonight on TLC.

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