TV News – 11/24/09

It seems like there is a slight more news today than yesterday so let’s get started. [Note from Jenny: My fault this is up so late! Megan had it ready but I never got a notice from the site that it was pending. So… *shrug* Sorry!]

ABC has shut down production on FlashForward temporarily to do some writing work. Last month co-showrunner, Marc Guggenheim, left the show and the ratings have been slowly getting lower. FlashForward will air it’s mid-season finale on December 3rd. It’s only going to be a 6 day break and I’m not opposed to it. The show could use a little time to get the writers on track so we’ll see where it goes. Source

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It would appear that The National Enquirer was wrong about Drea de Matteo leaving Desperate Housewives… are we surprised? Anyways, a source at Housewives has told Ausiello, that Matteo’s contract for at least 20 episodes this season is still solid. I do enjoy Matteo she’s very amusing, and adds some variety to the show so I’m glad the gossip magazine was wrong, aren’t you?

Okay, I really enjoy Lisa Edelstein who plays Cuddy on House, and Ausiello has a fantastic and funny interview with Edelstein. In the interview, the discuss the Cuddy-centric episode coming up in February, Cuddy’s relationship with Lucas and what is to become of the House and Cuddy storyline. Check out this great article here.

Although I’m not surprised with this news, I’m telling you anyways. 😀 USA Network has renewed Burn Notice for a fourth season, a deal that only became official yesterday. The fourth season will contain 16-episode will more than likely hit our TVs next summer. This comes in the same week as USA picked up Psych for a fifth season. I enjoy both shows so this is good news in my opinion but with the ratings these two shows get I’d be more surprised if they didn’t get picked up. 😉 Source

Amanda Peet (Gulliver’s Travels) is going to be guest starring on How I Met Your Mother sometime early next year and will play a co-worker of Marshall’s. I think this is great casting, Peet is adorable and a good actress. It always helps when one of the stars on the show, (ie. Neil Patrick Harris), loves you as well. Harris went on record saying that Peet would be a fun addition, and so be it. Talk about power! Source

FOX has announced it’s schedule for the midseason, starting with the premiere of American Idol on January 12th. Other premieres to look for are, Human Target on January 17th, and don’t forget that Glee will return with new episodes after it’s hiatus on April 13th (I know that seems like forever!). For a complete look at the schedule check it out over at The Futon Critic

Speaking of FOX, it has announced that Fringe starring Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek), will be going on a seven week hiatus starting on February 11th. It would return on April 1st. I don’t like the break but at least it’s coming back after only 7 weeks right? Source

Okay that’s it for today, but don’t miss all new episodes of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles tonight on CBS starting at 8 pm. They’re going to be good! [Note from Jenny: Again, sorry this is up late! I hope you enjoyed the NCIS’s!]

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