TV News – 11/27/09

Friday and I am so under the weather right now! This cold is taking it’s toll on me, so if my words are jumbled perhaps it’s the Neocitran talking. 😉 As for news, I do have a little for you today. Thanksgiving is causing havoc on my TV watching and my news reporting.

USA has announced the winter premiere dates for White Collar, Psych and Burn Notice. However, there are a couple changes in the night these series are going to air. Psych is moving from Fridays, to Wednesdays, starting January 27th and White Collar will be moving from Friday to Tuesday starting January 19th. As for Burn Notice the drama will stay put on Thursdays, with a return date of January 21st. It sounds like a solid mid-week for USA and I for one, am excited for the changes. Source

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On Tuesday, December 1st, our TV schedules are going to be moved around to allow for President Obama’s address to the nation at 8 pm. ABC, CBS and NBC are all going to air the special with FOX being the only one who has yet to announce it’s intentions. For a complete look at how this will affect you, check out The Futon Critic. I’m sure Jenny will have it in the TV schedules as well, so don’t worry if you forget.

Although, I was already intrigued NBC’s upcoming drama, Parenthood, I am very excited for Parenthood to start after seeing the commercial for it during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade yesterday. Why you ask? Well, Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) of course! It may not be Gilmore Girls but Graham back on my TV in any capacity is okay with me! She is a great actress and we already know how great she is at playing the mom! To get you excited to, check out this short clip below.

Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got for you tonight. I’m off to have another Neocitran and then off to bed, hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning. Have a good weekend and I’ll be back sometime with my weekly review.

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