TV News – 11/30/09

Wow, it’s getting close to Christmas isn’t it? We can tell because a lot of shows are going on hiatus and we get a slowing in the news department. However, I managed to dig up a bit for you. Enjoy!

At the moment this is just a rumour but as they say ” picture is worth a thousand words!” A college student waiting in the Los Angeles airport, got a picture of Big Brother 11 contestants, Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder, dressed in matching clothes with backpacks, leading us to believe that an Amazing Race appearance is in the works! The student (Danielle Varey) also said there were 2 other teams and a camera crew too. CBS isn’t confirming or denying anything, but I’m excited. I’ll definitely root for them if they’re on, what do you think? Head over to Zap2Itto check out the photo.

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Hal Ozsan (Dawson’s Creek, Supernatural) will be joining the cast of 90210 as the faculty advisor for the paper. I think this is great casting, and exactly what we need, an older hot man to look at on the show. It’s nice for us viewers who aren’t teenagers anymore πŸ˜€ Source

I’m so excited to be talking about this news! True Blood is starting production on season three and that means we’re getting some juicy spoilers starting with casting news! It seems that they are looking for a middle aged woman to play Melinda Mickens, “the only character in history who lives in more trash than Oscar the Grouch.” She shares a last name with Tommy who the spoiler king Ausiello has reported is going to be Sam’s brother. So everyone is thinking this could be Sam’s mom! There are some other great tid bits of information, but I’ll let you check it out for yourself over at the Ausiello Files

TNT has cancelled Raising the Bar which starred Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Aw, Poor Zach (Saved By The Bell). The show just didn’t bring in the ratings which is unfortunate because I did enjoy watching it, didn’t you? Source

Okay that’s it for now, and I’ll be back tomorrow with more news!

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