TV News – 12/04/09

This week has flown by hasn’t it? What did you all think about last night’s episodes of Private Practice? I loved them, and will review them this weekend. As for the news I have a few things for you today, so let’s get started.

It seems the broken road has led Rascal Flatts straight to CSI for a guest spot sometime next year. The episode titled, Unshockable is “a riff off [the group’s] hit album, tour and song…[they’ll] be playing themselves. One of the guys…will become the victim of a crime. The other two ‘Rascals’ will be suspects…thus, jeopardizing the future of the band.” I’m really excited about this, I really love Rascal Flatts and it’s great that they’ll be singing on the show too. There might even be a new song! As soon as I know when the episode is on, I’ll let you know. 😀 Source

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Winter hiatus return dates have been announced for ABC shows, FlashForward and V. FlashForward will return March 4, giving it a finale date of April 29, 2010, which is the date the show’s characters had the initial flash forward to in the pilot. During it’s break, FlashForward will be replaced with The Deep End which is a legal drama with the similar feel of a Grey’s Anatomy but with lawyers. V will return March 30th at 10 pm, with Lost as a lead in. I think this is a wise decision because V is a good match up with the fan favorite. Source

The new TNT pilot, Delta Blues, that’s being produced by George Clooney has announced three more additions to it’s cast. First, we have Abraham Benrubi (Jerry on ER) will be playing “[police] officer who’s one-eighth Chickasaw but chooses to live by ‘his tribes wisdom’ “. Second, we have Celia Weston (Observe and Report) who will play the mom who the lead character (played by Jason Lee) will live with. Finally, DJ Qualls (All About Steve) will play a younger police officer who admires Jason Lee’s character. No release date for the pilot yet but I’ll keep you posted. Source

Alright that’s all I have for you this lovely Friday, but I’ll be back this weekend with my weekly review and then on Monday I’ll hit you with more news. Have a great weekend!

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3 Responses to TV News – 12/04/09

  1. Jenny says:

    I LOVE Abraham Benrubi! He was great on ER and Men in Trees! Can’t wait to see this show. 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    I know, he’s also supposed to be in the new drama for ABC ‘Happy Town’.

  3. Jenny says:

    Sweet! 😀