Week in Review – 11/29/09 -12/06/09

Hello all! Last week was an interesting week of television even if it was a bit slow due to the holiday season. We did get some great episodes of some favorites, including an eventful episode of Glee where will finally took his manhood back! Along with that, we had a promotional episode of Bones and a double dose of Private Practice I’m also going to do a combined review of last Sunday’s and this Sunday’s episode of The Amazing Race so let’s get started!

Last Sunday brought us a sad episode of The Amazing Race in my opinion because the Globe trotters got eliminated after Big Easy was unable to answer a scrambled word puzzle. Although I was so pleased that Meghan and Cheyne were still in it, I wish the brothers would just disappear already.

The brothers are just mean, plain and simple. I can’t stand how Dan agreed to work with Big Easy on the puzzle, and then when Dan got the answer he just bolted out of the place without giving Big Easy the answer. All Dan said was “It starts with an ‘F’ “.

Unfortunately, Big Easy isn’t a word whiz and got overwhelmed by the task at hand. He left and went to talk with Flight Time and together they decided to take the four hour penalty and not complete the task. I wouldn’t have done that either, it just seems weak to me to give up, but I suppose when you’re so distraught you just can’t see a way out.

After the rest of the race was run, the Globe trotters came in last and were eliminated which is sad but gave us the final 3 teams of : The Brothers (Dan and Sam), Brian & Ericka and Meghan and Cheyne.

This Sunday we saw the teams race through Las Vegas and do some pretty neat things. The first task had them rappelling face first down the side of Mandalay Bay. It was insane. I couldn’t have done it, and I congratulate Ericka on doing it because Brian has an intense fear of heights.

Surprisingly, Brian & Ericka finished the task first (color me surprised), and then they were the first to get to the Mirage Hotel where they were instructed to become part of the Cirque du Soleil Love Show. The challenge was to have one team member in a bungee cord device and the other team member had to launch their team member high enough to grab a bunch of flowers that were hanging above the stage. They had to grab the full bouquet and hand it to the ‘flower child’ to receive their next clue.

Cue drama with Brian and Ericka. Ericka was rigged up to bungee and Brian was doing his darndest to launch her to the flowers, but it didn’t seem like Ericka was trying very hard to help. All she was doing was harping on Brian. Seriously that woman is aggravating beyond belief. If I was Brian I may have lost my mind and taped her mouth shut! They lost their lead because of their lack of team work, and that gave the superstar blonde team of Meghan and Cheyne the chance to take the lead.

The teams had to race to the casino named after Monaco’s most famous casino, and it was the Monte Carlo. Meghan and Cheyne went to the wrong hotel, but caught up to the other teams and worked their fingers to the bone.

The task at hand was to count out exactly one million dollars in poker chips, and then have a dealer verify if they counted the right amount or not.

Sam & Dan did what they do best, they argued while doing the task, which I’m sure is what threw off their counting. Brian & Ericka were counting like crazy but not accurate enough. Amazingly Meghan & Cheyne were the last team there, but counted the chips as fast as the other teams, only properly giving them back the lead.

The next stop was to bring the One million dollar chip they were given to the MGM Grand Hotel to give it to ‘Mr. Las Vegas’ , Wayne Newton! He would then tell them the location of the pit stop, which just happened to be at Wayne Newton’s house.

Meghan & Cheyne got there first and were really excited to meet Wayne, and even hugged him, then apologized and ran out. Sam & Dan are slightly retarded when they didn’t know Wayne Newton’s name ( I thought every one knew that), but they were rightly embarrassed. Brian & Ericka were third and last as usual.

After a lot of the usual editing to make them appear neck and neck with Sam & Dan, Meghan & Cheyne ran up to the mat at Wayne Newton’s ranch to claim first place and the million dollar prize. All the teams from the race were there waiting and they all seemed happy it was Meghan & Cheyne who won.

The brothers came in second and were grateful just to have finished the race ( which is a front because they are so competitive they are probably kicking themselves for losing the one million dollars 😉 ). Finally, Brian & Ericka came in last but had us all choked up about how Ericka hopes her family will finally accept Brian for the man he is. I don’t know the story there but her family should give him a million dollars just for putting up with her diva attitude!

Overall, I was pleased with the winners and happy with the results. If it couldn’t have been the Globetrotters I’m just happy it was Meghan & Cheyne.

Alas, Wednesday oh how I love thee because you bring us Glee. Seriously, all kidding aside, Wednesday and Thursdays are becoming my favorite days of the week. Wednesday’s episode of Glee did not let us down, it was fabulous and it wrapped up the Terri story line finally so I was ecstatic. Let’s discuss it.

The Glee members are all busy trying to find a way not to be in the yearbook because the club’s photo is defaced every year. Meanwhile, Sue convinces Principal Figgins that he should save the money by not printing the club’s photo which would also save those poor kids the humiliation of moustaches and blackened teeth. The kids are happy with this, well except for Rachel who lives for year book photos, she’s furious. Will is really upset too, so he pays for an ad in the year book but he can only afford a picture big enough for two members of the club.

Everyone nominates Rachel because they don’t want it, but she convinces Finn to be in the picture with her. She helps Finn work on his smile by singing a rather odd choice of Smile (Original by Lily Allen). I say odd because besides the word ‘smile’ it had little to do with the issue at hand, but it did give us some cute Finn-Rachel moments singing and dancing so I guess I’ll take it.

Problem is, Finn backs out after guys from the football team say they’re going to give him a Hitler moustache and right loser on his forehead (although the one guy admitted to not being able to spell Loser, so I wouldn’t have worried too much 😉 ). This did lead us to a nice Rachel moment with her talking herself into the photo alone, and then getting the club cast in a local mattress commercial for ‘Mattress Land’.

This commercial had the kids bouncing on mattresses, and singing Jump (original by Van Halen). I thought it was well done. I loved how they incorporated everyone and it really went a long way to boost the moral of the team.

Unfortunately they got a stack of mattresses as payment for the performance, and as a show choir they will get disqualified for accepting payment. They can’t send the mattresses back because Will slept on one after his blow up with Terri (more about that below) so he decided to withdraw himself from sectionals so the kids can compete without him. I hope they do well.

The Glee club gets a full page photo for the yearbook after Quinn blackmails Sue into giving up one of hers. I loved that moment with Quinn, her strong character came through, but even more she chose the Glee club over The Cheerios because the club had never stopped accepting her despite her pregnancy. Great character evolution!

Onto the Will and Terri baby drama. Will found one of Terri’s pregnancy bumps in the dresser drawer while he was looking for a tie, and was furious. To me it seemed kind of retarded on Terri’s part to hide something so crucial to her dirty little secret in the top dresser drawer ;). Anyways, Will confronted Terri, and at first she lied saying it was to see how clothes were going to fit, but then she said she had to do it. Terri said she felt Will slipping away, and that he was starting to feel like he was better than their marriage, but he says he only wanted to feel equal in the marriage for once. A lot of arguing happens, but Will finally freaks out when Terri admits she was going to pass Quinn’s baby off as theirs. Will leaves but not before he tells Terri that he ‘loved’ her. Let me just say that Matthew Morrison (Will) was fantastic in this scene, really perfectly acted.

It was a hard scene to watch though because Terri was just dripping desperation, it was sad. Emma surprised me when she told Will later that she could understand how Terri got so crazy, because he’s “a lot to lose.” I can see that but Emma also said that faking a pregnancy should probably be illegal, so at least she’s not so in love with Will she’s not thinking clearly. lol.

I really enjoyed this episode, and although I am so excited for Wednesday’s episode where we see the club at sectionals, I am also so sad. It’s our last episode of Glee until April! 🙁 I guess I’ll just have my Glee cds to keep me happy until then 😀

Thursday was full of new episodes, but let’s discuss Bones first. What a weird episode it was, although somewhat touching at times. First let me say that although Hodgins, Fisher and Sweets are all amusing during the storyline, and I want to see Avatar too, I just thought that the cross promotion was a bit much.

The Fisher, Sweets and Hodgins storyline also brought up the fact that Fisher has “pitched a tent” with nearly 100 women. Gross. Sweets starts to feel insecure about his own tent pitching skills and allows himself to be hit on in line by a girl with lots of tattoos who is willing to show her body to random men while waiting to see a movie.. odd right? Luckily Sweets comes to his senses and doesn’t go any furthur with tattoo girl, but Fisher does. Yep, creepy Fisher “pitches his tent” with the tattoo girl right in the line up for the movie (well in a tent but crazy none the less). Hodgins has a nice moment when he tells Sweets that it’s the “quality of the experience not the quantity” and that makes Sweets happy again. I love Sweets but sometimes he’s too insecure.

The case of the episode revolved around a man that was found in a huge container of used oil from a restaurant, gross. The man, Steve, was a mail man during the day but a video game superstar at night. Apparently he played a perfect game of Punky Pong, but there were those that didn’t believe it. Eventually we find out that although he did indeed play a perfect game once, this time he didn’t so he is not the world champion, in fact it was an autistic boy named Dougie who did. Steve just video taped Dougie playing and passed it off as his.

Dougie’s father was angry because Steve took credit for the one thing that Dougie does well and loves, so he killed him with his golf club. I thought that although the story line was a bit extreme, as a parent I can understand how angry I’d be if someone hurt my child like that. The only problem with this is as Brennan pointed out, Dougie didn’t know anything was going on because Dougie is autistic.

Speaking of Brennan, she was so sweet when she told Bones that he has a valid “number system” for seeing things and she respects his view even if it’s different from hers. That’s love right there. The ability to see another’s point of view as valid even if you don’t entirely agree, is a redeeming quality in a relationship. I just wish they’d get on with the relationship already!

Catch an all new episode of Bones, Thursday at 8 pm on FOX.

Also on Thursday was two great episodes of Private Practice and they were both very good. I’m only going to do a quick run down and tell you a few of my favorite parts.

In the first of the two episodes, Addison’s dad is still in town, and get this he’s sleeping with Violet! I could hardly believe it. Violet has been having so many issues but she says that The Captain (Addison’s dad) helped her through those issues and made her feel like a woman again. Granted that’s important but your friend’s dad is off limits especially when you have to work out your problems with your baby’s daddy still.

Sam and Naomi are having problems with their daughter Maya, and her new behaviour. Maya is dressing kind of skanky, and is messing around with her new boyfriend, Dink. (I kid you not that’s his name.) It all hits the fan when Naomi comes home to find Dink and Maya making out on the couch when Maya is supposed to be at school. It was slightly comedic when Naomi told Maya to call her father to save her life. I would have probably freaked out if it was my daughter too.

Sam tries to be the good cop in the situation, even taking Maya to his house for a few days. Problem is, even though Maya says she’ll follow the rules, she throws a party while Sam is out and Sam catches her. Dink is there running his hands all through Maya’s hair and Sam loses it too. He kicks everyone out and drives her home, telling her to apologize to her mother and behave herself.

Meanwhile, Addison has been trying to save a 60 year old woman, Eleanor, and her baby. Weird right? I understand the need for a child, but at 60 it’s just so hard on the child because your mom is probably going to pass away before you get married or maybe even before you graduate. Anyways, just my opinion. 😉 Addison is brilliant and she saves mother and baby.

After the surgery Addison tells Pete about Violet and The Captain, and Pete is furious. He goes to Violet and tells her he’s done, and I don’t blame him either. I do hope they can work it out because I loved them as a couple.

Cooper and Charlotte are still having issues after Charlotte not telling Cooper she was married before. Charlotte insists she did it to protect Cooper, but Cooper is still not having it. I just wish they’d break up already because they are truly a volatile couple at the moment, maybe some time apart will help them out.

Moving on to the second episode.

Addison’s dad is still in down but now he’s joined by her mother, Bizzy (JoBeth Williams) because he wants Bizzy to tell Addison the truth. What’s the truth you ask? Well, Bizzy is a lesbian. Unfortunately, Bizzy doesn’t tell Addison herself, Addison walks in on Bizzy kissing her assistant, Susan. We learn that Bizzy has been with Susan for 20 years, that’s a long time to hide things from your children. Addison’s dad tells her that Bizzy is the love of his life and his best friend, so now instead of hating her dad, Addison thinks she should hate her mom for hurting her dad.

Poor Addison is so confused and she runs to her ‘friend’ Sam, where she tries to comfort her own pain by kissing Sam, he stops her saying he doesn’t want it like this, and then he just holds her. It was a really touching scene and I applaud Sam stopping the kissing, but I would love these two to get together.

More importantly, we have a huge storyline for Dell. His house blew up with his wife, Heather and his daughter, Betsy, in it. Betsy is going to be okay but Heather is dying from her injuries. The thing is it’s Heather’s fault the house blew up because she was cooking meth. Dell can’t forgive her and actually tells her to ‘die a painful death’.

Pete thinks that Dell is being too hard on Heather, and that Dell should let Betsy say goodbye to her mom before she dies. Dell refuses and even ends up in a fist fight with Pete at one point, but Pete remains strong saying that Dell will regret it if Heather dies before he makes peace.

Dell is still holding out, and Heather is dying. Heather thinks that Pete is Dell and she apologizes and tells him she loves him. Pete shows mercy and pretends to be Dell, he tells her he forgives her and that he loves her. Dell shows up but he’s too late, Heather has just passed away.

Addison then tells Dell that the best thing to tell Betsy is the truth no matter how painful. I have a feeling Dell is going to go to many dark places in the next part of the season and I’m interested to see how this story line goes.

I really enjoyed both episodes and I hope that we see some resolution for stories such as Pete and Violet as well as the relationship with Addison and Sam bloom more. Any thoughts?

Well, that’s all for me this week. I apologize it was so late, but I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great week.

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2 Responses to Week in Review – 11/29/09 -12/06/09

  1. Jenny says:

    Ok, a couple comments… heh First, the Globetrotters. At the beginning of the season, I loved them. They were funny, as Globetrotters always are, and seemed to be having a great time. Then in episode 6, in Dubai, I lost every single bit of respect for them. When they stood at the top of the water slide and taunted Mika for being so scared, it pissed me off. It’s one thing, competitive and all that, to tease someone or try and convince them to let you through. But when someone is THAT afraid, no, TERRIFIED, and you say what they were saying, it’s worse than uncalled for. For goodness sakes, all they had to do was wait TWO minutes. Then they’d have been able to scoot in front of them and go, according to the rules. Instead, they played up her fear and made it worse. To me, that was it. I hated them more every minute after that.

    Ok, on to Bones. Couple things. 🙂 Sweets is insecure sometimes. But think about it. He’s very young for what he does, even if he’s good at it, and everyone is constantly teasing him about it (esp. Booth, who Sweets really admires), so I think he has good reason to feel insecure. 😉

    And yes, I LOVED Bones’ declaration about Booth’s numbering system being valid. 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    I agree that Sweets has a reason to be insecure I just feel like they over play it sometimes. Meh.

    I didnt’ agree with what the globetrotters did in Dubai, but I still liked watching them. What can I say. 🙂