TV News – 12/08/09

News time! 😀

Fringe has cast Peter’s Mom, for what I believe will be flashbacks or in an alternate universe considering she’s dead as far as I knew. Orla Brady (Shark) has been given the important role and I think she’ll be great. There is a lot of talk about how she’s not old enough but she really is in her 40’s she’s just aged really well. 😀 She’ll make her appearance sometime in 2010. I’m excited about this not just because I believe Brady will be brilliant in the role but because I’m looking forward to the story lines this brings forth. Source

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Soap opera fans shed some tears today because CBS has announced that As the World Turns will end it’s 54-year run in September. This leaves only six soap operas on air right now, but that may become five if ABC cancels One Life to Live. It’s sad that this seems to be the year of soap opera cancellations, first with Guiding Light and now ATWT, hopefully my favorite General Hospital stays on the air. Perhaps in a day and age where evening shows are full of drama and soap opera story lines, the need for a day time drama fix is dwindling? Are you upset with this news? Source

Ausiello is reporting that Elizabeth Banks is going to be guest starring on 30 Rock as Jack’s (Alec Baldwin) love interest. Ausiello’s sources are saying that she’ll be in at least four episodes, and I think this is fabulous casting. Banks is beautiful, witty and a talented actress who will give Jack a run for his money. I’m looking forward to this aren’t you?

Some juicy details from True Blood for you today. Kristin Bauer who plays Pam, Eric’s lieutenant at Fangtasia, is going to be getting a bigger role next season. Alan Ball (series creator) is saying “Pam may become involved in a same sex relationship in the coming season.” I think this is excellent news, because I enjoy Pam and her amusing attitude towards Sookie and others. I have to say Pam and same-sex relationship really didn’t shock me much, how about you? Source

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  1. Samantha says:

    i love OLTL & GH. i like amc too but some storylines are just dumb right now.