TV News – 12/9/09

Wednesday and I am late again lol. However, you must forgive me because I have some good stuff for you 😀

Oh my Glee! Idina Menzel (Private Practice, Wicked) is coming to the show for the second half. Unfortunately, it’s not in the perfect role for her of Rachel’s biological mother, but we’ll take it. Menzel will be playing the choir director for Vocal Adrenaline, who are New Directions’ main competition. I absolutely LOVE Idina Menzel, she deserved that Tony for her role in Wicked and I think she’ll be a fabulous in Glee. I can’t wait for April, can you? Source

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Ausiello is back from his vacation so that means that the spoiler chat is back this week too! The chat has some great spoilers on Grey’s Anatomy as well as some details on Big Love, it’s bound to satisfy your need for spoilers. As always if you don’t want to know then don’t click the link 😀 Everyone else, go HERE!

Great shows such as Three Rivers are on the verge of cancellation, and ABC is rolling out new gems such as Conveyor Belt of Love… Seriously? Sad but true, ABC’s newest reality love special airs on January 4th at 10 pm, after the season premiere of The Bachelor. Although it’s only going to be an hour long special, in my opinion this is a ridiculous idea all together. 30 men are going to be presented on the Conveyor Belt of Love to five women and will only have 60 seconds to impress the ladies. Each woman will pick a date and hope to find love, I’m not buying. So what do you say are you going to give it a whirl and watch? Source

[Note from Jenny: Speaking of shows on the verge of cancellation, I want to put up a poll about what show you’d prefer to see saved, but I need input. What shows do you know of are bubble shows right now? Shows that haven’t been cancelled yet, but have finished airing their original episode order and haven’t been picked up, shows that got pulled before they could air all their episodes, etc. Please, comment and let us know!]

Alright that’s it for tonight but I’ll be back tomorrow (earlier I promise) with more news. Night! (Or Morning as the case might be 😉 )

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