Week in Review – 12/06/09 – 12/12/09

This week in TV was a little slow but it had some shining moments. Glee’s fall finale was fabulous, especially with all the dirty laundry being hung out to dry and Criminal Minds had me tearing up a bit as usual. I loved the episode of Bones this week, the appearance from Zooey Deschanel made the holiday special that much better. As usual if you haven’t watched these shows yet and don’t want to be spoiled then do NOT click the link, everyone else let’s go!

Glee this week was bittersweet. On the one hand, we got a stupendous new episode but on the other hand it’s the last new episode until April, so I’m going to miss it. Let’s not dwell on that negative fact for the moment, let’s look at all the great things that happened this episode including the paternity of Quinn’s baby finally being revealed, Sectionals, and a perfect moment between Will and Emma.

Rachel some how figured out that Puck was actually the father of Quinn’s baby, and she confided in the other club members that she’s “a little psychic” about some things. Creepy but accurate. She came to the conclusion by watching how worried about Quinn, Puck has been, and how’s he has been behaving. The rest of the club already knows the truth, thanks to Mercedes blabbing it after Puck told her, and they are desperate to keep Rachel from telling Finn because they know that will ruin their chances at Sectionals. They don’t luck out.

Rachel uses fear to motivate Quinn, by telling her that there is only a risk for the baby having Tay Sachs if one of the parents are Jewish. Then she watches as Quinn runs to talk to Puck. Oops.

Although she had selfish motives, such as wanting Finn to herself, she did help us by moving the story line along, when Rachel went to Finn to tell him the truth. Finn took as was expected, he pounded Puck’s face in. Then he declared he was done with Quinn and the Glee club. I really felt for Finn in that moment because not only was he feeling heart broken because he was lied to, but he felt like an idiot when he realized that the whole ‘getting pregnant by the hot tub incident’ was completely untrue, but he was stupid enough to believe it.

Rachel admits to Quinn that her motives were selfish, but Quinn’s not angry with her because she thinks Rachel only did what she wasn’t strong enough to , by telling the truth. Puck seemed embarrassed to look at Rachel, but relieved the truth was out.

Puck found Quinn crying out in the hall and offered to step up and take care of the baby now that the truth is out, but Quinn has decided that she can’t take anymore drama and wants to do this by herself. I can understand her point on this, but she will need help, especially now that she has no where to live seeing as Finn is done with her.

I wonder where they are going to go with the whole, Terri adopting the baby thing, because now Quinn is going to need someone to adopt her little girl. Where will she live? Maybe she could move in with Terri, lol. April is so far to find these answers out…

On to other matters, Sectionals. Emma takes over for Will as the faculty advisor of Glee club, and they get to work on the set list. Mercedes steps up and wants to do the ballad, because she’s as good as Rachel and deserves a chance. Emma suggests Rachel give Mercedes a chance to try, and try she does. Wow! What a voice. Mercedes (Amber Riley) sings, And I Am Telling You (most recently sung by Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls) and she knocked it out of the park, getting a standing ovation from the rest of the club, even Rachel. I loved that Rachel was mature enough to give Mercedes the ballad, when she wanted it so much for herself, Mercedes does deserve it.

Unfortunately, Mercedes doesn’t get to perform her song at Sectionals because the Jane Addams girl’s choir does. Then they do Proud Mary in wheelchairs, and finally the school for the deaf sings Don’t Stop Believing. So Will was right! (Although we already knew that 😉 ) Sue leaked the set list to the other schools in an attempt to thwart any chance of victory, New Directions, had.

Don’t panic yet, Emma called Will and told him what was going on, he then convinces Finn to go to Sectionals to lead his team to victory. Will hinted at You Can’t Always Get What you Want being a good song, while it was a subtle hint even Finn figured it out.

Finn got the sheet music and rode to the rescue, and he was there for the club not for Quinn or Puck. Puck actually came and asked, “We Cool, Dude?”. To which Finn was rock solid, with “No.” Well, that’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Puck slept with Quinn while even Finn wasn’t and got her pregnant, then he allowed Finn to go on believing that he was the father when Puck knew the truth all along. I wouldn’t be ready to forgive him yet either.

As for the ballad, Mercedes gave it to Rachel, and she came through with Don’t Rain on My Parade from Funny Girl. It was amazing, especially with the way she entered from the back of the theatre and really played up to the audience. She then cued her “band” to march in and the rest of the club joined her, it was a fabulous number and it earned a standing ovation.

The performance of You Can’t Always Get What You Want was fierce. Finn really rocked the first solo and Rachel was equally fantastical with the second solo. The whole group was really good, and it had Will (who was listening through Emma’s phone) tearing up with pride. The audience was in love with them, and they were all dancing before the end.

We got to see inside the judges meeting while they were deciding who wins, and did anyone recognize the airhead ex-Miss Ohio? It was Anna Camp, who played Reverend Newlin’s wife, Sarah on season two of True Blood. She was hilarious and I loved how she was flirting with the other judge, Rod Remington (The TV anchor from the news station). I also found it amusing how she was trashing the deaf choir because it’s a singing competition, and she didn’t think they should be up there. 😀

Emma gave a piece of her mind to the directors of the other two choirs for cheating, saying that if they had believed in their kids more, they wouldn’t have cheated. Yay Emma! This pretty much shamed the girl’s choir director (EVE) into confessing but just as she was going to the judges came out with their judgement.

While we didn’t get to see it, New Directions won! I can’t say I’m surprised because we need to see the kids go to Regionals and off to face Vocal Adrenaline (led by the impeccable Idina Menzel), besides that I was still so happy with the results. What can I say I’m a sucker for happy endings.

Obviously Emma was much better at shaming someone than she realized because after the competition both the other directors came and confessed to Figgins about the cheating. Figgins had tons of evidence including the set lists in Sue’s hand writing on Cheerio stationary. lol. I was so happy when Figgins suspended Sue from the school, although I love her moments she needs to learn her lesson. What am I saying? Sue will never learn she’s going to come back swinging after her trip to Boca. At least this got Will reinstated as the director of Glee club.

The kids thought that they would give Will a treat because he missed their performance at Sectionals, so they put together a number of montage dances to the song My Life would Suck Without You.. It was very amusing, and adorable.

Speaking of Will, he left Terri, even after she said she was seeing a therapist and that she was sorry, he said he didn’t feel anything when he looked at her anymore. *sigh* As much as I want Will away from Terri, I found myself feeling bad for her in the moment, she looked so lost without him.

Will went to Emma’s wedding only to find Emma sitting alone in her wedding gown, because Ken has left her. He doesn’t want to be second to Will anymore. Emma then admits to Will that she actually postponed her wedding for him not just the kids, and that if Will had given her just “one blink” she’d had of been out of the door instead of settling for Ken. I was tearing up. Poor Emma just loves Will so much, so instead of staying at the school and feeling guilty about Ken, or heartbroken about Will she’s leaving. Oh no!

Will tries to stop Emma by telling her that he “just left” his wife but she says that’s the point, that he “just” left his wife. Fear not, Will realizes during the kids performance of My Life Would Suck Without You, that he needs her. Will runs through the school, eventually finding her in the hallway, and he kisses her. It was a momentous kiss, the kind that makes your stomach flip flop and your mind fog. That there is exactly why I love this show. They fade the screen and that’s all we get until APRIL… 🙁 .

On what I didn’t like about this episode, I was hoping for more between Finn and Rachel. I know he just had his world torn apart with the baby scandal, but he has liked Rachel for awhile so I was hoping for maybe a kiss now that he’s a free man. Too much to ask? Okay, I know but I can’t wait until April to see them hopefully get together. It’s TOO long! Well until April, ladies and gentlemen, you can listen to your Gleesoundtracks volumes One and Two. That’s what I’ll be doing! 😀

I’m including a few clips from this episode, including Mercedes (Amber Riley) belting out And I’m Telling You, Rachel (Lea Michele) singing Don’t Rain on my Parade and the whole Glee club rocking You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Enjoy!

Also on Wednesday was Criminal Minds with a disturbing Unsub who was trying to recreate his perfect date with the women before he murdered them. It was also a very sad episode because it had a lot of discussion about Hailey’s death.

The episode opened with Hailey’s funeral, and it was heartbreaking. To see all of the team, Hotch and his son, Jack, all there in black while Hotch delivered the eulogy I was teary eyed for sure. Then everyone was back at Hotch’s house after the funeral, when the team gets a call that they have to take because no one else is available. Everyone says goodbye to Hotch and leaves. What I found different was that Garcia had her boyfriend (played by Nicholas Brennan from Buffy) was with her, I like seeing them together. (Even though I wish the show would just get Garcia and Morgan together already).

The team was faced with an Unsub who had recently broken up with his fiancee after she cheated on him, and was reliving his perfect date with women who reminded him of her. When the perfect fantasy was broken he would kill them. I found the killer very creepy, he was played by Wes Brown (Luke from True Blood), what a great job he did.

While the team is trying to find the killer, we are seeing behind the scene’s at Hotch’s apartment. We see Jack watching videos of his mom, and it was so sad. The next day chief Strauss shows up at Hotch’s apartment and offers him full retirement. Hotch isn’t sure what he wants and asks for more time to decide. I don’t know what I’d do in Hotch’s shoes, part of me says stay away from the bureau for your son’s sake but the other part says go back and stop other families from going through this too. Tough choice. I’d probably end up staying home with my child, but I doubt Hotch will.

Back to the case, with the help of the victim’s cars, Garcia tracks the GPS and figures out where they’ve been, causing them to realize that it’s all linked to a valet company that was parking cars at a few events the victims attended. The one valet, Joe Belsar (Wes Brown), had been getting the addresses to the victim’s houses through the GPS and stealing their garage door openers from the car so he could enter later.

The team finds his apartment but he’s not there he’s working so they track down his last assignment. After finding out where the valet company is working they head to the club and start checking business records. Luckily they find a rich brunette (the unsub’s victim of choice), and they head to her house. Joe is just about to kill the woman when the BAU busts in and stops him.

I have to say that Agent Prentiss taunting him didn’t strike me as a wise decision because she’s kind of his type, anyone else see trouble for the future? Maybe?

The episode ends with Rossi going to visit Hotch who is sitting by his wife’s grave. Hotch says “I don’t need to tell her, she already knows.” What does she know, well that Hotch is coming back to the team after all. I wonder if Hotch will want to take the team back or if he’ll want Morgan to keep running it? I guess we’ll find out Wednesday at 9 pm on CBS.

Finally let’s take a look at the all new episode of Bones, where Zooey Deschanel guest starred playing Brennan’s cousin. It was a holiday episode and it involved Santa again. Is it just me or do they always kill Santa at Christmas?

The case starts with a man dressed as Santa, who has a bomb strapped to his chest robs a bank. The unfortunate thing happens when Booth corners the Santa, the bomb goes off and Santa is dead with a rainfall of money. Booth is fine, but a taxi driver is injured and a woman is drenched in Santa body bits. Gross I know.

Turns out the bomb was triggered by a radio frequency that is used by a pirate radio station, but once investigated we know this line of evidence is far too obvious. It turns out it was actually the taxi driver and the woman who forced this man to dress as Santa and rob the bank.

The sad part about the episode was that the Santa (who’s name is actually Holden) was a bit of a loner, and he lived with his mom. Holden’s mother was going to be burying Holden by herself on Christmas morning and Brennan of all people thought that this was terrible. She decided that they should go to be there, so her and Booth went, but were joined by the rest of the team. It was a really sweet moment.

Also in this episode, Brennan’s dad, Max was back and he brought Brennan’s second cousin Margaret (Zooey Deschanel) with him. There were lots of corny jokes about them looking like sisters, but it was really amusing. Margaret is a bit aggravating with her constant quoting of Benjamin Franklin, but she really does appear to be a lot like Brennan in her blunt way of thinking.

There was a sweet moment at Christmas dinner where Booth helps Brennan make a toast and then they have a moment of silence in lieu of a prayer. They all hold hands and there was a lot of cute peeking at each other coming from Booth and Brennan, it was really sweet.

There was a really funny scene where Brennan had to undress Booth to get the bomber pieces off of him. It was awkward and hot at the same time, well as hot as it can be with someone else’s body bits all over you. 😀 Booth was a bit uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as Cam was when she walked in to see Brennan kneeling before Booth while he was in his boxers. She asked, “Anyone for mistletoe?” LOL. I am 😉

Hodgins also noted how Booth had no chest hair, and Brennan commented on how “his pubic extension is entirely within normal…” before she got cut off by Booth embarrassed and trying to redirect the conversation. I was almost in tears laughing, not sure if it was the funny or if I was over tired but it was great none the less.
Overall it was a great episode and I can’t wait for more after the holiday break.

Well, that’s all I watched this week for the most part, it’s been a busy week. In fact I went to my friends, Hanukkah party and it was a beautiful get together. It’s always nice to see how someone else celebrates their faith. We are also struggling to get our Christmas lights up, so that’s where I’m going now, to help my husband hang the lights. Actually I’m going to hold the ladder so he doesn’t fall and hurt himself, but same difference I suppose. Check back this week for my news as usual, and there will be some special interviews coming up with Candace Cameron Bure and others from the ABC Family shows Make It or Break It and also from The Secret Life of the American Teenager, so look for those! Night all.

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