TV News – 12/14/09

Monday and only 10 days until Christmas Eve! 😀 I’m excited are you? I hope that all our Jewish readers are enjoying their Hanukkah celebrations, we wish you a Happy Hanukkah! Now unto the news.

A couple True Blood casting scoops for you. First up the role of Sam’s mom , Melinda Allman, has been filled by J. Smith-Cameron (Law & Order, Six Degrees). Cameron will be great in this role, although I’m interested to see how “dirt-poor, hungover, and trash-looking” she can actually become seeing as that’s how the role’s being described.

Also in True Blood casting, James Frain (Tudors), has been cast as Franklin Mott, Tara’s new vampire beau. Seeing as Tara is just getting over the death of Eggs, I don’t know how serious this is going to be especially seeing as in the books Franklin was sort of Tara’s “sugar daddy”. I guess time will tell right? Source

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Some of our favorite new comedies have made a name for themselves, and gotten nominations for 2010 Writers Guild of America Awards. Glee and Modern Family are both up for best comedy and best new series at the awards, which will happen on February 20th. I think this is great news because both of these shows have done an excellent job right out of the gate, and both are hilarious. For a list of other nominees for the awards head over to Zap2It

Tonight is the premiere of a new four night singing competition called, The Sing-Off on NBC. Now this competition isn’t like every other one, in the way that this is simply an a cappella face off. There will be eight groups from around the country rocking out songs with no back up and it’s going to be great. It starts tonight at 8 pm on NBC and will continue Tuesday, Wednesday with the finale on December 21st. All on NBC and all from 8 pm until 10 pm. It helps that it’s being hosted by hottie Nick Lachey. I suppose with the success of Glee a singing competition in the form of a cappella choirs might be a success (hmm, I’m surprised FOX didn’t think of that 😉 ). Check out the clip below to see a performance from the first show, and decide if it’s something you’d like.

Syfy has announced that it’s picking up Stargate Universe for a second season and Sanctuary for a third season. Both series have been strong contenders for the network so it only makes sense. Sanctuary is a very visual effect filled series, and it has a very loyal following as does Stargate Universe so I think both of these shows will continue to boost the ratings for the network through 2010. SSource

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) is going to reprise his role as Ugly Betty’s orthodontist on the hit ABC series. Ferguson will return on January 6th, and is it possible that he’ll be taking off Betty’s braces? Who knows, but I think it’ll be fantastic. I love Ferguson on Modern Family and he’s really funny in pretty much everything he does, so this is going to be good! Source

Alright folks that’s all for me tonight, but check back tomorrow for more news. Don’t miss an all new Cake Boss on TLC tonight at 10 pm as well as an awesome new The Big Bang Theory tonight on CBS at 9:30 pm. Night :D.

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