TV News – 12/15/09

On the tenth day of Christmas.. nah na na na na na. 😀 Now Christmas Day is only 10 days away! Excited yet? Okay I’m sorry that I’m so late today, but after having an interview this morning with the adorable Candace Cameron Bure (Make It or Break It, Full House) my day just ran away from me. So I’m here now with news. Late but you still love me 😉 .

Yummy casting news for True Blood, the role of the werewolf Alcide has been filled. It’s going to be Joe Manganiello (One Tree Hill) and I’m happy with that! Alan Ball could have gone with some big famous actor (I’m sure with the success of the show it wouldn’t be hard) but he went with Manganiello, who is definitely hot wolf material and fits my idea for Alcide. What’s your take? Source

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I am so over the moon with the Golden Globe nominations, you could say I’m full of GLEE (I couldn’t resist!). That’s right folks Glee has earned nominations in the form of Best Comedy, Best actor in a Comedy (Matthew Morrison), Best Actress in a Comedy (Lea Michele) and Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy (Jane Lynch). It’s not that I doubted it’s brilliance but I really hoped others would see it and they did! Also getting some much deserved love is True Blood(Best Drama,Best Actress-Anna Paquin), Modern Family(Best Comedy), and Nurse Jackie(Best Actress-Edie Falco). For a complete list head over here!

More True Blood casting news in the way of a new bed partner for Eric. Natasha Alam (The Bold and the Beautiful) will be playing Yvetta a new dancer at Fangtasia, who Eric is going to be having a sexual relationship with. I don’t like this because I am a Sookie/Eric fan so I would like to see them together, but on the other hand any news that gives Eric more storylines is good too. Oh what a double-edged sword! Source

Spoilers! Kristin over at E!Online has some juicy ones that I’m sending your way, so if you like spoilers click the link, if not then move along! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Alright folks that’s all for now, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more news, and look for my interview with Candace Cameron Bure to be posted later this week. I’m also going to be interviewing Shailene Woodley (Amy from The Secret Life of the American Teenager) so if you have anything you’re dying to know drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

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