TV News – 12/17/09

One week until Christmas Eve, do you have your shopping done? I don’t :D. Had a wonderful time interviewing Shailene Woodley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) today, she was lovely. Check back early next week for the interview being posted. Now let’s get to the news.

Emmy Rossum (The Phantom of the Opera), Allison Janney (West Wing), and Justin Chatwin have all signed on to join the cast of Shameless, a new pilot starring William H. Macy. The series will air on Showtime and is based on the British series, that follows a Chicago family dealing with the recession. The mother is MIA, the dad (Macy) is a drunk, and the 18 year old daughter (Rossum) is in charge of taking care of the five younger siblings. Janney will be playing a love interest for Macy and Chatwin will play a grand theft auto specialist that falls for the 18 year old Fiona (Rossum). The series looks promising but no release date as of yet. Source

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HBO’s new miniseries, The Pacific will premiere on March 14th and will run weekly for 10 weeks. The miniseries will follow US Marines fighting in the Pacific Theater, and is produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. The Pacific is a follow up to Band of Brothers and stars Joe Mazzello (The Cure), and James Badge Dale. This miniseries looks very emotional and well worth a watch so check it out! Source

Gerald McRaney (Jericho) has joined the cast for J.J. Abrams’ new NBC pilot, Undercovers. The series is about “a married couple who work together as spies. McRaney will play their boss at the CIA.” There is no news yet as to who will play the married spies, but I’m excited for McRaney to be back on TV, I LOVED him in Jericho, and of course who could forget Major Dad. Source

Kristin over at E!Online, is my new mentor! She was lucky enough to visit the set of Glee and chat with the cast, and congratulate them on their Golden Globe and SAG nominations. Check out the video interviews here. So jealous!

Finally for today, as news is slow over this holiday season, I’m going to link you up with a spoiler chat over at Ausiello. With talk about Grey’s Anatomy, and Glee, it’s a great read if you like spoilers. If you don’t like spoilers, then do NOT click the link :D. Beware Spoilers ahead.

That’s it from me for now, I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Don’t miss an all new CSI tonight at 9 pm on CBS, followed by a new episode of The Mentalist at 10 pm.

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One Response to TV News – 12/17/09

  1. Natalie says:

    I’m glad to hear that GERALD MCRANEY is coming
    back to TV. He has been my favorite actor since SIMON & SIMON. I have watched every show
    he has been on, and I,too, loved JERICHO. I especially liked the character that Gerald played. Why in the world did they kill him off?
    I stopped watching after that.