TV News – 12/22/09

Only 3 Days until Christmas… are you ready? I have to get some baking done, but overall things are on schedule on my end 😀 . With the holidays TV is slow, as is news, but I’ve got a few bits and bites for you today so let’s get started.

Holy smokes, Showtime’s hit show, Nurse Jackie is making me cranky this holiday season. My favorite character on the show besides Edie Falco’s Jackie, is Mohammed aka Mo-Mo (Haaz Sleiman) and I just found out that he is not going to be with the dramedy anymore. WHAT!?!?! Craziness I tell you. There are no details as to why but a representative for the show has confirmed to Ausiello that Sleiman will not be returning. Ausiello went on to tell us that he’s screened the first two episodes and that they don’t even talk about Mo-Mo’s absence, which in my opinion is unacceptable! *sigh* I really hate it when shows do this, it makes me so irate. lol. Are you as upset as I am?

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Spartacus: Blood and Sand has been renewed for a second season, before it’s even had it’s season 1 premiere. Starz must be really secure in how well it’s going to do to have already picked up the series for a second season of 13 episodes. The series premieres it’s first season on January 22nd, and although I’m not a huge fan some of those gladiators are really yummy to look at so I ‘may’ give it a chance. What about you? To help you decided I have posted a trailer of the show below. Source

I’m going to link you up to a delicious spoiler chat from Kristin over at E!Online, consider it an early Christmas gift. 😀 If you’re one of those purists who doesn’t want any hints before you open your presents, then do NOT click the link, everyone else who can appreciate a little sneak peek then click away. Warning Spoilers AHEAD!

Is Simon Cowell leaving American Idol at the end of 2010? His brother says he is. In Tony Cowell’s latest podcast, he said that Simon would be leaving AI at the end of 2010, to “concentrate on bringing the American version of X Factor to U.S. TV in 2011.” Tony insists that “a press statement is being prepared”. Well If it’s true then this may spell the end of Idol no matter how many judges they get I don’t think they’ll be as popular as Simon. Whether you love him or love to hate him he’s popular. Although one never knows Ellen DeGeneres is fabulous and she may just take over Simon’s thrown as our favorite judge. I’ll let you know when I hear anything “official”. Source

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more news. Be sure to check out my interview with Shailene Woodley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) here. As for television tonight, it’s the season finales of 18 Kids & Counting and The Little Couple on TLC starting at 9 pm tonight.

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