TV News – 12/24/09

Christmas Eve is here! I’m late with the news after a day of running errands. I’m going to do a quick run down and then I’m off to do the family thing. Merry Christmas to all my readers, I’ll be back on Monday with the news again.

FOX is in the works to order at three more seasons of American Idol even with rumblings of Simon Cowell’s exit making their rounds. Idol is already guaranteed through to 2011 but this would mean that the sounds of dreams coming true will echo on our televisions through to 2014. I don’t know what I think about this except that it’s a show we love to watch so as long as Cowell stays I’ll watch. Source

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Thanks to The TV Addict, It was brought to this Gleek’s attention that Glee is premiering in Italy on Christmas Day. To celebrate and promote this, got a flashmob to perform to a medley of songs from the show at the Glaleria Alberto Sordi in Rome. Here’s the video and it is fantastic.

That’s all the news I have… no seriously go spend some time with your loved ones, I’ll be here all next week. Happy Holidays!

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