People’s Choice Awards Winners 2010

Did you watch the People’s Choice Awards last night? I did, and let me say that everyone was looking suave and sexy. Most winners were gracious and kept their speeches short, although a few were really flustered, (I’m talking to you Taylor Lautner, adorable, but flustered.) Anyways, I thought I’d give you a list of winners in case you missed something or didn’t get to watch, and I also like to add my own commentary 😀 So here they are!

Favorite New TV Drama- The Vampire Diaries
My Thoughts- I was happy but would have been equally as happy if NCIS : Los Angeles won.

Favorite New TV Comedy- GLEE
My thoughts- YAY!!! 😀 I was so happy.

Favorite TV Drama- House
My Thoughts- I was content, could have been Grey’s or Lost and I would have been equally happy.

Favorite TV Comedy- The Big Bang Theory
My Thoughts- Hell Yes! So deserving, and I love it when a great show gets it’s much deserved recognition.

Favorite TV Drama Actor- Hugh Laurie
My Thoughts- I was happy with this and he was so amusing with his acceptance speech!

Favorite TV Drama Actress- Katherine Heigl
My Thoughts- Nope, not my favorite. Was she great in her cancer storyline on Grey’s yes. However, Anna Paquin or Mariska Hargitay were more deserving for being generally nicer people. Again just my opinion 😉 [Jenny’s Thoughts- Seriously? OMG. Gah.]

Favorite TV Comedy Actor- Steve Carell
My Thoughts- He’s funny but Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory is a comedic genius and deserved it more.

Favorite Talk Show- The Ellen DeGeneres Show
My Thoughts- My choice too.

Favorite TV Comedy Actress- Alyson Hannigan
My Thoughts- 😀 Love her.

Favorite TV Obsession- True Blood
My Thoughts- There’s a reason I’m obsessed with it… it’s fang-tastic! 😉 Couldn’t resist. It really is great, but Dexter would have been a close choice for me.

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show- Supernatural
My Thoughts- True Blood or The Vampire Diaries would have made me content also.

Favorite Competition Show- American Idol
My Thoughts- Hmm.. I would have chosen So You Think You Can Dance but at least it wasn’t Dancing with the Stars

Favorite Hip-Hop Artist- Eminem
My Thoughts- Nothing to say.

Favorite Franchise- The Twilight Saga
My Thoughts- I love this franchise although both Harry Potter and Transformers were worthy as well.

Favorite Family Movie- UP
My Thoughts- It’s a hard category to judge because there were 3-D movies with normal ones. Where the Wild Things Are was brilliant and heart warming because it’s based on the classic children’s book.

Favorite Web Celeb- Ashton Kutcher
My Thoughts- Should have been me.. LOL 😀 I like Kutcher so I’m okay with it.

Favorite Animal Show- Dog Whisperer
My Thoughts- None.

Favorite Movie- Twilight
My Thoughts- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was also fabulous and I recommend seeing it if you haven’t already.

Favorite Movie Actor – Johnny Depp
My thoughts- He’s multi-talented and sexy in a different way so I’m okay with it, although I was hoping either Robert Pattinson or Ryan Reynolds won because well I heart them. 🙂

Favorite Male Artist- Keith Urban
My thoughts- I like him and yes he’s hot, but I was hoping for either Jason Mraz or Tim McGraw

Favorite Movie Actress- Sandra Bullock
My Thoughts- YES! She was fantastic in The Blind Side and overall she’s adorable. Great speech.

Favorite Female Artist- Taylor Swift
My Thoughts- I whole heartedly agree, she’s talented, sweet and really has a future in acting as well (see her Saturday Night Live performance).

Favorite Action Star- Hugh Jackman
My Thoughts- *sigh* I’m torn because while Jackman is a good actor and of course he’s sexy, I don’t feel that he was the best in the category. My vote was for Shia LaBeouf, not only for Transformers but for Eagle Eye which he was stellar in. My second choice would have been Vin Diesel because the newest Fast and Furious was fierce and he did a great job.

Favorite Country Artist- Carrie Underwood
My thoughts- I love her so I’m happy. I would have been equally content with Rascall Flatts or Taylor Swift.

Favorite Comedic Star- Jim Carrey
My thoughts- Ryan Reynolds is funnier.

Favorite Breakout Music Artist- Lady Gaga
My thoughts- I don’t like Lady Gaga much but I give her points for being different.

Favorite Breakout Movie Actress- Miley Cyrus
My Thoughts- What she was doing wasn’t acting. I honestly believe that it should have been either Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love, He’s Just Not that Into you) or Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek) because what they did was actually acting and they did it well!

Favorite Rock Band- Paramore
My thoughts- Would have chosen Kings of Leon

Favorite Breakout Movie Actor- Taylor Lautner
My thoughts- He’s easy on the eyes (young but easy on the eyes). He was overwhelmed and nervous for his speech, which made watching him awkward. Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserved it too for his performance in The 500 Days of Summer.

Favorite Music Collaboration- Run This Town
My thoughts- I have none. 😀

Favorite on-screen team- The Twilight Saga
My thoughts- Any of the nominees could have won and I would have thought them deserving.

Favorite R&B Artist- Mariah Carey
My thoughts- Bleh! She’s not that good… at all. I would have picked Jennifer Hudson, or Alicia Keys.

Favorite Independent Movie- Inglorious Basterds
My Thoughts- It’s hilarious! Watch it.

Favorite Pop Artist- Lady Gaga
My thoughts- Meh. I don’t think she’s that fantastic. My vote was for The Black Eyed Peas.

Favorite Comedy Movie- The Proposal
My thoughts- Very amusing movie, both Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were hilarious in it.

That’s it for the list if you want to see the official list with all the nominees included you can go here. People’s Choice

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4 Responses to People’s Choice Awards Winners 2010

  1. Megan says:

    Jenny- Was that a OMG to Katherine Heigl or my opinion! lol.

  2. Jenny says:

    Katherine Heigl! I don’t like her personally at all, and think she hasn’t been ON the show enough recently to earn her that win. Bah! lol

  3. Megan says:

    I agree fully. It’s not that I don’t like Izzie because I do, I just don’t like the way Katherine Heigl has been behaving, and I agree she hasn’t been around lately enough to deserve that win. 😀 I love the old Izzie the most, back in the beginning of the series.

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